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Board Guild Meeting 4th May 2008 - Transcript

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[9:22] You: i will start then :)
[9:22] You: first of all, i will require an assistant to record motions and votes?
[9:23] Beathan Vale: assent
[9:23] Cindy Ecksol: I would volunteer, but I am probably going to interrupted in RL in about 15 minutes
[9:23] You: hmmm, anyone?
[9:23] Symo Kurka: ok i'll TRY
[9:23] You: Beathan, you?
[9:23] You: lol
[9:23] Cindy Ecksol: yay, symo!
[9:23] You: who?
[9:23] Beathan Vale: I can't -- my computer tends to crash
[9:23] You: ah, ok
[9:23] You: Symo then :)
[9:23] You: thank you
[9:23] You: ok
[9:23] Symo Kurka: k
[9:24] You: i will use my prerrogative, with your assent, to change agenda
[9:24] Cindy Ecksol: ah, rose is on her way :-)
[9:26] You: so if no objections, i will ask to make the point 12 announcement right away
[9:26] Sudane Erato: sounds good
[9:26] Cindy Ecksol: yes, of course
[9:26] You: ok
[9:26] You: yesterday, the RA voted a motion of Beathan
[9:26] You: hi Rose :)
[9:26] Rose Springvale: hi.. sorry to be late
[9:27] Pip Torok: hi rose
[9:27] Rose Springvale: rezzing, but hi eeryone
[9:27] You: you're sitting on Sudane :)
[9:27] Rose Springvale: sorry!!!
[9:27] Sudane Erato: hehe...
[9:27] Cindy Ecksol: chair next to me, rose
[9:27] Sudane Erato: its ok Rose :)
[9:27] Rose Springvale: don't see you yet cindy lol
[9:27] Symo Kurka: i can offer you my knees
[9:27] Cindy Ecksol: lol!
[9:27] You: lol
[9:27] Sudane Erato: :)
[9:28] Rose Springvale: oh dear, how embarrassing!
[9:28] You: Rose, you have a chairs between me and Cindy
[9:28] Rose Springvale: there
[9:28] You: and couches to your right and behins you
[9:28] Rose Springvale: okay?
[9:28] You: ok :)
[9:29] You: as i was saying
[9:29] You: Ra voted a proposal by Beathan
[9:29] You: to allow the 4th sim to change to CN-West instead
[9:30] You: and go down to 42 prims, if a 2*prim multiplier is placed
[9:30] You: i already informed teh 4th sim wg by mail of this
[9:30] Beathan Vale: 42 lots
[9:30] Rose Springvale: parcels?
[9:30] Beathan Vale: 42 private lots
[9:30] You: if you are in the 4th sim wg and didn't get the mail, it means i need your mail :P
[9:31] You: 42 private lots, correct
[9:31] Cindy Ecksol: I am not on the list but would like to be. [email protected]
[9:31] You: ok, thank you - i'll add you to it
[9:32] Rose Springvale: that will let us do what we talked about, yes moon? with gardens and belvederes and such?
[9:32] You: mind that in a few weeks, hopefully, this all will be done through the management tool
[9:32] You: yes, perfectly
[9:32] You: it even allows more room for those
[9:33] You: though mind you it's easier to think prims instead of areas when you are doing project with multipliers
[9:33] You: anyway
[9:33] You: resuming agenda order now
[9:33] You: Point 1
[9:33] You: General regulations draft for new sim buildings - report by Symo and Moon
[9:33] You: on my side, nothing new to report
[9:34] You: Symo has been away, so i think you don't have anything to report as well?
[9:34] Symo Kurka: correct
[9:34] You: ok
[9:34] Symo Kurka: but
[9:34] Symo Kurka: can i say
[9:34] You: as decided in previous meetings, the discussion will continue in the forums
[9:35] You: yes?
[9:35] Symo Kurka: if we do not have aney more contributions
[9:35] Symo Kurka: we colud try to define what has been already published
[9:35] You: ok
[9:35] You: i was expecting that people would pose questions
[9:36] You: but i also remind that we we are thinking about visual ways to express these concepts
[9:36] You: so... please, if you have questions, place them
[9:36] You: and meanwhile, we will try to develop a visual guide to these quality rules we are discussing
[9:37] You: tabled, if you all agree?
