AM megaprims and textures

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Jamie Palisades
I need a hobby
I need a hobby
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AM megaprims and textures

Post by Jamie Palisades »

Dear nice land maintainers & artists - um Guild, Chancellor, whatever - whoever the heck that is:

The impressive Alpine Meadows cliffs are in large part created by Gene Replacement's megaprims. I have two questions about them. They have Bjerkel's owner-name so I will ask her, but let me post here too:

One of them at Alpine Meadow/184/148 is capped by a grass cover (or in the winter snow cover) that has the Full Brightness texture attribute checked by mistake. (Look at night, below Arria's monastery. It looks like the monks dump their toxic waste there ...)

Is Gene Replacement still making those big rocks? Did you guys like them? Just looking for a recommendation or evaluation for a project of my own.

Regards Jamie

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