Note regarding parcels in the CDS

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Note regarding parcels in the CDS

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This is an urgent note to Estate Managers *NOT* to set any of the sims "Allow Land Join/Divide" parameter, and an urgent note to all citizens that, if some some reason they find themselves able to change their parcel lines (usually relating to two parcels that they own) that they *DO NOT* do so!

The only possibility of sanity in our land management system is if parcels stay the same. We cannot possibly maintain our economic system if the parcels are continually changing, resulting in a situation where I have even less idea of who owns what. Please remember that in the case of all three sims, the parcel lines have been drawn with considerable fore thought and reference to many factors. In addition, the owner of any given parcel may change frequently. The parcels cannot change without rendering my land database completely useless.

Please also remember that to share prims, parcels DO NOT need to be combined! All parcels in the same sim with the same owner share their prims. Period. There is no need to combine parcels.

I've just discovered that parcels R.07 and R.08, currently owned by Arun Botha, were combined. He could not have done so unless someone set the "Allow Land Join/Divide" parameter. I have now un-set the parameter on all 3 sims, please do not set it back. And, on a side note, the consequence of this action can be very serious for parcels which share prims. In Arun's case, the prims on one parcel depend upon the prim capacity of the other parcel. Now, when he moves to transfer the land back to himself, he runs the very real danger of losing a great number of prims, and having to re-build his house. (I have instructed him on the procedure to take to avoid this. Hopefully it will work).

This is NOT fun and games. Please DO NOT change the parcels!

Sudane ( :( ) .................

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