[9:37] Rose Springvale: yes
[9:37] Pip Torok: agree
[9:37] Symo Kurka: yes
[9:37] You: ok, point 2
[9:38] You: 2. Textures and texture content theft
[9:38] You: research continues about how to develop/implement a digimarc like system for the Guild textures
[9:39] You: but this is a complicated issue, there is a lot of documentation to be read, and tests to be carried on
[9:39] Rose Springvale: is there anything we can do to assist?
[9:39] Rose Springvale: any reading or whatever?
[9:39] You: main issue is to get an algorythm that is strong enough to resist the conversion to .jpeg2000 format
[9:40] Rose Springvale: oh yeah, i understand that ...
[9:40] Rose Springvale: symo, what's an algorythn?
[9:40] You: er, this is so technical an issue
[9:40] Rose Springvale: :)
[9:40] Symo Kurka: a system that reduces size of images
[9:40] Pip Torok: an automatic proedure involving maths and computers rose
[9:40] Rose Springvale: :)
[9:40] Symo Kurka: without alterating them
[9:40] Rose Springvale: i'm the only one who doesnt' know .. lol
[9:40] You: the question is actually double
[9:40] Symo Kurka: bit as far as i know
[9:41] You: ione way is how to sign our content
[9:41] You: the other is how to 'spy' that content has been stolen
[9:41] You: this needs a lot of tests
[9:41] Symo Kurka: even Adobe did'nt manage to produce reliable watermarks
[9:41] You: thus they use digimarc
[9:41] You: or IBM
[9:42] You: but the issue is well studied
[9:42] You: the sheer size of documentation is enormous
[9:42] You: we are therefore reading it
[9:42] Pip Torok: has anyone given thought to what sanction we might apply to infringers?
[9:42] You: oh, file a DCMA
[9:42] You: is that the acrostyc?
[9:42] Rose Springvale: DMCA
[9:43] Rose Springvale: Digital millenium copyright act
[9:43] Pip Torok: DMCA?
[9:43] You: Rose can explain the process lol
[9:43] Rose Springvale: its a relatively easy procedure
[9:43] You: if we can prove the texture is our copyright
[9:43] Rose Springvale: "take down" sent to Linden labs
[9:43] You: exactly
[9:44] Rose Springvale: there ARE major enforcement issues
[9:44] Pip Torok: And if false positives were ever found?
[9:44] Rose Springvale: but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be pro active
[9:44] Rose Springvale: false positves?
[9:44] You: no false positives
[9:44] You: Pip
[9:44] You: what happens is that embedded in the image
[9:44] Pip Torok: yes ... a "fake" that was never a fake
[9:44] You: there is a 'secret' image
[9:45] You: which we 'spy'
[9:45] You: if the texture has no 'secret' image, it's not ours
[9:45] You: if the 'spy' reveals the secret image, that's proof
[9:45] You: just a check
[9:45] You: sec
[9:45] Rose Springvale: that is NOT to say tht we can't have an action without the mark
[9:46] Rose Springvale: but it makes it ironclad
[9:47] Rose Springvale: i'll be glad to explain the issues anothe rtim... am actually working on a presentation
[9:47] You: Pip, for reference
[9:47] You:
[9:47] Pip Torok: tks
[9:48] Symo Kurka: well Rose let us know, i'm very interested
[9:48] You: looking forward to that presentation Rose!
[9:48] Rose Springvale: okay, but it's very boring!
[9:48] Rose Springvale: i'm looking for fun slides lol
[9:48] You: no, not at all!
[9:48] Sudane Erato: :)
[9:48] You: ok, point 3
[9:48] You: 3. Altenstadt redeployment (submitted by Sonja)
[9:49] You: Sonja isn't here
[9:49] Rose Springvale: should one of us take over this item?
[9:49] You: i propose that we move up in the agenda and turn back to this when she arrives
[9:49] Symo Kurka: agree
[9:49] You: well, my main issue atm
[9:49] You: and to refresh the subject
[9:49] You: is that we are waiting for an info
[9:50] You: that is: if teh RA wants tjhis area to be an embassy row
[9:50] Rose Springvale: okay.. i just hate to see us bring on another sim when we have land we aren't using yet
[9:50] You: and in the case of yes, we want it to be an embassy row
[9:51] Rose Springvale: hi bjerkel!
