SC Extraordinary meeting April 29

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SC Extraordinary meeting April 29

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At an extraordinary meeting on April 29 (keep in mind that extraordinary means not scheduled and announced in the usual manner) The SC certified the results of the recent special election. Transcript below:

[11:51] You: Ok having a quorum, I call this extraordinary SC meeting to order.
[11:51] You: The only agenda item is the certification of election results.
[11:52] You: Any discussion?
[11:52] Justice Soothsayer: None from me.
[11:53] You: Heraring none.
[11:53] You: Is there any objection to certifying the results?
[11:54] You: Apparently not.
[11:54] Justice Soothsayer: No. Congratulations to the candidates.
[11:54] You: Is there any objection to adjournment?
[11:54] Justice Soothsayer: Before we adjourn, should we note continuing efforts to recruit new SC members?
[11:54] You: Hearing none, the meeting is adjourned.
[11:54] You: Oops
[11:55] You: It's fine to note,
[11:55] You: though I'd like...
[11:55] You: formally nominate people at a scheduled and announced meeting.
[11:55] Justice Soothsayer: OK
[11:55] You: So we're adjourned.
[11:55] Justice Soothsayer: OK

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