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RA Meeting 03 May 2008 - transcript

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See http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1855 for a non-normative (unofficial) index of the action items and main points from this meeting.
Transcript of 3 May 2008 Representative Assembly Meeting
Recorded by Jamie Palisades (= "You", below)
Topic separators "----" inserted to separate agenda items
[2008/05/03 9:07] You: good morning :)
[2008/05/03 9:07] Sonja Strom: good morning
[2008/05/03 9:07] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hi :)
[2008/05/03 9:08] Sonja Strom: hi :)
[2008/05/03 9:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: sorry, I was at the wrong place lol
[2008/05/03 9:08] Moon Adamant: hi Sonja :)
[2008/05/03 9:08] Sonja Strom: heehee
[2008/05/03 9:08] Sonja Strom: hi Moon :)
[2008/05/03 9:08] You: Hullo MT
[2008/05/03 9:08] MT Lundquist: i was in the wrong plasce
[2008/05/03 9:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hi, Sonja, Moon, Jamie!
[2008/05/03 9:08] Sonja Strom: coffee
[2008/05/03 9:08] You: A moment as I'm pinging our absent colleagues
[2008/05/03 9:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: mmmh coffee!
[2008/05/03 9:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe
[2008/05/03 9:09] Gwyneth Llewelyn wonders why my SL client takes so long at making me sit (I know, you all see me correctly)
[2008/05/03 9:10] Flyingroc Chung: *yawn*
[2008/05/03 9:10] Flyingroc Chung: rezzing
[2008/05/03 9:10] MT Lundquist: hi fr
[2008/05/03 9:10] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hiya FR, good morning!
[2008/05/03 9:11] MT Lundquist: still naked i see
[2008/05/03 9:11] Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol
[2008/05/03 9:11] You: Good day all .. and welcome Gwyn and Roc
[2008/05/03 9:11] Gwyneth Llewelyn sees nothing and will probably relog
[2008/05/03 9:11] Moon Adamant: Hi Fr :)
[2008/05/03 9:11] Moon Adamant: and hello MT
[2008/05/03 9:11] MT Lundquist: hi moon
[2008/05/03 9:11] Flyingroc Chung: aha, suddenly the chairs rez
[2008/05/03 9:11] You: (Do we have a dress code? yikes)
[2008/05/03 9:11] You: Chairs good
[2008/05/03 9:11] Gwyneth Llewelyn: seems better now
[2008/05/03 9:12] MT Lundquist: what dress code
[2008/05/03 9:12] MT Lundquist: lol
[2008/05/03 9:12] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe
[2008/05/03 9:12] ThePrincess Parisi: i hope not my shoes dont match
[2008/05/03 9:12] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hi Prin
[2008/05/03 9:12] ThePrincess Parisi grins at gwyen
[2008/05/03 9:12] You: Well, I've talked to all except Beathan who is not yet online, so I think we can start?
[2008/05/03 9:12] Gwyneth Llewelyn: what do your Chinese characters mean, Jamie?
[2008/05/03 9:12] ThePrincess Parisi: beathan
[2008/05/03 9:13] You: Roughly, protector or sponsor
[2008/05/03 9:13] Gwyneth Llewelyn: aha
[2008/05/03 9:13] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[2008/05/03 9:13] Moon Adamant: hello Princess
[2008/05/03 9:13] You: .. of a Zen temple project of a friend :)
[2008/05/03 9:13] Jamie Palisades looks over his head.. oops :)
[2008/05/03 9:13] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :D
[2008/05/03 9:13] Flyingroc Chung: oh, I thought it meant "chinese car"
[2008/05/03 9:14] Sonja Strom: hehee
[2008/05/03 9:14] Gwyneth Llewelyn: do you read Chinese, FR? :)
[2008/05/03 9:14] Flyingroc Chung: I have a vocabulary of about 100 words
[2008/05/03 9:14] You: well you'd know better - but - ittty bitty little rendering of pinyin, shrug
[2008/05/03 9:14] Flyingroc Chung: which is to say, no, I dont really read chinese
[2008/05/03 9:14] Moon Adamant: :)
[2008/05/03 9:14] Gwyneth Llewelyn: ah, I thought you might
[2008/05/03 9:14] Moon Adamant: well, 100 more words than me :)
[2008/05/03 9:14] You: and I think SL uses the 'simplified mandarin' subset of Unicode - which is pretty truncated
[2008/05/03 9:15] Gwyneth Llewelyn: aha
[2008/05/03 9:15] Gwyneth Llewelyn: welcome, beathan!
[2008/05/03 9:15] Moon Adamant: hello Beathan :)
[2008/05/03 9:15] Jamie Palisades shifts mental gears and smiles
[2008/05/03 9:15] MT Lundquist: hi beathan
[2008/05/03 9:15] You: Let's call to order :)
[2008/05/03 9:15] Beathan Vale: sorry I'm late -- computer troubles
[2008/05/03 9:15] Flyingroc Chung: jaime, SL uses utf-8, which can render eitehr simplified or traditional mandarin
[2008/05/03 9:15] You: Agenda at http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1835
[2008/05/03 9:15] Gwyneth Llewelyn was reading it
[2008/05/03 9:16] You: ahha yes, 8 bit ... but ofcourse the client who names the group ... grin, shrug
[2008/05/03 9:16] Sonja Strom too
[2008/05/03 9:16] You: Folks, our current rules give you the rght to amend the agenda, which we will get to in a moment
[2008/05/03 9:16] Gwyneth Llewelyn *nods*
[2008/05/03 9:16] Gwyneth Llewelyn: 1b ;)
[2008/05/03 9:17] You: my only comment about that is that today we have the special issue of sorting out our own organiation - rather like a term start - which I figured ought to come first, after adminstrative trvivia :)
[2008/05/03 9:17] You: so
[2008/05/03 9:17] You: 1a
[2008/05/03 9:17] Gwyneth Llewelyn: aye :)
[2008/05/03 9:17] You: Would everyone please assent to being recorded. I assent
[2008/05/03 9:17] Beathan Vale: I assent
[2008/05/03 9:17] Moon Adamant: i assent
[2008/05/03 9:17] Sonja Strom: I assent
[2008/05/03 9:17] MT Lundquist: i assent
[2008/05/03 9:17] Gwyneth Llewelyn: That aye was I assent too of course.