[9:51] You: then there is the case that the RA must decide if the area can have a spacial covenant to allow that communities like Roma, say, have their own buildings instead of being placed on fachwerks
[9:51] Bjerkel Eerie: hi Rose
[9:51] You: but untill Sonja brings us that feedback, we're stopped
[9:51] Rose Springvale: and if not, then we can have our pond and houses?
[9:51] You: hi Bjerkel :)
[9:52] You: touch the box for agenda, meetings are transcripted
[9:52] You: can someone update Bjerkel in IM?
[9:52] You: in that case, of course
[9:52] Bjerkel Eerie: hi moon
[9:52] You: i will be the first to move that we implement Sleazy's plan
[9:52] Rose Springvale wants a house on a pond
[9:53] Rose Springvale: :)
[9:53] You: beathan, btw
[9:53] You: you don't happen to know if this discussion is scheduled at RA, do you?
[9:54] Rose Springvale: he's gone moon lol
[9:54] You: oh, he crashed?
[9:54] You: ok
[9:54] You: next point
[9:54] You: point 4
[9:54] Rose Springvale: yes, not online
[9:54] You: 4. Project management software tests - report
[9:54] You: as you know
[9:54] You: we have new faculty members
[9:55] You: atm curerently testing the software
[9:55] You: now, next Faculty meeting is on the 8th May
[9:55] You: we will discuss the tests, and will possibly try and draft a set of rules for using it
[9:56] You: since the software is a bit incomplete for managing groups
[9:56] You: more on that next meeting, i hope that by next sunday night i am already starting to fill in all these projects in it :)
[9:57] You: ok
[9:57] You: point 6
[9:57] You: 5. Building Approval Committee WG - Report
[9:57] You: Nothing to report, as we haven't voted our new charter yet
[9:57] You: which will create the BAC
[9:57] Bjerkel Eerie: may I spek to the topic?
[9:57] You: sure bjerkel
[9:58] Moon Adamant listens
[9:58] Bjerkel Eerie: it seems that a mor cleint frendly
[9:58] Bjerkel Eerie: title than BAC might be wize
[9:58] Bjerkel Eerie: maybe assistance instead of apporval
[9:59] You: well,i see your point
[9:59] Pip Torok: assessment perhaps?
[9:59] You: atm there is only one issue
[9:59] Bjerkel Eerie: it can still have the same funciton
[9:59] You: the Private Dev sim bill was approved yesterday
[9:59] Bjerkel Eerie: but not feel as theretening
[9:59] You: and it refers the BAC by ... the BAC lol
[9:59] You: but we can perhaps ask for a friendly amendment
[9:59] Rose Springvale grumbles over lack of minutes
[10:00] You: and incorporate the new word at our charter, which is still in writing
[10:00] Bjerkel Eerie: does the language use the acronym
[10:00] You: oh Bjerkel
[10:00] You: i can't remember :(
[10:00] You: i would have to go and search the bill
[10:01] You: if you allow me one minute, i can do that
[10:01] Pip Torok: afk
[10:01] Rose Springvale: it shouldn't be a big deal to move for a name change if something more friendly is suggested
[10:02] Rose Springvale: so long as the substance of the act is intact
[10:02] You: yes, i agree with Rose
[10:02] You: bjerkel, let's do this
[10:02] Bjerkel Eerie: how will the BAC be filled?
[10:02] You: i will change the wording in the charter as you suggest
[10:02] You: by Faculty volunteers
[10:03] You: and will talk to beathan and check that issue
[10:03] You: because i can't find the bill atm
[10:03] You: do you all agree?
[10:03] Symo Kurka: yes
[10:03] Rose Springvale: yes, am in favor of being friendly :)
[10:03] You: i am sorry, but i never can find anything at our forums :(
[10:04] You: anyone objects?
