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I need a hobby
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Snapshot contest

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The Monastery host the exhibition "Nunc est bibendum" created by Popea Heron from the sim Roma. This exhibition presents the pleasures of table in Ancient from the production of food to the banquet, including the cooking. In the courtyard, you will discover wheat field, grapes as well as the mills to make olive oil or flour. You can even experiment the life of roman slaves, with the animations included in mills.
In the Chapel, you will see a kitchen were the food was transformed in delicate meal and the triclinium where wealthy roman have their dinners, lying down in beds. After being slaves, you can become patrician eating and drinking in a luxury dining room.

In order to animate and to promote this excellent exhibition, we launch a contest of snapshots. You can use the exhibition as a scenery and make snapshot of you or your friends living in the roman time or interacting with roman stuffs. We offer free roman clothes, but you can use yours (roman style or not).

Steps to participate

- Get a account in Flickr (, if you don't have one
- Search the group "The Monastery" ( et join it
- Upload you pictures (jpg format)
- Add the two following tags to every picture that you submit: The Monastery / Exhibition Nunc est bibendum
- Add your avatar name in the description
- Choose the copyright. You can choose what you wont. Only Creative Commons "Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike" licence pictures will be taken in account for the category "best picture for educational purpose".
- Send every picture that you submit to the group "The Monastery"


- The contest is open to everyone, except the members of the jury, the creator and the curator of the exhibition.
- Every participant can propose several pictures. Pictures are awarded, not authors.
- Only pictures taken in the Monastery can be submitted
- You cannot rez objects to take your pictures (exhibition must stay how it is)
- Avatars on pictures must agree to be published on Flickr (take yourself or friends, not visitors)
- Pictures may not offense (no sex and violence)
- Pictures can be modified with graphic software, but no text can be added
- The pictures can be submitted since the opening of the exhibition (9th March 2008) to the 15th April. The jury will also meet to award the pictures.
- The publication of the winning picture will happen for the closing (26th April) in the Monastery, on the Monastery blog and as comment on awarded pictures.


- the best picture will get 2000 L$
- the best picture for educational purpose (Life in Ancient Roma) will get 2000 L$
- the most commented pictures will get 1000 L$ (only real comments will be taken in account)

Members of the jury

Torin Golding, creator of the sim ROMA SPQR
Alexicon Kurka, Chancellor of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, SL Designer
Ulysse Alexandre, archaelogist


If you need help to participate, just IM Arria Perreault, Curator of the Monastery

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