[2008/05/03 9:17] ThePrincess Parisi: i assent
[2008/05/03 9:17] You: :)
[2008/05/03 9:17] You: 1b
[2008/05/03 9:17] You: Agenda
[2008/05/03 9:18] You: any modifications?
[2008/05/03 9:18] Flyingroc Chung assents
[2008/05/03 9:18] Gwyneth Llewelyn *raises hand*
[2008/05/03 9:18] ThePrincess Parisi: i do
[2008/05/03 9:18] You: I note a few need ot leave early, thus the suggestion of a short meeting
[2008/05/03 9:18] You: OK, Gwyn?
[2008/05/03 9:18] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Princess first I think (I get chat out of order)
[2008/05/03 9:18] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ah wait
[2008/05/03 9:18] You: :) whatever. Prin? Agenda change?
[2008/05/03 9:18] Gwyneth Llewelyn: that i do was for the assent?
[2008/05/03 9:18] ThePrincess Parisi: i need to talk abot the guided tour again i still dont have money , and we have to leave a little early sorry
[2008/05/03 9:19] You: NP i set this for 1:15 not 2:00 today ...
[2008/05/03 9:19] ThePrincess Parisi: ok
[2008/05/03 9:19] You: and let's add tour at the top of item 4, hm? should be short
[2008/05/03 9:19] You: short
[2008/05/03 9:19] You: Gwyn, you had one also?
[2008/05/03 9:19] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok, my question was — is the Election Committee (by Beathan) still in effect?
[2008/05/03 9:19] You: BV?
[2008/05/03 9:19] ThePrincess Parisi: ok and general reimbursements cos bells didnt get paid eitehr ...... for anything
[2008/05/03 9:19] ThePrincess Parisi: sorry
[2008/05/03 9:19] Gwyneth Llewelyn: (that will probably render item 2. unnecessary)
[2008/05/03 9:20] Jamie Palisades nods - Beathan, I *think* you still have an election commission?
[2008/05/03 9:20] Gwyneth Llewelyn waits for Beathan :)
[2008/05/03 9:20] Flyingroc Chung: there's stilthe matter of how we choose LRA after a by-elections.
[2008/05/03 9:20] You: yup, but we couls skip the rest, which was Gwyn's suggestiu\on by e-mail
[2008/05/03 9:20] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok, then, while Beathan thinks... here goes my proposal, with the LRA's permission...
[2008/05/03 9:20] You: :)
[2008/05/03 9:21] Gwyneth Llewelyn: 1) There is an Election Committee. Move 2. into it. Motion: elect an acting LRA while the COmmittee decides
[2008/05/03 9:21] Beathan Vale: JP -- yes -- but we need to have a post-eletion meeting on lessons learned
[2008/05/03 9:21] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok... so 1) stands
[2008/05/03 9:21] Beathan Vale: I'll try to have one after thsi meeting and another later
[2008/05/03 9:21] Gwyneth Llewelyn: My proposal is that we elect just an acting LRA and wait for the conclusions of the Election Comittee,
[2008/05/03 9:21] MT Lundquist: we have the LRA bill on later
[2008/05/03 9:21] Gwyneth Llewelyn: and skip point 2
[2008/05/03 9:21] You: OK - sounds like a plan - for agenda purposes - let's do that when we formally get to item 2
[2008/05/03 9:22] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Agreed.
[2008/05/03 9:22] You: someone can move to refer the bills, then, if they wish, smile
[2008/05/03 9:22] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[2008/05/03 9:22] You: anything else on agenda?
[2008/05/03 9:22] MT Lundquist: Are we having 2
[2008/05/03 9:22] You: yes - but will sort out WHAT we do with it when we get there :)
[2008/05/03 9:22] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok :)
[2008/05/03 9:22] MT Lundquist: ok
[2008/05/03 9:22] Jamie Palisades looks around - agenda otherwise OK?
[2008/05/03 9:22] You: right then
[2008/05/03 9:23] You: 1c
[2008/05/03 9:23] You: Any nonRA members who wish to speak on a specific item?
[2008/05/03 9:23] You: Moon - anything from Guild?
[2008/05/03 9:23] Moon Adamant: Well, we are currently developing a lot of things
[2008/05/03 9:24] Moon Adamant: i am here to give info on any issue the RA may want to inquire about
[2008/05/03 9:24] You: For now, will you wish to makr a report today, or not?