[10:04] Rose Springvale: i think silence is assent :)
[10:04] You: i'll take silence as assent... :P
[10:04] Bjerkel Eerie: it seems that th BAC has incredible powers for a self selecting groupe and it needs to be citixen freindly
[10:04] You: lol
[10:05] You: No Bjerkel
[10:05] You: the BAC has only a consultive power
[10:05] You: the Chancellor holds teh power
[10:05] Rose Springvale: and there are at least standards for people to be on faculty that have nothing to do with self selection
[10:05] You: but ok, agree then to do this
[10:05] Bjerkel Eerie: ok did not understand that element
[10:05] Rose Springvale: which i'm sure, when we see the new charter... lol
[10:06] You: Lol
[10:06] You: hopefully next sunday :)
[10:06] You: ok, next point
[10:06] You: point 6
[10:06] You: 6. CDS Information Centre WG - Report
[10:06] You: we have to report
[10:06] You: that we already have a list of functionalities
[10:07] You: (btw, did the WG get my mail?)
[10:07] Pip Torok: afk
[10:07] Rose Springvale: i did yes
[10:07] You: ok, feel free to add to what i may have forgotten
[10:08] You: we will do UMLs (diagrams) of teh functionality of the infocentre, while also reseraching best ways to accomplish the functionalities
[10:08] You: atm, we are studying vendor systems, but also the possibility to start linking it to the portal as it is itself developed
[10:09] You: more on that as we work along
[10:09] You: Point 7
[10:09] You: 7. Masterplan WG - Report
[10:09] You: Symo, if you please
[10:09] Symo Kurka: well
[10:09] Symo Kurka: with Sudane's help
[10:10] Symo Kurka: iìve finished summing up actual situation of exixting sims
[10:10] Pip Torok: afk
[10:10] Symo Kurka: and i'll soon punblish that in the forums with some cmment
[10:10] Symo Kurka: in the meanwahile i'm waiting for Jon's poll software
[10:11] Symo Kurka: which i believe is the most importantv issue
[10:11] Symo Kurka: at the nmoment
[10:11] Symo Kurka: not much more
[10:11] Symo Kurka: as i was away fro one week
[10:12] Rose Springvale: i'm not sure why we let you do that actually
[10:12] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:12] You: :)
[10:12] Symo Kurka: ??
[10:12] Rose Springvale: no more vacations!
[10:12] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:12] You: lol, yes
[10:12] Symo Kurka: oh my god
[10:13] Rose Springvale: lol. don't worry symo
[10:13] Rose Springvale: i'm just kidding!
[10:13] Symo Kurka: thought it was voulnteer here ...:)
[10:13] You: last vacations i had were in hmmmm
[10:13] Rose Springvale: oh noooo
[10:13] You: can't remember if 2005 or 2006
[10:13] Rose Springvale: your work is appreciated, both of you
[10:13] You: BUT
[10:13] Rose Springvale: i'm the professional vacation taker though, just so you know
[10:13] Symo Kurka: well, you're still young lol
[10:14] You: i am planning to take some days off at the end of this month, btw
[10:14] Rose Springvale: oh no!
[10:14] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:14] You: and go and see green, and mountains , and trees
[10:14] You: ok
[10:14] You: Symo, thanks a lot
[10:14] Symo Kurka: Yw
[10:15] You: wb Bjerkel :)
[10:15] You: ok, next point
[10:15] You: point 7
[10:15] You: 8* sorry
[10:15] You: 8. Governmental Spaces Re-organization WG - Report
[10:15] You: ThPrincess and brian not being present.... we'll table it for later when they arrive
[10:16] You: point 9
[10:16] You: 9. Roman Textures WG - Report
[10:16] You: This WG is chaired by arria, who isn't here atm
[10:16] Symo Kurka: pls can you sum up what is it abouyt?
[10:17] You: in any case, i can already say that some of us are already looking at our commercial collections and see what can be useful
[10:17] You: Arria wants to make available for the 4th sim
[10:17] You: a texture pack
[10:17] You: of roman textures
[10:17] Rose Springvale: arria is looking for more authentic roman textures
[10:17] Symo Kurka: great
[10:18] You: i can also ask, btw, that if any of teh present have photos of roman materials which you wouldn't mind sharing (under an IP license, etc)
[10:18] Bjerkel Eerie: is the goal to achieve roman textures that look like they did (aprox) or 2000 years aged?
