RA meeting 24 March 2008 - results summary

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I need a hobby
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RA meeting 24 March 2008 - results summary

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Hello all. While waiting for some of the posting protocols to grind through, let me at least post an unofficial summary version of our last RA meeting's results here, for everyone's information. Official transcript to follow, once we have various wiki/forum/etc/etc things sorted out. regards Jamie

24 March 2008 CDS Representative Assembly Meeting
Non-normative list of significant acts (for convenience only), with approximate transcript times.
[12:08] Beathan Vale notes plans regarding RA operating methods.
[12:14] Jamie Palisades sworn in as RA member.
[12;16] Jamie Palisades' designation as LRA noted.
[12:20] Clarification of RA process rules modified at last RA meeting.
[12:26] Report from Moon Adamant re 4th CDS sim.
[12:42] Proposal on election rule reform (change regarding faction 'elimination').
-- Motion stated at [12:46]. Motion adopted 5-0-0 at [13:00].
[13:01] Proposal on declaring RA vacancies and seeking by-election.
-- Motion stated at [13:02]. Motion adopted 5-0-0 at [13:17].
[13:21] Report from ThePrincess Parisi on Tour commission. (some progress)
[13:22] Report from MT Lundquist on Commerce commission. (no news)
[13:23] Report from Beathan Vale on RA Process commission. (completed)
[13:24] Proposals on RA Process changes, continued from 16 March meeting.
-- Motion stated at [13:28] ('second alternative paragraph 3' about specific RA debate rules and time limits). Motion adopted 4-0-1 at [13:40].
-- Motion stated at [13:42] ('paragraph 4' about citizen input to RA). Motion adopted 4-0-1 at [13:46].
[13:49] Strategic CDS plans discussion. (Mostly about sims and expansion)
[14:10] Adjournment.

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