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Re: Private Development Proposal

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Hello all,

I would like to thank Beathan for reviewing his proposal towards approaching the conclusions of the draft analysis team.

I applaud the decision not to create new gov agencies, as it was proposed in the draft analysis.

I would like to comment that in the draft analysis document, the BAC is intended to be a consulting body - this perhaps could have been made clearer. The true power rests with the Chancellor, who is elected by the representatives of the people - and thus holds the executive power. The BAC aims solely to be a help to the Chancellor, both in the process of sim planning as also of approval of content.

The Guild is developing the BAC concept at this moment, and it is foreseen that it may exist as a de facto entity in a few weeks. It is also currently developing the new and improved Master plan, which shall be fundamental for the future development of the CDS territory - and an important operative tool for this proposal.

I will be looking forward to the RA in 30 minutes and further discussion on this! :)

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Re: Private Development Proposal

Post by Beathan »

Moon --

I understood that the BAC was to be an informal advisory body rather than a decision-making body. I tried to reflect this by stating, whenever a decision is called for, that the Chancellor makes it (and not the BAC). However, I did give the BAC inspection rights so that the BAC could know what it is talking about when advising the Chancellor.

My greatest concern with the revised proposal is that the point of decision (the Chancellor) is too far removed from the point of expertise (the BAC). However, I agree that we should try the process without creating any new governmental institutions before we conclude that such a new institution is needed.


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