[10:18] You: please get in touch with her
[10:18] You: well Bjerkel
[10:19] You: that is actually a point of dissenssion
[10:19] You: when CN was built
[10:19] You: the idea was that it ressembled a provincial town in the outskitrs of empire
[10:19] You: so... brick, stone, etc
[10:20] You: not the 'Marble Rome that Augustus left'
[10:20] Symo Kurka: it's been a point of dissesnion among archaeologists too
[10:20] You: octavian Augustus wrote in his will that he had found a Rome of brick and was leaving a Rome of marble
[10:20] Symo Kurka: i believe we can be a little permissive on this matter
[10:21] You: well, my pov then
[10:21] You: as it is now
[10:21] You: is that important buildings would possibly have the marble revestment
[10:21] Bjerkel Eerie: and much of the roman architecture was clearly painted and that has long sense weatherd away
[10:21] You: Romans did often build build in brick or concrete and apply stone as revestment
[10:22] You: and yes, of course
[10:22] You: frescoes and mosaic, and bright tints were used
[10:22] You: but we also know
[10:22] You: from comments of the epoch
[10:22] You: that teh building of insulas wasn't quite like that :)
[10:22] You: THOUGH
[10:23] You: some still exist in Rome, and are still being lived upon after 2000 years, right Symo?
[10:23] Symo Kurka: yes
[10:23] Symo Kurka: right
[10:23] Symo Kurka: and i think we should allow bot "old" anfd "renewed" styles
[10:23] You: i can agree with that
[10:23] Symo Kurka: *both
[10:23] You: also because we know
[10:24] You: also from comments of the epoch
[10:24] You: that there was a lot of issues with landlords keeping insulae in conditions :P
[10:24] Rose Springvale: roman slumlords?
[10:24] Symo Kurka: yes
[10:24] You: in fact, octavian had to regulate the maximal height of insulae, bnesides other things
[10:24] Symo Kurka: roman slumlords
[10:25] Symo Kurka: made a lot of money
[10:25] Rose Springvale: let's not have that!
[10:25] Rose Springvale: no money making in CDS!
[10:25] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:25] Bjerkel Eerie: that should be in keeping with the intent of the 4th sim. roman slumloards
[10:25] Sudane Erato: hehe... why not? :)
[10:25] You: no no no
[10:25] You: we want a pretty sim
[10:25] You: plots may be small, but that doesn't mean that they be ugly
[10:25] You: but i agree with symo
[10:26] Rose Springvale: and this is sl! living conditions should not be slummy!
[10:26] Rose Springvale: smiles
[10:26] You: we can have a mix ... not all buildings in a street of a city are exactly in same condition
[10:27] Rose Springvale: okay, but i warn you, i know where to get rats...
[10:27] You: anyway, everybody that has resources to share - CORRECT IP resources
[10:27] You: call Arria and offer help
[10:27] You: if you don't have resources, you can still help
[10:28] You: by, for instance, browsing Wikicommons
[10:28] Bjerkel Eerie: if we had any class there would be a "ratcatchers hovel"
[10:28] Symo Kurka: just a question to Rose
[10:28] You: and making a collection of images in Public Domian
[10:28] Rose Springvale: yessss????
[10:28] Rose Springvale: about rats? :)
[10:28] Symo Kurka: is a roman sculpture in a piblic road subject to copyright?
[10:29] Symo Kurka: *public
[10:29] Rose Springvale: well symo
[10:29] Rose Springvale: the creator has the copyright
[10:29] Rose Springvale: but it expires ...
[10:29] Symo Kurka: 75 yrs..
[10:29] Rose Springvale: and any photographs are the intellectual property of the photographer
[10:29] You: yes
[10:30] You: you have to distinguish
[10:30] You: between the object (the statue)
[10:30] Rose Springvale: so if you are talking about classic, ancient sculpture, adn your pictures, you are fine
[10:30] You: and the media (tyhe photo)
[10:30] Rose Springvale: but if say, a new scullpture
[10:30] Rose Springvale: there are more issues
[10:30] You: the statue has no copyright
[10:30] You: the photo belongs to its photographer, untill he releases it
[10:31] Symo Kurka: kk
[10:31] Rose Springvale: is that waht you wanted to know?
[10:31] Symo Kurka: yes i wanted a confirmation
[10:31] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:31] Bjerkel Eerie: even with a photograph of a person, the photographer really needst to get a realease
[10:32] You: guys
[10:32] You: another example
[10:32] You: beethoven's 5th
[10:32] Rose Springvale: a photograph of a person yes.. different issue though
[10:32] You: has no copyright
[10:32] Rose Springvale: to be technical.. the copyright is expired :)
[10:32] You: you can whistle it, hum it, tap it on the table with fingers...