[2008/05/03 9:24] Moon Adamant: well, jamie, since you want a short meeting
[2008/05/03 9:24] You: K - we'll put you into the Priv Dev slot then, with my colleagues' permission
[2008/05/03 9:24] Moon Adamant: and we do have TONS of things going on
[2008/05/03 9:24] Moon Adamant: it's more efficient if you just ask when needed
[2008/05/03 9:24] Gwyneth Llewelyn would like to hear something from the Guild on item 4 b) [private development proposal]
[2008/05/03 9:24] You: :) up to the group, Moon, dear, but that sounds fine to me
[2008/05/03 9:25] Gwyneth Llewelyn seconds Jamie on priv Dev slot ;)
[2008/05/03 9:25] You: yes, - a short refesher at least on where we are, and what's next, hmn?
[2008/05/03 9:25] Moon Adamant: perfect for me *bows at the RA assembled*
[2008/05/03 9:25] You: I'd like us at least today to have a common understandig on the status of each bill in progress :)
[2008/05/03 9:25] You: 1d
[2008/05/03 9:25] ThePrincess Parisi smiles at moon
[2008/05/03 9:25] You: Routine request: if anyone sees flaws in the posted transcripts or summaries, please let me know - or just make a corrective posting -- but if you do the latter, please let me know, so I see it ----
[2008/05/03 9:26] You: and after today's minutes, address it to your new LRA :)
[2008/05/03 9:26] You: 1e
[2008/05/03 9:26] Ilse Mannonen's Copyable Female ZHAO v2: Couldn't find animation StanSexyF4
[2008/05/03 9:26] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hah
[2008/05/03 9:26] You: future meetings
[2008/05/03 9:26] You: we will talk about that under item 3
[2008/05/03 9:26] You: 1f
[2008/05/03 9:26] You: consent agenda - I know of nothing
[2008/05/03 9:26] You: anyone?
[2008/05/03 9:27] Gwyneth Llewelyn: What are the "ministerial items"? ;)
[2008/05/03 9:27] You: ha ha - well, leaving wordplay aside, anything we all think can be voted out *without* debate
[2008/05/03 9:27] Sonja Strom: Should we swear in the new RA members?
[2008/05/03 9:27] ThePrincess Parisi: we might swear
[2008/05/03 9:27] ThePrincess Parisi: them in yes
[2008/05/03 9:27] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I agree with Sonja.
[2008/05/03 9:27] Beathan Vale: items that do not need debate -- such as approval of budgets and such -- if debate is needed, they are placed on the agenda, otherwise it is for rapid approval
[2008/05/03 9:27] You: In a mood to swear? :)
[2008/05/03 9:28] ThePrincess Parisi: never
[2008/05/03 9:28] You: Suffice to say we have no consent items proposed for today
[2008/05/03 9:28] Gwyneth Llewelyn: AH. Well. We have an approved budget, just mmh a certain lack of reluctance in enforcing it
[2008/05/03 9:28] You: May I have everyone's assent to swearing in our two new membees now? (Silence is assent)
[2008/05/03 9:28] Beathan Vale: OK -- God Damn the new RA members -- ;-)
[2008/05/03 9:28] Gwyneth Llewelyn doesn't know if she should assent
[2008/05/03 9:28] You: Oh, did we amend the oath, too?
[2008/05/03 9:28] Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol Beathan — good swering at! :)
[2008/05/03 9:28] You: heh
[2008/05/03 9:28] MT Lundquist: i assent
[2008/05/03 9:28] You: BV, still have the Oath card?
[2008/05/03 9:28] ThePrincess Parisi: assent
[2008/05/03 9:29] Sonja Strom gave you CDS RA Office Affirmation.
[2008/05/03 9:29] Beathan Vale: so many many notes
[2008/05/03 9:29] Gwyneth Llewelyn accepted your inventory offer.
[2008/05/03 9:29] You: Gwyn, I've handed you a familiar notecard :)
[2008/05/03 9:29] Gwyneth Llewelyn: thanks, Jamie! you're fast :)
[2008/05/03 9:29] ThePrincess Parisi: well congratulations on your one seat moon and gwye
[2008/05/03 9:29] You: Gwyn please oath away :)
[2008/05/03 9:30] Moon Adamant: thank you
[2008/05/03 9:30] ThePrincess Parisi: :)
[2008/05/03 9:30] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I, Gwyneth Llewelyn, , having been elected as a Member of the Representative Assembly of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully discharge my duties as such to the best of my ability, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, and that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, so help me God.
[2008/05/03 9:30] You: FR? Got it?
[2008/05/03 9:30] Flyingroc Chung: I Flyingroc Chung, having been elected as a Member of the Representative Assembly of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully discharge my duties as such to the best of my ability, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, and that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators.
[2008/05/03 9:31] Flyingroc Chung: sry, not used to cut n paste on a vista machine
[2008/05/03 9:31] MT Lundquist: congratulations both of you
[2008/05/03 9:31] Gwyneth Llewelyn: ;)
[2008/05/03 9:31] Gwyneth Llewelyn: thank you
[2008/05/03 9:31] ThePrincess Parisi: congratulations FR for coming in first in the election! way to go ...
[2008/05/03 9:31] Sonja Strom: me claps
[2008/05/03 9:31] You: Excuse me :)
[2008/05/03 9:31] Moon Adamant: Congrats FR and Gwyn :)
[2008/05/03 9:31] Beathan Vale: never before has a monkey come so far
[2008/05/03 9:31] You: Congratulations to both of you - and let's get to work
[2008/05/03 9:31] Gwyneth Llewelyn: aha! not true actually ;)
[2008/05/03 9:31] ThePrincess Parisi: is it out of order if i pull his tail
[2008/05/03 9:31] You: next item
[2008/05/03 9:32] Flyingroc Chung declined your inventory offer.
[2008/05/03 9:32] You: yes
[2008/05/03 9:32] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Apes have no tails!
