Financial Report for March 2008

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Financial Report for March 2008

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Suffering intense addiction withdrawal pain owing to the extended SL outtage today (Sat Apr 5), I decided that this was heaven sent motivation to get the financials for the just completed month done weeks earlier than I would have. So, here they are:

Balance Sheet: ... UlbHv_2tbA

Income Statement: ... 7JHPGx-USQ

There are two notes about these statements.

1) Owing to my distracted and scattered-brained frame of mind (are you sure you want this for your Treasurer/Bookkeeper???) I neglected to transfer funds from Rudeen's L$ account to her US$ account early in the month. Linden Labs takes the money from the US$ account for tier payment, if possible. Since there was nothing there, they had to take it from Rudeen's credit card. Of course, they did indeed do that (somehow LL never seems to have glitches collecting your money), so instead of the tier expense being paid for from Rudeen's US$ account, it was paid via an account I call the "Short Term Transfer" account (basically a loan from RL me). When I realized this on April 1, too late to appear on this Balance Sheet, I transferred money out of Rudeen's account to pay the credit card. That will appear on the April report.

2) As has been the case for several months now, no stipends have been paid. Alex and I have discussed a system whereby I can accurately know who should get a stipend for each month, but we haven't managed to get this in place yet. I discontinued my old system of paying stipends based on what I knew when it became clear that I had no clue of accurate information when a number of people returned stipend payments to me.

As usual, please ask questions if something isn't clear, either here, or via IM or email. I'll do my best to answer them.


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