[10:32] You: BUT the orchestra that plays it and records it has a copyright over the recording
[10:33] Rose Springvale: ah, in that case
[10:33] Rose Springvale: there are MANY copyrights
[10:33] Symo Kurka: yep music is a great mess
[10:33] You: yes, there can be copyrights on the musicsheets too, etc
[10:33] Rose Springvale: as there are rights to the arrangement, the performance, and the recording. all separate from one another
[10:33] You: musicsheets=arrangement lol
[10:33] Rose Springvale: absolutely
[10:33] Rose Springvale: and the lyrics, if someone hums
[10:34] You: but you see the point
[10:34] You: the point is the MEDIA
[10:34] Bjerkel Eerie: of course all of these rights collapse as soon as you move across the border into china, so lets get on a chinese server
[10:34] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:34] Symo Kurka: one more nastier question
[10:34] Rose Springvale: the rights still exist, they are just not enforced ther
[10:34] You: there is also the question of derivative work
[10:34] Rose Springvale: yes
[10:35] Symo Kurka: i'd love to know your opinio, rose, about pompeii frescoes
[10:35] Rose Springvale: smiles
[10:35] Rose Springvale: okay. lets do this
[10:35] Rose Springvale: lets set a good time for a copyright presentation with q/a
[10:35] Rose Springvale: so we can finish the agenda today
[10:35] You: excellent idea
[10:35] Symo Kurka: kk
[10:36] You: Rose, please warn me when you ant to do that
[10:36] Rose Springvale: i've got a good outline, and will add some slides, give me this week i think
[10:36] You: and we'll make a proper class :)
[10:36] Rose Springvale: okay
[10:36] You: ok, on your availability :)
[10:36] Symo Kurka: (lol Symo thinks there's no answer to his question)
[10:36] You: next point
[10:36] Rose Springvale: sooner rather than later i think
[10:36] You: 10. 4th sim WG - Report
[10:37] You: ok
[10:37] You: the RA has changed specs
[10:37] You: i have informed the WG about change of specs
[10:37] You: and Ulysse and Brian are interested in sketching a sim plan
[10:37] You: hello Eliza
[10:37] Rose Springvale: hello eliza
[10:38] You: this is a formal meeting, but you are free to attend
[10:38] Eliza Mokeev: hello to all
[10:38] You: touch the blue box for agenda
[10:38] Eliza Mokeev: sorry
[10:38] Eliza Mokeev: ty
[10:38] You: and i must warn you that this meeting is trancripted into our forums
[10:38] Rose Springvale: smiles
[10:38] You: ok where were we
[10:38] You: ah yes
[10:39] You: Ulysse and Brian are interested in drafting sim plans
[10:39] You: i myself have a sim plan drafted
[10:39] Rose Springvale: with the graph paper?
[10:39] You: ahahaha yes
[10:39] Rose Springvale: when do you want those in?
[10:40] Symo Kurka: ok Moon give us a deadline for contributions
[10:40] You: well, i had to ask some questions about the sim in RA yesterday...
[10:40] You: so i would like to have contributions so that we could start an iteration process
[10:40] You: like the Jon/Dnate process we did for AM
[10:41] You: in which proposals were merged
[10:41] You: now... deadlines... you tell me
[10:41] Rose Springvale: that was on lot sizes and placement as i recall, correct?
[10:41] You: i can share besides the grid paper
[10:41] You: a Google spreadsheet doc that helps making the reckonings for plots and multipliers
[10:42] You: so if you are interested, let me know and i will share it with you
[10:42] Rose Springvale raises her hand though promises nothing
[10:42] You: just pay attention that when converting from Gdocs to Ecel or Open office, you may loose formulae
[10:42] You: ok rose, thanks you .)
[10:43] You: i'll share it with you later on
[10:43] Rose Springvale: no hurry
[10:43] You: but guys... you tell me the deadline
[10:43] Rose Springvale: two weeks? one week?
[10:43] Rose Springvale: before you go on holiday?
[10:43] You: if i go on holiday....
