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Justice Soothsayer
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Post by Justice Soothsayer »

In the SC announcements thread, our Scientific Council Dean announced the dates for the by-election:

Per RA and SC action, the election calendar is as follows:

April 5th - deadline to declare candidacy to the Dean of the SC
April 5-19 campaign
Polls open April 19
Polls close April 26.

Let the electoral games begin.

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Sonja Strom
I need a hobby
I need a hobby
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Re: April By-election

Post by Sonja Strom »

Thank you for the notification, Justice. :)

:?: A general question: Would it be possible for the Representative Assembly to include some Yes/No Referenda questions on the same ballot as this special election? In particular, this is in reference to community approval/disapproval of the RA's decisions with regard to a possible new fourth sim.

The most direct background for this question can be found in my post with regard to the RA and a possible fourth sim here: ... 703#p10503

Flyingroc Chung
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Passionate Protagonist
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Re: By-election

Post by Flyingroc Chung »

Just a note to DPU members, in case you missed it in the DPU forums. I'm calling for a meeting about our platform for the by-elections. :D ... mt5twipdhe

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