Faculty Meeting May the 8th

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I need a hobby
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Faculty Meeting May the 8th

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The next meeting of the Faculty of the NG will be held on Thursday, May the 8th, at 2PM SLT, on the School, NFS.


- election of the Faculty Chair for next term. I (Arria Perreault) run for second term. If someone is interested to be candidate, please announce it in this forum until Sunday (May 4th)
- discussion of the new charter

Faculty members entitled to vote are:
- Arria Perrault
- Jon Seattle
- Sudane Erato
- Brian Livingstone
- Dnate Mars
- Alexicon Kurka
- Symo Kurka
- Samantha Fuller

If you cannot be able to vote, please send your vote for the Faculty chair on a notecard to Moon Adamant. Moon participates to the Faculty meetings as Secretary of the Board. She doesn't vote and cannot be chair.

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