Board Guild Meeting 13th April 2008 - Minutes

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Board Guild Meeting 13th April 2008 - Minutes

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Board Guild Meeting 13th April 2008

Started at 9.25 AM SLT , lost voting quorum at 11.57 AM SLT, reached minimal quorum at 12.04, upon which meeting was adjourned.

Present in and out of meeting:

Beathan Vale, Bjerkel Eerie, Brian Livingston, Cynwulf Darwin, Dnate Mars, Jon Seattle, Moon Adamant, MT Lundquist, Sonja Strom, Symo Kurka, ThePrincess Parisi,Tessie Teebrook.

Moon chaired the meeting as Sec of the Board.

Meeting started with request for an assistant to record a backup transcript - MT offered.

Agenda points:

1. General regulations draft for new sim buildings - report by Symo and Moon
- Nothing to report

2. CDS Information centre - specs to be provided by Arria or Alex
- neither Alex or Arria being present, it was decided by the present to delay the point until one of them arrived. As this never happened, this point is tabled for next meeting.

3. Textures and texture content theft (submitted by Rose - to be tabled for one more week)
Announcement of the point - direct table for next session

4. Altenstadt redeployment - analysis of NFS covenants (Sonja)
Sonja introduced the subject, including the concept of Embassy Row. It was discussed between the present that the Guild had no power to negotiate the aesthetical appearance of embassies from other communities, which may need a revision of the covenant for that area to allow other aesthetical languages to be present. It was decided that the issue should be redirected to RA and Chancellor, Sonja offered to liasion. This point was then tabled for next session.

5. Office for the chancellor - submitted by Sonja (with possible discussion of offices for the SC and RA)
Sonja introduced the point that some branches of government do not have spaces of their own. It was added to the discussion: 1. The existence of space to spare in the Schloss; 2. The existence of space to spare in the Praetorium; 3. the necessity of reorganizing the Rathaus interior space shortly to accommodate a larger RA and audience. Upon discussion, the agreement was that there should be a revision of the governmental spaces as a whole, and a motion was proposed by Brian:

“to create a workgroup tasked with examining a) the current space allocated to governemnt purposes in teh CDS, b) the needs and desired uses of space by each branch of teh CDS governemnt and c) The best manner to achieve these plans”

This motion was passed unanimously. Brian and The Princess will co-chair the workgroup.

6. Building Approval Committee WG - Report
Nothing to report, tabled for next meeting.

7. Masterplan WG - Report
Symo reported the conclusions of the Masterplan WG meeting previous to the Board meeting, namely, the creation of questionnaires specifically designed for citizens and for visitors to gather data for the Masterplan.

At this point, Chair apologized to Sonja who had wanted to make some comments after point 5.

Sonja made the two following points.
- That Workgroup meetings weren’t announced with duly notice. It was pointed out that the announcement had been in the forums for a few days and that a group notice had been sent, though because of technical difficulties in-world, the group notice hadn’t been able to reach all citizens.

It was suggested that the updating of the shared CDS GCalendar, as well as the realization of meetings in regular slots, could help to solve the matter. Symo announced at this point that the Masterplan WG meetings will always take place at Sundays, one hour before the Board Meeting, at the Classroom 3 in the School. A suggestion was also made to have a way in world to announce these schedules, which doubtless will concern the CDS Information Centres Project.

- that she was “making a proposal in the RA that we have some consultation of the citizens, in whether or not they approve of these major changes that the RA is deciding.(…) Specifically, having 2 referendum questions on the next ballot, in 2 weeks. (…) 1 would be to approve of the 4th sim (…) The other would be to approve of allowing outside firms to build in the CDS.”.
Sonja further more stated that she “would like to know how the Guild feels about having them be on the ballot.”

Chair spoke then to comment that the New Guild is not a political organization, and that the RA decisions, unless they relate to work commissioned to the New Guild, do not concern or need Guild discussion. She also expressed admiration at the balloting of the 4th sim, after being told in the forums by the competent authorities that the 4th sim wouldn’t be balloted - but only the private sim development proposal and an eventual 5th sim.
Furthermore, the Chair commented that “the RA has sovereignty to decide upon all matters concerning representativity - and thus, this discussion is to be held at the RA, not here”, and further, that the NG was already doing work upon the 4th sim plan.

From this moment, these issues dominated the discussion, with a party defending the non-political, NGO nature of the New Guild, and with the other party insisting to discuss the political issues.
Chair recalled the audience that by the Board Procedures, any member could place a motion, which, if seconded, would be then followed by a vote.
Two motions were partially formulated, one party moving for not discussing political issues at the Guild, the other party having difficulty in expressing their motion for discussing the said issues in the form of a question to be answered simply by an Aye or Nay. There was discussion which motion had precedence following the RRO. No conclusion was reached.

During this discussion, which took about one hour, the meeting slowly lost its members, being that by 11.57 AM voting quorum was lost. Minimal quorum was reached at 12.04, at which point the Board moved to adjourn, leaving undiscussed the following points in agenda:

8. 4th sim WG - Report
9. use of basecamp to coord Guild activities (submitted by Moon)

(all quotes from the transcript )

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