DPU Platform - April 2008

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DPU Platform - April 2008

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_________________- - - April 2008 - - -_________________

Party/Group: Democratic Pragmatist Union (DPU)
Contacts: Sonja Strom, Dnate Mars, Flyingroc Chung


We of the DPU believe politics is first and foremost an exercise in collective problem solving. The DPU is committed to seeking compromise and finding common ground to solve CDS problems. The DPU supports:

* Freedom of speech and expression
* Prudence in financial management and expansion
* Persistence of the CDS as a community in which we can be proud
* The government having an important role in the provision of civic improvements and services
* Availability and growth of economic opportunity


Beginning in January 2005, the DPU has led and participated in many projects that have made the CDS a better place:

* Completion of the Colonia Nova Expansion and beginning work on a fourth sim.
* Clarity, Role and Reform of the Artisanal Collective branch (New Guild)
* Electoral Reform, including the introduction of Referendum Voting
* Judiciary Consensus and Implementation
* Changes to the constitution to transform our government into a federal system
* Economic Expansion, including a Commerce Commission and Chamber of Commerce
* Establishment of diplomatic relations with other SL entities in order to foster cooperation, mutual support and goodwill


A Vision of the Future the DPU calls for:

Listening to the Public

In addition our support of government openness and accessibility measures, we support polling and canvassing the population. This can be done in-world or through use of the forum polling feature in the CDS forum. We want the views of *ALL* citizens heard, considered and respected.


The DPU is committed to cooperate with RA memebers from different factions, and accomodate as much as is practical the diverse concerns and priorities of all CDS citizens. We understand that democracy requires listening, flexibility and compromise. We strive to create understanding between all parties, and work together to arrive at a consensus such that bills passed have as broad a support as possible.

Action through Effective Problem Solving

Finding a compromise is not enough alone. Systems must be effective and work as advertised or be fixed. This includes simplification where possible. The DPU calls for standing workgroups, accountability and consistent evaluation to determine is legislation and institutions are meeting goals.

Openness and Accessibility

DPU public meetings and membership are open to all, and actively encouraged.

DPU Office Hours for RA members
DPU RA members will have defined, announced in-world office hours. They will also be available via IM/email, and have off-world times where they are available.

Standing Commissions and Workgroups
Certain areas require constant attention. These include the New Guild and Commerce Commission. The DPU calls for standing commissions/workgroups for these important topics.

A Thriving CDS Community

Web Portal
We support consolidation of the various existing CDS-related websites into a coherent web portal.

Attracting productive new immigrants requires a feeling of community; affordable and attractive zoned land; education, cultural, employment and business opportunities; and attracting tourists through community efforts such as the tourist office.

Event Support
The DPU supports events throughout the CDS, and will work closely with the Chancellor to help these events to be successful.

Traffic management is important. The DPU calls for increased traffic in commercial zones to drive traffic to our retail and service businesses. Commercial traffic can be enhanced by working with the Chancellor and others on events and event promotion (for example, Fleamarkets). Excessive traffic does cause lag, so event location and impact will be studied as part of the event planning process.

Tourist Office
The DPU calls for increased use of the Tourist Office through the use of HUD tours and a public transit build (such rail, barge, chariot). Public transit along with teleport points in the office (near the telehub) provide for fast access to any part of the sim while maintaining the community and commercial advantages of a town center (telehub). The goal of the tourist office is to bring in tourist $L and to convert tourists to citizens by promoting the advantages of CDS citizenship.

History Commission
There are almost no CDS citizens who have been here since the beginning of the project. The community must work to preserve the early history of the CDS. We propose a History Commission to document the history of the CDS and manage a repository of its historical artifacts (documents, images, multimedia, etc.).

Controlled Territorial Expansion

New Sims
The DPU proposes ongoing purchase and development of private islands, in order to expand the CDS and continue to make it even more interesting. We would like one of the next sims to be a void sim with mountains, either to the east or west of Neufreistadt. The DPU also believes that community planning should be dynamic and allow for open discussion of future expansion, including allowing for revision of the existing Regional Masterplan adopted February, 2007 (for references, see http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?p=6028 and http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1652).

Treaty agreements would allow a Commonwealth of Democratic Nations to exist. Those democracies that own their own land or who rent Island or Mainland from non-CDS estate owners may join in a commonwealth, and sign agreements with the CDS to promote trade, share ban-lists and/or enforce laws. Tools and expertise will be shared with communities who wish to form their own democratic governments within Second Life.

Optional Local Autonomy

Local Administrators
We have already passed legislation for Moon Adamant to be the Praetor of Colonia Nova.
The DPU calls for a local administrator for Neufreistadt, and for each future territory acquired by the CDS.

Commercial Expansion

Implementation of Incorporation Act
The DPU will work toward full implemention and regulation of the Incorporation Act.

Active Retail in the Marketplaces
Entrepreneurs need steady income and good shopping attracts tourists. The DPU will lobby the Executive to improve retail infrastructure in the CDS.

External Advice
We have not made enough use of external advice in financial and governmental matters. The DPU would like to solicit opinion on critical matters from sources inside as well as outside the CDS and SL.

Academic Interest
The CDS is a valuable experiment in creating democratic institutions and government systems, especially within virtual worlds. We encourage the participation in/and study of our community for academic purposes.

Increasing CDS Revenue
In addition to land tier fees, the DPU would like to study alternate ways to increase government revenue without resorting to burdensome taxes. Issuing of CDS and sim/project bonds would be a way to attract outside investment similar to our successful loan program funding for Colonia Nova.

Promotion of Democratic Self-Government in Virtual Worlds
Consultation and Support
Academic Events
Blogs/Press/Forum postings

Please support us! How about YOU in the DPU?


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