Summary of actions and votes, Guild Mtg, Mar 30, 2008

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Summary of actions and votes, Guild Mtg, Mar 30, 2008

Post by Rose Springvale »

Summary of Guild Meeting Action, Sunday Mar 30, 2008
meeting commenced 10 A.M. Slt informally to allow members to arrive, formal business commenced 10:29

1. Discussion and reading time for proposed internal Guild board procedures. Motion to accept proposed procedural rules as posted on forum ( 9 votes in favor, no votes in opposition. Motion carried.

2. Review and discussion of Guild Logo. Agreement to vote on preferences by roll call. Results:
01 -x (one vote
02 -x x x x (four votes)
05- x x x x x x (six votes)
08- x x (two votes)

Logo Number 5 declared New Guild Logo.

3. Discussion regarding adopting another logo or variation for Excellency Brand. Motion made to accept second place logo (02) as Excellency Brand logo.
aye: 6
nay: 6
Motion faiied to pass. Motion to table until process for certification determined. Passed unanimously.

4. Discussion of Master Plan workgroup, call for volunteers in world or via Forums:

5. Discussion of possible ETA for delivery of new sim plan. Discussion regarding sims already approved (Nea Hora) and RA procedure. Discussion re confusion regarding details of sim to be built. Discussion of time spent to build CN, AM. Reaffirmation that Guild is not a political body and all discussions of theme and dissatisfaction re current plan and process should be directed to RA, not Guild, which addresses technical issues and execution.

Discussion followed re what direction had been provided, with citations to what had not yet been provided. Discussion of actual feasibility of location on grid.
Query presented by Secretary per RA request: are we condition to present that ETA At this point, 30th March 2008, after this meeting?

Roll call vote, Unanimous nay.
Query amended to clarify "until they provide the Guild with all of the points listed in NL 8-2, section 2, phase 1 ( ... age=NL+8-2)
Roll call, unanimous approval of additonal language.

(meeting continued? scrivener departed at 12:32)

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Moon Adamant
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I need a hobby
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Re: Summary of actions and votes, Guild Mtg, Mar 30, 2008

Post by Moon Adamant »

Excellent summary! :) Thanks a lot!

Though we kept quorum enough for vote and meeting, discussion became informal after it, and despite requests for discussion of other points in agenda or extraordinary points, no other decision was taken.

This means that the missing points in this meeting's agenda will now transit to next meeting - i will open the new agenda thread tomorrow and list the points by order.

Thanks again!

Eudaimonia now!
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