[10:43] You: i would like hmmm
[10:44] You: well, this week we'll have faculty elections, and discussion of new charter
[10:44] You: on the next sunday
[10:44] You: so i would say that proposals must be handed in after the next sunday
[10:44] You: let me look at agenda
[10:44] Rose Springvale: may 25?
[10:45] You: no, sooner
[10:45] Rose Springvale: 18?
[10:45] Bjerkel Eerie: thats just befor I leave for itlay
[10:45] Rose Springvale: when do you go Bjerkel?
[10:45] Bjerkel Eerie: LOL italy
[10:45] Bjerkel Eerie: the 26th
[10:45] You: 15th?
[10:45] Rose Springvale: Symo will pick you up at the airport? :)
[10:46] You: nice round date?
[10:46] Rose Springvale: so that's mid week... thursday
[10:46] Rose Springvale: i think
[10:46] You: yes
[10:46] Rose Springvale: should be fine
[10:46] You: i can give a day or two more
[10:46] You: of course
[10:46] You: but if we postpone it more
[10:46] You: we'll never get this done
[10:47] You: and we need time for the iteration
[10:47] Rose Springvale: we'll be right back where we were last year with summer vacations
[10:47] You: ok, so are we agreed that 4th sim proposals must be delivered untill May the 15th?
[10:48] Rose Springvale: you want a motion?
[10:48] Symo Kurka: ok
[10:48] Rose Springvale: we stil have quorum :)
[10:48] You: do you think it better?
[10:48] Symo Kurka: delivered to Guild??
[10:48] You: published in the Guild Forums
[10:48] Symo Kurka: ok
[10:48] Rose Springvale: probably no need for motion
[10:48] Rose Springvale: just set date
[10:48] You: ok
[10:48] You: well, i am chair of that WG lol
[10:49] Rose Springvale: yep lol
[10:49] You: ok, next point
[10:49] Rose Springvale: this is the fun part though, imagining :)
[10:49] You: point12
[10:49] You: 11*
[10:49] You: 11. Guild Fundraising Auction - submitted by Rose
[10:49] Rose Springvale: smiles
[10:49] You: Rose, teh table is yours
[10:49] Rose Springvale: thanks
[10:50] Rose Springvale: Last year, on the anniversary of the day the CDS was officially named CDS
[10:50] Rose Springvale: we had a ball
[10:50] Rose Springvale: during that ball
[10:50] Rose Springvale: we held an auction
[10:50] Rose Springvale: to raise funds for the guild
[10:50] Rose Springvale: the guild
[10:50] Rose Springvale: as you know
[10:50] Rose Springvale: owns this property..
[10:50] Rose Springvale: and has other ongoing expenses
[10:51] Rose Springvale: so having some money to pay our tier is important... especially as an NGO
[10:51] Rose Springvale: so
[10:51] Rose Springvale: the auction was a LOT of fun.. at least i thought
[10:51] Rose Springvale: and i'd love to do it again
[10:51] You: it was indeed
[10:51] Rose Springvale: having all the scripts and the experience of last year
[10:51] You: how much time do you need to organise it?
[10:51] Rose Springvale: it wouldn't be too hard
[10:51] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:51] Rose Springvale: well
[10:51] Rose Springvale: last year we took a week
[10:51] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:52] Rose Springvale: i'd like a little longer
[10:52] You: nah, has to be mor etime
[10:52] Sudane Erato: do we all contribute stuff?
[10:52] Rose Springvale: i'd propose
[10:52] Rose Springvale: yes!
[10:52] Rose Springvale: i'd propose mid june for the auction
[10:52] You: i am busy to my neck this week, no time to do a collage :)
[10:52] Rose Springvale: noo
[10:52] Rose Springvale: i want to have time to publiciize
[10:52] Rose Springvale: and collect
[10:52] Bjerkel Eerie: it think its a grand idea, but why doesn't the guild have an enrollment fee and dues to cover normal expenses?
