So, how are we doing? (RA)

Proposals for legislation and discussions of these

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Jamie Palisades
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I need a hobby
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So, how are we doing? (RA)

Post by Jamie Palisades »

A few comments from my predecessor as LRA on a different Forum thread caught my eye:

[quote] Does it hamper the working of government? Potentially. I don't think a meeting has been inquorate since we resigned. You've had problems posting transcripts of meetings in a timely fashion and you've been obsessed with process as opposed to policy for the whole of this term. But neither of those problems are our fault.. [/quote]

I can't speak for any of the parties having a spat in THAT thread, but as for the RA in general, I can share a few comments.

Late transcripts? Maybe :) What's the SLA? It's my fault, if so, since the 24th March. I guess that, as a dead-new RA member, thrust into the thick of things suddenly, with a complete vacuum of leadership, it took me a while to learn the systems and get admin access from the Old Guard. (And thanks again to Pat for the cross-posting he did voluntarily anyway, after resigning, while I had zero access.) Personally I do not feel responsible for the vacuum ... but as of now, yes, any delays are "my bad". I'm quite imperfect. Still, I hope that administration of the RA generally is improving.

Process versus substance? Hmm. Yes, I did see some of that in the RA transcripts, so far this term. Extreme, annoying rule-jockeying *often* results from factional squabling in legislatures. A number of RL parliaments, including in Pat's home country and mine, have ground to a halt ... for a term or two ... when feuding factions make chewing on each others' legs a higher priority than working on legislative substance.

It may be that a cordial tone, set from the top -- with professionalism, and an absence of personal attacks and recriminations -- eventually will help continue to re-direct energy away from rule-mongering, and towards progress. All help in maintaining that tone will be gratefully accepted.

One thing that cheers me is that we seem to have a "dream team" of great RA candidates for the open by-election RA positions. Assuming that they themselves are prepared to serve, every single one of the declared candidates is a positive, articulate hard worker and a constructive member of our community. So we all can have high expectations for progress and a continued collaborative spirit. Regards Jamie

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Re: So, how are we doing? (RA)

Post by cleopatraxigalia »

I for one commend Jamie greatly for stepping up to the proverbial plate and taking over when our community needed him most. He has brought much more order and fairness to the RA meetings from my perspective and hopefully it is resulting in the accomplishment of the betterment of CDS.

That is the true goal. Lest we forget.

Thank you Jamie!

and i share your sentiments, Jamie, about the people running for office... hopefully they will actually serve if elected and not "win" a seat for a faction that then puts another person in it.....if any of the people running for the vacant seats serve i truly believe they will do what they believe is best for our community..............the P

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Re: So, how are we doing? (RA)

Post by Justice Soothsayer »

I quite agree with Jamie that all of the candidates in the by-election are good people, dedicated to the CDS, who will serve admirably.

I'll take the opportunity to make a "Reverse Sherman Statement" here. (US Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman famously declined running for office after his military service, saying "If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve"; the late and great Morris Udall, who had campaigned for US president in 1976, was asked if he would run in the 1984 election and said "If nominated, I shall run to Mexico; if elected, I shall fight extradition.")

In my case, if elected, I will serve, and I think the same can be said for the other candidates.

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