RA meeting 30 March 2008 - results summary

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I need a hobby
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RA meeting 30 March 2008 - results summary

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Hello all. People seemed to find my unofficial summary version of the 24 March RA meeting results useful, so I will continue the practice while serving as LRA.
I still have no ability to post to the RA Announcements Forum board (nor does anyone else, since the resignation of CSDF's Patroklus Murakami), nor to the Wiki. Ahh, politics and technology. So for now I will continue to post the RA transcripts to this RA Discussion board.
regards Jamie

30 March 2008 CDS Representative Assembly Meeting
Non-normative list of significant acts (for convenience only), with approximate transcript times.
[12;10] Called to order.
[12:08] 1b - Note on new RA operating procedures.
[12:13] 1c - Agenda reviewed and modified.
[12;19] 1d - Call for speakers to agenda items.
[12:24] 1e - Call for corrections to RA transcripts and action item summaries.
[12:24] 1f - Consent agenda. Alexicon Kurka proposal to make nonhub status of Colonia Nova permanent: Motion adopted 5-0-0.
[12:30] 2 - Representative Assembly quorum and vote counting.
-- Motion stated at [12:44]. Motion re-stated at [12:54]. Motion adopted 4-1-0 at 12:59.
[13:00] 3 - Election rules.
-- Motion stated at [13:14], based on description at [13:09].
---- Amendment stated at [13:17].
------ Amendment to amendment stated at [13:18]. Accepted as friendly amendment at [13:18].
---- Amendment (as amended) adopted 5-0-0 at [13:29].
-- Motion (as amended) adopted 5-0-0 at [13:32].
[13:32] 3b - Permanent changes to RA size - discussion only.
[13:38] 4 - By-election date.
-- Motion stated at [13:57]. Motion adopted 5-0-0 at [14:00].
[14:04] Adjournment.

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