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I need a hobby
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Board Meeting Agenda Points

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Points tabled from previous meetings

1. General regulations draft for new sim buildings - report by Symo and Moon
2. CDS Information centre - specs to be provided by Arria or Alex
3. Textures and texture content theft (submitted by Rose - to be tabled for one more week)
4. Altenstadt redeployment - analysis of NFS covenants (Sonja)
5. Office for the chancellor - submitted by Sonja (with possible discussion of offices for the SC and RA)

Special reports:

6. Building Approval Committee WG - Report
7. Masterplan WG - Report
8. 4th sim WG - Report

New points in agenda:
9. use of basecamp to coord Guild activities (my point)

Feel free to add other points to the agenda, please.

EDIT: i had forgotten the Altenstadt redeployment and research of NFS covenants that Sonja will do.

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