[2008/05/03 9:32] You: 2
[2008/05/03 9:32] Beathan Vale: or -- an ape and a redhead -- isn't there a movie about that?
[2008/05/03 9:32] Gwyneth Llewelyn: LOL
[2008/05/03 9:32] Moon Adamant: lol
[2008/05/03 9:32] Sonja Strom: Hi DivineLolita
[2008/05/03 9:32] Sonja Strom: welcome
[2008/05/03 9:32] You: I suggest that someone may wish to move to send the LRA *bills* to the Election Commission? Then we can debate that, leaving us with the one-time issue of today's designation?
[2008/05/03 9:33] DivineLolita Demonia: Heys sorry i dont want to disturb
[2008/05/03 9:33] You: Hi Loli
[2008/05/03 9:33] Moon Adamant: hello :)
[2008/05/03 9:33] You: No prob, you're welcome, as long as you can handle us being in a formal meeting :)
[2008/05/03 9:33] Beathan Vale: Send me the LRA bills? oh man ... no!!!
[2008/05/03 9:33] ThePrincess Parisi: i do have a report about one of our new members
[2008/05/03 9:33] You: Prin? we're on item 2
[2008/05/03 9:33] ThePrincess Parisi: no im not sure we should do that if he doesnt want it
[2008/05/03 9:33] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Anyway, I stand by my suggestion. I believe it's pointless to do "partial revamping" on the election rules, if there is a committee working on it, and we shouldn't change critical things "at whim" without seeing the overall picture. So I move that we send all proposed bills to the Election Comission, and just elect an "interim LRA" or "acting LRA" until the Committee finishes their proposal
[2008/05/03 9:33] You: Colleagues, what do you wish to do with the LRA bills?
[2008/05/03 9:33] ThePrincess Parisi: i wont tell you what fr did last night then
[2008/05/03 9:33] MT Lundquist: maybe we should discuss and vote here
[2008/05/03 9:34] Beathan Vale: I can handle them in the election meeting
[2008/05/03 9:34] ThePrincess Parisi: ok we wanna vote ..
[2008/05/03 9:34] MT Lundquist: lol
[2008/05/03 9:34] ThePrincess Parisi: discuss and vote
[2008/05/03 9:34] Beathan Vale: if that is what the RA wants
[2008/05/03 9:34] MT Lundquist: but we have pictures from last night
[2008/05/03 9:34] You: OK, well, in lieu of a motion, let me ask: MT, which form of your bill is the current one we should be working from?
[2008/05/03 9:34] You: I had this: http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1806
[2008/05/03 9:35] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I propose a motion: Pushing the discussion of all the LRA election bills for discussion by the Election Committe. Vote on an acting LRA until taht job is finished.
[2008/05/03 9:35] MT Lundquist: the current bill is the LRA and chancellor election
[2008/05/03 9:35] MT Lundquist: the lra elected by the RA
[2008/05/03 9:35] MT Lundquist: and direct election of chancellor
[2008/05/03 9:35] You: OK, Gwyn's made a motion - send the bills to Election Commission (i.e., do not vote on them here today).
[2008/05/03 9:35] You: Second?
[2008/05/03 9:36] Flyingroc Chung: I second
[2008/05/03 9:36] Jamie Palisades look around
[2008/05/03 9:36] Gwyneth Llewelyn: thank you FR :)
[2008/05/03 9:36] You: ok
[2008/05/03 9:36] You: debate?
[2008/05/03 9:36] MT Lundquist: i believe the proposal is well formed already
[2008/05/03 9:36] Beathan Vale: I think this is OK -- but I have to move quickly -- because the bill would change the way the next election is conducted
[2008/05/03 9:36] You: Gwyn's typing, I assume she'll speak in favor first
[2008/05/03 9:36] MT Lundquist: discussion with all the major parties/factions
[2008/05/03 9:36] Gwyneth Llewelyn: My opinion remains: there is quite a lot to be changed in the whole election procedures. It's not just the LRA and Chancellor
[2008/05/03 9:36] MT Lundquist: led to its present form
[2008/05/03 9:36] ThePrincess Parisi: why would we revote on LRA
[2008/05/03 9:36] ThePrincess Parisi: we just did that
[2008/05/03 9:37] MT Lundquist: i believe it has a strong concensus therefore
[2008/05/03 9:37] MT Lundquist: and doesnt need further attention
[2008/05/03 9:37] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I personally dislike doing things bit by bit, specially if we *already* have a Committee working on things.
[2008/05/03 9:37] You: hmm - well I hear some folks who want to act today and thus are speaking against the motion
[2008/05/03 9:37] Gwyneth Llewelyn: We invested in them the power to discuss *everything*
[2008/05/03 9:37] MT Lundquist: and we need to establish who is lra now
[2008/05/03 9:37] You: let me ask - is there a queue of people who want to speak further on this?
[2008/05/03 9:37] Beathan Vale: I do
[2008/05/03 9:38] You: BV, who else?
[2008/05/03 9:38] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes, MT, but that's easy — we just get a vote on an "acting LRA". There is a lot of precedent on that, namely on the 2nd term of 2005
[2008/05/03 9:38] MT Lundquist: but ven so gwyn i believe that we should proceed
[2008/05/03 9:38] Beathan Vale: So far -- the election committee has primary focussed on the mechanics of the process and on the itegrity of the process -- I have not considered our mandate to include questions of what offices to election and certainly not internal RA governance
[2008/05/03 9:38] You: - we are a little free-form here. Can I suggest that everyone who has more to say on the motion take up to 60 secs each?
