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Re: Referendum and Initiative

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Today I am very happy to announce that a Referendum Bill was passed in the Representative Assembly! :D This was the result of help from all three factions, especially from CSDF member Gwyneth Llewelyn.

The wording of the new law is:
"Referendum Act - Preamble: A Referendum Question can be seen as a set of up to five questions, to be unambiguously answered 'aye' or 'nay', and posed to all citizens. Each Referendum Question addresses a specific topic, subject, or theme, and is advisory to the government as to the wishes of the citizens. Thus the RA determines: "The Representative Assembly may place a maximum of one referendum per term, to be voted at the next previously scheduled ballot, which shall not be legally binding."

Thank you to everybody who helped make Referendum Voting a real possibility in the CDS!! :wink:

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