Notes on the last meeting of the Faculty, on April the 24th

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I need a hobby
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Notes on the last meeting of the Faculty, on April the 24th

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New members

We have elected three members:

Alexicon Kurka
Samantha Fuller
Symo Kurka

All this persons have a high level of skill.
Samantha has worked on the Schloss of NFS and on the Monastery
Alexicon Kurka creates wonderful music instruments from Ancient Greece and modern times too. He did a bridge in AM.
Symo Kurka made an amazing job on sim survey and Masterplan

Election of the chair

We did not elect a chair for two reasons: no quorum and no candidates.
The Faculty will have new challenges and new tasks.
I have decide to be candidate for a second term to prepare the Faculty for all these changes.

Management tool

The Guild will use a management tool to organize different projects (Master plan, 4th sim, ...). The members of the Faculty will have an access to this tool.

New Charter

In a near future, it will be possible to citizen or non citizen to build a sim to be added to CDS. The Guild and the Faculty will play a role in this process. The Faculty will have to change its charter.

I will call a meeting soon with the following agenda:

- election of the chair (if someone is also candidate, please tell me)
- discussion of the charter

If someone cannot attend the meeting,it is possible to give your vote on a note card or per email.
Because I am also candidate, please transmit your votes to Moon. As Secretary of the Board, she is observer (without vote).

Annex: list of members of the Faculty

- Arria Perrault, chair
- Jon Seattle
- Sudane Erato
- Brian Livingstone
- Dnate Mars
- Alexicon Kurka
- Samantha Fuller
- Symo Kurka

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