[2008/05/03 9:39] Beathan Vale: However, I also thank that this bill could usepublic inworld debate
[2008/05/03 9:39] You: In lieu of a need to be ritualistic, what say we start with BV, who was kind enough to ask to speak - then go around the room - once?
[2008/05/03 9:39] Beathan Vale: so far -- it has been well debated on the forums and in the RA -- but it might bear one inworld meeting
[2008/05/03 9:39] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes, move it to the Election Committee — where the public can discuss freely ;)
[2008/05/03 9:39] MT Lundquist: i would have thought that its had a lot of debate already
[2008/05/03 9:39] Beathan Vale: I expect I will send it back for vote next week -- probably with little to no changes
[2008/05/03 9:39] MT Lundquist: its been out there in various forms for weeks
[2008/05/03 9:39] Beathan Vale: done
[2008/05/03 9:40] Beathan Vale: I agree MT
[2008/05/03 9:40] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'd say, MT, if thing were consensual — we wouldn't have *four* proposals on the agenda — but just one.
[2008/05/03 9:40] Jamie Palisades sighs, smiles, and just decides to ask you rowdy lot to finish in 3 minutes and then will call for a vote
[2008/05/03 9:40] Beathan Vale: done
[2008/05/03 9:40] Gwyneth Llewelyn: The purpose of things like the Election Committee is exactly to get input from different things — like, well, four different proposals — and get a consensual one
[2008/05/03 9:41] Flyingroc Chung: lets just hope it doesnt end up like the judiciary committee
[2008/05/03 9:41] Jamie Palisades grins at the thought
[2008/05/03 9:41] MT Lundquist: exactly
[2008/05/03 9:41] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe FR — well, the best way to deal with that is to make sure we have consensual proposals ;)
[2008/05/03 9:42] You: .. ahem .. Ok, all, any new points or last words? Or can we vote on Gwyn's motion to send it to committee?
[2008/05/03 9:42] MT Lundquist: perhaps we should vote on the bill, if it passes we have agreement, if not then we bring it to Beathans committee
[2008/05/03 9:42] Gwyneth Llewelyn has no new points
[2008/05/03 9:42] You: :) motion on the floor is to send it, so you can vote against that, I guess, MT
[2008/05/03 9:42] Gwyneth Llewelyn: But give me 10 minutes and I'll figure out a dozen ;) hehe
[2008/05/03 9:42] MT Lundquist: true
[2008/05/03 9:43] Gwyneth Llewelyn: ok
[2008/05/03 9:43] You: ha ha tsk. Members please state your vote - on the motion to send to Committee.
[2008/05/03 9:43] Beathan Vale: aye
[2008/05/03 9:43] Flyingroc Chung: aye
[2008/05/03 9:43] Sonja Strom: aye
[2008/05/03 9:43] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I vote aye, let's have the Committee discuss it.
[2008/05/03 9:43] You: aye
[2008/05/03 9:43] ThePrincess Parisi: nay
[2008/05/03 9:43] MT Lundquist: nay
[2008/05/03 9:44] You: OK - passes 5-2-0.
[2008/05/03 9:44] You: and to be clear
[2008/05/03 9:44] You: I believe that covers all bills on LRA succession.
[2008/05/03 9:44] Gwyneth Llewelyn: ;)
[2008/05/03 9:44] Gwyneth Llewelyn thinks so as well.
[2008/05/03 9:44] You: and the commission meets immediately after this meeting, yes?
[2008/05/03 9:44] Beathan Vale: I will prep notecards on this issue and try to have a special meeting or meetings o fthe committee in the next week
[2008/05/03 9:44] Beathan Vale: yes
[2008/05/03 9:44] MT Lundquist: thats a problem
[2008/05/03 9:44] Gwyneth Llewelyn thanks Beathan :)
[2008/05/03 9:44] Beathan Vale: we can start the discussion then
[2008/05/03 9:45] ThePrincess Parisi: we request a time change
[2008/05/03 9:45] You: AH OK - no commission meeting today then
[2008/05/03 9:45] MT Lundquist: as we cant attend after this meeting
[2008/05/03 9:45] You: BV is chair and will schedule, smile
[2008/05/03 9:45] Beathan Vale: but I still want to do a after the fact review of the election
[2008/05/03 9:45] You: noted ;)
[2008/05/03 9:45] You: Ladies and gentlemen we're still on item 2
[2008/05/03 9:45] Moon Adamant whispers "brb"
[2008/05/03 9:46] Sonja Strom: Jamie, is your tea getting cold?
[2008/05/03 9:46] You: We need an LRA - and have just send all our legislative solutions to committee :)
[2008/05/03 9:46] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Motion 2: Elect an "acting LRA" until the Elect. Committee proposes a change on the election procedures. Two steps: call for candidates among our august members of this assembly. Step two: vote on the candidates.
[2008/05/03 9:46] You: It's magic tea, Sonja
[2008/05/03 9:46] Sonja Strom: ok :)
[2008/05/03 9:46] ThePrincess Parisi: we have an LRA we already voted for him
[2008/05/03 9:46] MT Lundquist: true
[2008/05/03 9:47] You: OK we have a motion - which amouts to, elect one for now, to last until the next general election.
[2008/05/03 9:47] Beathan Vale: second
[2008/05/03 9:47] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Oh — Princess, I actually agree with you!
