LRA succession after a by-election

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LRA succession after a by-election

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One manifestly defective area of the CDS Constitution is its description of LRA selection -- which leaves the identification of the LRA after a by-election to fill midterm vacancies unspecified. This issue was raised here:

We will face that question this next week, as soon as the currently pending ballot closes and the SC announces a result.

Unfortunately, the Constitution's not much help. It's hard even to *interpolate* from the math-crazed, under-analyzed formulae that our laws partially but not fully specify. There are several, contradictory possible conclusions.

(Personally I'm a skeptic about all these too-intellectual, hard-for-simple-citizens- to-audit-or-grasp methodologies. Borda. Sainte-Lague. STV. Pi-Calculus. Feh. A plague on all their houses. If elections require us to hire Stephen Wolfram to confirm which of the dueling Math Ph.Ds of multiple CDS factions are *right* about a disputed outcome ... then we've become too Byzantine.)

For now, though, we simply need *an* answer, because our RA requires an LRA to function. Here's what I propose to do. Posting it here, not in the RA Forum boards, so that anyone can comment.

1. The RA may try to take up legislation about this tomorrow. I don't think it's likely, given quorum and other majority issues, but it could happen. As previously posted, if we are going to adopt a bill, my own preference is for the RA to hold an election to confirm the LRA, after any mid-term by-election. But there may be some other views as well.

2. If there is no legislation, than we simply will have to *assume* a result. In that case, I plan to poll the 7 seated members for a next meeting date, when the election's concluded; call a meeting at the time that is optimal for them; and offer to preside at the start of that meeting, with the suggested first item of business being confirming who the RA thinks the LRA is. Then, I suppose, we'll see if anyone appeals it to the SC.

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