[10:52] Rose Springvale: last year we had a lot of nice items
[10:52] You: well, Bjerkel
[10:53] You: the Guild is open to all citizens
[10:53] You: so it must be free
[10:53] Rose Springvale: thats sort of part of our tier
[10:53] You: the new charter though
[10:53] Rose Springvale: we get to participate :)
[10:53] You: will preview that this Board will have two standing departments
[10:53] You: one for financials - pay tier, pay work, etc
[10:54] You: and another admin/agent - which will negotiate contracts with the CDS
[10:54] You: and with the volunteers
[10:54] You: it is my opinion
[10:54] You: that the volunteering should be rewarded
[10:55] You: and you all are doing work graciously
[10:55] You: but i would be happier if you were paid
[10:55] You: even if a token payment
[10:56] You: for instanc, i am trying to sell the Long bridge in NFS to the CDS for L$1 for two years now :P
[10:56] Rose Springvale: smile
[10:56] Rose Springvale: well, that's another isssue ...
[10:56] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:56] Rose Springvale: stealing floor back from moon
[10:56] Rose Springvale: What i'd like to have.. hehe
[10:56] Rose Springvale: is
[10:56] You: oooh, have it please
[10:56] Rose Springvale: a contribution from all Guild members
[10:56] Rose Springvale: of something i can auction
[10:57] Rose Springvale: art, objects, personal services... ;)
[10:57] Rose Springvale: and i'd love to have help
[10:57] Sudane Erato: hehe... i have lots of stuff!
[10:57] Rose Springvale: if anyone wants to work on organizationg
[10:57] Rose Springvale: yes, and this year i'll get you missy!
[10:57] Rose Springvale: things happened too fast last year
[10:57] Sudane Erato: anything to clean out my closet!!
[10:57] You: ok, let me speak please
[10:57] You: i propose a motion
[10:58] You: that an Auction wg be created,. Rose chairing it, with the purpose to organise a Guild Auction ball for the middle of June (date to define)
[10:58] You: all agreeing, vote Aye
[10:59] Symo Kurka: aye
[10:59] Sudane Erato: aye
[10:59] Rose Springvale: aye
[10:59] Bjerkel Eerie: aye
[10:59] Pip Torok: aye
[10:59] Symo Kurka: unanimous
[10:59] You: only me missing?
[10:59] Rose Springvale: moon has to vote lol
[10:59] You: aye as well
[10:59] Symo Kurka: yes
[10:59] Rose Springvale: we always skip her
[10:59] You: i always vote last :)
[10:59] Symo Kurka: sorry moon
[10:59] You: no lol
[10:59] Rose Springvale: you vote no?
[10:59] You: it's just that i feel i have to wait that all of you vote, so i can vote too :)
[11:00] You: i vote Aye
[11:00] Rose Springvale: smiles
[11:00] Rose Springvale: okay, i'll call a meeting of this group early in the week... anyone want to volunteer now?
[11:00] Symo Kurka: hem
[11:00] Symo Kurka: i do
[11:00] You: Rose, you know i am a standing volunteer for all WGs
[11:00] Rose Springvale: of course
[11:01] You: but you know i am dreadful at organizing events
[11:01] Rose Springvale: don't worry
[11:01] Rose Springvale: i'm dreadful at algorythms
[11:01] You: so i'll do you some collages :)
[11:01] Sudane Erato: hmm... Pip disappeared just when you asked for volunteers :)
[11:01] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:01] Symo Kurka: lol
[11:01] Rose Springvale: no worries, i know how to get help :)
[11:01] You: tsk... just when i wa sgoing to suggest Pip as volunteer ;)
[11:01] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:02] You: ok everyone
[11:02] You: we have two points standing
[11:02] You: but people not being present
[11:02] You: unless any other business
[11:02] You: ah, wait
[11:02] You: Symo, your tables i posted?
[11:02] Symo Kurka: oh
[11:02] You: you want to talk about those now?
[11:03] Rose Springvale: brb.. one min
[11:03] Symo Kurka: leave it for today
[11:03] Rose Springvale: oh
[11:03] You: ok
[11:03] Rose Springvale: okay, i'll wait then
[11:03] Symo Kurka: ill soon have to go back to RL
[11:03] Rose Springvale: ready to adjourn?
[11:03] You: ok, thanks
[11:03] Symo Kurka: yes we better do
[11:03] You: any other business?
[11:03] You: silence will mean 'no'.... :)
[11:04] Rose Springvale: smiles move to adjourn
[11:04] You: second
[11:04] You: we are adjourned
[11:04] You: thank you everyone :))

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