[2008/05/03 9:47] ThePrincess Parisi: i would like to move that jamie stay LRA if he will
[2008/05/03 9:47] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'll withdraw the motion if the RA members wish simply to endow the current LRA as acting LRA until the remainder of the term ;)
[2008/05/03 9:47] You: to be honest, and fair to Prin, her point that the current appontment (me) may "ride through" without action is entirely plausible ... but ...
[2008/05/03 9:48] You: ... our rules and law on this are a mess :) ... as I noted on he forums .. so who knows ... and ...
[2008/05/03 9:48] You: I only wish to continue to serve if it's your will. So - we have a motion - was it seconded?
[2008/05/03 9:48] Beathan Vale: no -- it makes sense to reconfirm Jamie
[2008/05/03 9:48] Sonja Strom: I think there is a motion on the floor, and we should vote on it.
[2008/05/03 9:48] Beathan Vale: the theory is that the LRA should be by consent of the RA -- and the RA is now changed so new indication of consent would be helpful
[2008/05/03 9:48] MT Lundquist: well i believe it depends on the results of the beathans committee
[2008/05/03 9:48] MT Lundquist: so it should stand until then
[2008/05/03 9:48] Sonja Strom: yes
[2008/05/03 9:48] Beathan Vale: second
[2008/05/03 9:48] Gwyneth Llewelyn: (yes Jamie it was)
[2008/05/03 9:48] Gwyneth Llewelyn: But
[2008/05/03 9:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'd suggest that we change the order
[2008/05/03 9:49] You: MT, Beathan's committee will not create a solution that tells us who the LRA will be *today* :)
[2008/05/03 9:49] MT Lundquist: i agree
[2008/05/03 9:49] Jamie Palisades listenms to Gwyn - this is about how to proceed on the motion?
[2008/05/03 9:49] Beathan Vale: my committee probably won't recommend anything for this term
[2008/05/03 9:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: and I will second Prin's/Beathans motion to reconfirm the current LRA as acting LRA until the end of term
[2008/05/03 9:49] MT Lundquist: but it may well tell us how to find an lra before the nend of the term
[2008/05/03 9:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: and have that voted first
[2008/05/03 9:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: if it doesn't pass,
[2008/05/03 9:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: we can go to my motion next.
[2008/05/03 9:50] Gwyneth Llewelyn: (it's just a change of order of the motions, if you're agreeable, Mr LRA)
[2008/05/03 9:50] You: ok, I read that as Gwyn withdrawing her motion, and consensus to take Prin's motion as the new motion for action. Does that work for everyone?
[2008/05/03 9:50] Beathan Vale: yes
[2008/05/03 9:50] Gwyneth Llewelyn seconds that, yes
[2008/05/03 9:50] Flyingroc Chung: works for me
[2008/05/03 9:50] Sonja Strom: ok
[2008/05/03 9:50] You: OK, then, this is a vote to confirm my contuinance for the remainder of this term. Discussion?
[2008/05/03 9:50] ThePrincess Parisi: imma vote for jamie to be LRA then i have to reboot.. ok ... aye
[2008/05/03 9:50] ThePrincess Parisi: brb
[2008/05/03 9:50] You: got it
[2008/05/03 9:50] Flyingroc Chung: aye
[2008/05/03 9:51] Beathan Vale: move the q
[2008/05/03 9:51] Sonja Strom: aye
[2008/05/03 9:51] Jamie Palisades looks for more typey gstures
[2008/05/03 9:51] Beathan Vale: aye
[2008/05/03 9:51] You: members please state their vote. We note Prin voted aye.
[2008/05/03 9:51] Gwyneth Llewelyn: aye as well.
[2008/05/03 9:51] Beathan Vale: aye
[2008/05/03 9:51] Sonja Strom: aye
[2008/05/03 9:51] MT Lundquist: aye
[2008/05/03 9:51] Flyingroc Chung: aye
[2008/05/03 9:51] Flyingroc Chung: hm, I think I voted twice
[2008/05/03 9:51] You: well, thank you, all. I will abstain. It's a politesse thing.
[2008/05/03 9:51] Sonja Strom: hehee
[2008/05/03 9:52] You: The false modesty of politicans and all that ...
[2008/05/03 9:52] Moon Adamant: my congrats to the LRA :)
[2008/05/03 9:52] Gwyneth Llewelyn: acting LRA, congratulations :)
[2008/05/03 9:52] You: so - hm - that moots Gwyn's motion in abeyance, so we can consider it gone
[2008/05/03 9:52] Sonja Strom: Thanks Jamie :-)
[2008/05/03 9:52] Flyingroc Chung: meet the new LRA, same as....
[2008/05/03 9:52] MT Lundquist: congratulations
[2008/05/03 9:52] Beathan Vale: Jamie -- feel any different?
[2008/05/03 9:53] Moon Adamant: lol
[2008/05/03 9:53] You: :) I was referring to myself as interim before, and will not do so through the end of this term :) Gwyn if you think the appellation 'acting' means anything, you're welcome to explain, otherwise I don't plan to use it.
[2008/05/03 9:53] Sonja Strom: more assured that you have the confidence of the RA?
[2008/05/03 9:53] You: Yes - actually - I thikn it's healthy, to answer Sonja
[2008/05/03 9:53] MT Lundquist: and i'm happy that we selected the LRA
[2008/05/03 9:54] You: but we will leave questions of the wisdom of electing LRAs to ... our august special commission :D
[2008/05/03 9:54] Sonja Strom: I don't think Jamie should always have to say he is "Acting" LRA.
[2008/05/03 9:54] You: Not planning to, Sonja, through Mdmselle Llewelyn is welcome to make a case :)
[2008/05/03 9:54] You: moving on, hm?
