The CDS is turning into a 'Virtual Zimbabwe'

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Re: The CDS is turning into a 'Virtual Zimbabwe'

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Gosh, it took a long time for someone to come up with 'Pat Mugabe'. Jamie's request for civility and maturity must be having some effect! :)


You're quite right about the interpretation of numbers, they can lead to the wrong conclusions. I criticised the change to the minimum faction size for completeness, the change to the voting rules which you have picked up on, was the main target. Removing the elimination option in time for these by-elections was wrong and the SC should have ruled it out. I don't think it was a problem of sequencing, the SC discussed both issues pretty much simultaneously. The (unelected) SC has to consider its position very carefully in over-ruling the (elected) legislature and often errs on the side of caution. I think they were too cautious in this case and have set a very bad precedent.

Here's the example I gave to the SC which I hoped would illuminate the problem:
Imagine the CSDF had won 4 out of 7 seats in the January general election. Imagine that NuCARE later resigned their two seats in protest at some outrage perpetrated by the majority (changing the RA rules of procedure to the benefit of the major party for example) and refused to fill them thereby forcing a by-election. Imagine further that the RA then changed the election rules before the by-election fixing the minimum faction size at 12 and changing the electoral system to 'first-past-the-post' in two constituencies. These changes would greatly benefit the CSDF under those circumstances and disadvantage the other factions. But, according to the SC, this would be perfectly fine!

It was the failure of the SC to intervene and correct this which prompted me to publish the 'virtual Zimbabwe' post. Overblown? Possibly. Rhetoric? Certainly! Hyperbole? You could say so. But am I the only person greatly disturbed by this turn of events? I don't think I am.

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Re: The CDS is turning into a 'Virtual Zimbabwe'

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Although I would have personally preferred the changes to take effect after the by-elections, it is unclear to me how the rule change benefits or disadvantages any faction. Take CSDF, I was tending towards eliminating CSDF in this by-elections, but with the elimination of the elimination rule, I may be forced to give CSDF a non-zero borda score, which benefits the CSDF. Therein lies the difference between Pat's example and our current situation. While Pat's example clearly disadvantages other factions, it is not as clear in our case.

The 10% rule, however can be disadvantageous to the smaller factions, but not in the by-elections. So I think the SC acted appropriately in letting these rules stand.

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