[2008/05/03 9:54] Sonja Strom: He is the LRA :-)
[2008/05/03 9:54] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Sonja, I second that and vote "aye"!
[2008/05/03 9:54] MT Lundquist: i second sonja
[2008/05/03 9:54] Sonja Strom: So Jamie, you are the LRA.
[2008/05/03 9:54] You: cheers all - let's move on
[2008/05/03 9:55] You: 3
[2008/05/03 9:55] You: future meetings :)
[2008/05/03 9:55] Flyingroc Chung: there goes beathan
[2008/05/03 9:55] You: Thank you for tolerating this out-of-order item
[2008/05/03 9:55] Sonja Strom: he seems sleepy today
[2008/05/03 9:56] You: but we need a happily consensual meeting date - one thatwe re-use would be nice - there are people other than the 7 of us would would be better cinveniences by regular time slots.
[2008/05/03 9:56] Sonja Strom: Is anyone unhappy with meeting at this time each week?
[2008/05/03 9:56] You: any thoughts on regular meeting times? Lately we have used 12 SLT Sunday and today's slot 9 am SLT Saturday ...
[2008/05/03 9:56] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'm fine with either
[2008/05/03 9:56] Sonja Strom: Me too.
[2008/05/03 9:57] Flyingroc Chung: if we are to meet wekends, I can meet at 9am saturday, 9am sunday
[2008/05/03 9:57] Flyingroc Chung: I slightly prefer sunday, actually
[2008/05/03 9:57] You: We have a couple of North American churchgoers, so can I sugges we standardize on this time slot?
[2008/05/03 9:57] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Saturdays I'm sadly away from noon-6 PM SLT — no problems on Sunday
[2008/05/03 9:57] MT Lundquist: 12 sunday is difficult for me
[2008/05/03 9:57] MT Lundquist: i go to bed then
[2008/05/03 9:57] MT Lundquist: to fit into prins time
[2008/05/03 9:58] MT Lundquist: i wake at 8pm slt
[2008/05/03 9:58] You: FR, I heard you, but I detect a slight leaning towards 9 am Saturdays .. and heartfelt objections? Noting that we tend often to take two hours, and MT and Gwyn are on EU time
[2008/05/03 9:58] MT Lundquist: so its my night
[2008/05/03 9:59] MT Lundquist: saturdays ok
[2008/05/03 9:59] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Saturdays 9 AM is perfect for 2-hour-meeting for me
[2008/05/03 9:59] Flyingroc Chung: it's a bit early for me... but sure
[2008/05/03 9:59] Jamie Palisades look for objections, hears none
[2008/05/03 9:59] You: thanks
[2008/05/03 9:59] Gwyneth Llewelyn: wb Prin!
[2008/05/03 9:59] Flyingroc Chung: I dont need to shower an get dressed for SL meetings ;-)
[2008/05/03 9:59] Sonja Strom: haha
[2008/05/03 9:59] You: OK we will consider that an amendment to BV's rules document and make it the default,
[2008/05/03 10:00] ThePrincess Parisi: ty
[2008/05/03 10:00] Arthulius Maximus: Hai
[2008/05/03 10:00] Beathan Vale: FR -- don't you work at Microsoft -- do you really have to shower and get dressed for ANY meetings?
[2008/05/03 10:00] You: .. one of the many advantages of virtual monkeyhood
[2008/05/03 10:00] Sonja Strom: Hello Arthulius, welcome.
[2008/05/03 10:00] Arthulius Maximus: Thanks
[2008/05/03 10:00] Moon Adamant: hello Arthulius
[2008/05/03 10:00] Arthulius Maximus: Hi
[2008/05/03 10:00] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hi :D
[2008/05/03 10:00] Arthulius Maximus: Hallo
[2008/05/03 10:01] Sonja Strom: halloo :-)
[2008/05/03 10:01] MT Lundquist: hi
[2008/05/03 10:01] You: Welcome, Arthul, this is a formal meeting, you're welcome to observe, but if you plan to speak here, please let us know and assent to being recorded in our transcript :)
[2008/05/03 10:01] Gwyneth Llewelyn: mmmh next item, Mr LRA?...
[2008/05/03 10:01] You: indeed
[2008/05/03 10:01] You: 4
[2008/05/03 10:01] Arthulius Maximus: Ok, I'll just observe then, I have no idea what's going on :p
[2008/05/03 10:01] You: it was my suggestion that we briefly look at our stable of bills in process and see if we are doing what's needed to move forward
[2008/05/03 10:02] MT Lundquist: lol
[2008/05/03 10:02] Sonja Strom: Sometimes I wonder if we do ;-)
[2008/05/03 10:02] You: no prob Arthul :)
[2008/05/03 10:02] ThePrincess Parisi: none of us do.. and when we think we do we are wrong
[2008/05/03 10:02] Arthulius Maximus: XD
[2008/05/03 10:02] Sonja Strom: hahaa
[2008/05/03 10:02] You: Let me ask: does anyone propose to bring any of them to a vote *today*?
[2008/05/03 10:02] You: if so we ought to deal with that first, hm?
[2008/05/03 10:02] Beathan Vale: the priv dev proposal is ready, I think
[2008/05/03 10:03] You: hmm -so at least let's talk about it first, and get Moon's Guild update. Others planning action *today*?
[2008/05/03 10:03] Gwyneth Llewelyn: In my case, I'd just bring a "No" vote on the Noncommulation of mandates act :D but I'll reserve my arguments if that is going to be discussed
[2008/05/03 10:03] Moon Adamant: hmmm... tell me when i must speak?
[2008/05/03 10:04] Gwyneth Llewelyn: If not, I rather preferred that we went ahead and listen to Moon :D
[2008/05/03 10:04] You: OK :)
[2008/05/03 10:04] Jamie Palisades hears no objections
[2008/05/03 10:04] ThePrincess Parisi: if it passes you wont run next term
[2008/05/03 10:04] You: let's do Priv Dev first - I suggest we first ask Moon for a brief update on the Guild's planning activity, and whatever charter changes they may bring (but have not yet), then ask BV to carry his bill forward
[2008/05/03 10:05] You: to>do
[2008/05/03 10:05] Gwyneth Llewelyn seconds that decision by the LRA
[2008/05/03 10:05] Gwyneth Llewelyn: enthusiastically, if I may add :)
[2008/05/03 10:05] You: Private Development, smile, ahem
[2008/05/03 10:05] ThePrincess Parisi gags just a little
[2008/05/03 10:05] Moon Adamant: ok
[2008/05/03 10:06] You: Moon? update, say 5 mins or less, followed by polite questions after you're done?
[2008/05/03 10:06] Moon Adamant: Guild is atm voting a new Faculty
[2008/05/03 10:06] Moon Adamant: which will happen on the 8th May
[2008/05/03 10:06] Moon Adamant: at same time, we are preparing a new charter
[2008/05/03 10:06] Moon Adamant: also to be discussed and voted by Faculty
[2008/05/03 10:06] Moon Adamant: this charter addresses the clearer separation of Faculty and board
[2008/05/03 10:06] ThePrincess Parisi: brb
[2008/05/03 10:07] Moon Adamant: plus some other internal aspect of guild procedures
[2008/05/03 10:07] Moon Adamant: this charter will later then be put to discussion at Board level
[2008/05/03 10:07] Moon Adamant: and when approved, we will ask this RA to vote the Charter
[2008/05/03 10:08] Moon Adamant: as happened with the charter currently standing
[2008/05/03 10:08] Moon Adamant: as for the contents of the charter that directly matter to the private dev bill
[2008/05/03 10:08] Moon Adamant: they deal essentially with the separation of board and faculty
[2008/05/03 10:09] Moon Adamant: board being a "contractor"
[2008/05/03 10:09] Moon Adamant: and faculty being a consultive organ
[2008/05/03 10:09] Moon Adamant: Faculty will organize itself in departments
[2008/05/03 10:09] Moon Adamant: one of them being the Buyilding Approval Committee
[2008/05/03 10:10] Moon Adamant: which will aid the Chancellor, as in accordance to Beathan's proposal
[2008/05/03 10:10] Moon Adamant: the charter also previews that these deps will have the power to define internal procedures
[2008/05/03 10:10] Moon Adamant: so to resume
[2008/05/03 10:10] No room to sit here, try another spot.
[2008/05/03 10:10] Moon Adamant: we think that in less of a month, depending on debate time
[2008/05/03 10:11] Moon Adamant: the Guild will be ready for the Private Dev Bill
[2008/05/03 10:11] Moon Adamant: done.... questions?
[2008/05/03 10:11] You: Yes thanks
[2008/05/03 10:11] You: OK, questions for Moon. And permit me to ask two - and I apologize if the answers are on the forum and I missed them. First, do you think all the procedural Guild stuff is crowding out or 'gating' Sim 4 planning, and future strategic map planning, on your agenda? Or are the latter two projects also progressing in parallel? ... And second, since the Guild accepted the RA's instructions on Sim4, and we have received *no* questions for clarification, may I assum eyou are ready and Sudane should order the sim immediately? Or what else is an obstacle to that step?
[2008/05/03 10:11] Moon Adamant listens
[2008/05/03 10:12] You: Q1 is about process versus substantive work
[2008/05/03 10:12] Moon Adamant: well, let me explain how Board works
[2008/05/03 10:12] You: *process
[2008/05/03 10:12] Moon Adamant: we constitue projects that are assigned to workgroups
[2008/05/03 10:12] Moon Adamant: atm, in parallel, there are 2 workgroups
[2008/05/03 10:12] Moon Adamant: one for masterplan
[2008/05/03 10:12] Moon Adamant: onne for 4th sim
[2008/05/03 10:12] Moon Adamant: they're both working
[2008/05/03 10:13] Moon Adamant: the masterplan wg has a very large scope
[2008/05/03 10:13] Moon Adamant: you have received my mail about conducting surveys to the community, i hope?
[2008/05/03 10:13] Moon Adamant: so we can consider it as a standing WG
[2008/05/03 10:13] Sonja Strom: I received one from Symo.
[2008/05/03 10:13] Moon Adamant: also because we are receiving a lot of input from citizens
[2008/05/03 10:14] You: OK, so I take the answer to Q1 to be that they *are* all proceeding in parallel and are *not* gated by the charter changes. Moon, is that correct? Let's talk about surveys in a sec
[2008/05/03 10:14] Moon Adamant: yes - the work is carrying on
[2008/05/03 10:14] You: excellent thx - and let's get to those surveys as point 3
[2008/05/03 10:14] Moon Adamant: the charter is an internal discussion that will organize our work futher, but it is not stopping us
[2008/05/03 10:14] Moon Adamant: just let me add
[2008/05/03 10:14] You: on the second question I raised, Moon? Sim 4 order?
[2008/05/03 10:14] Moon Adamant: that atm for sim 4
[2008/05/03 10:15] Moon Adamant: my last info is that we have 3 people preparing sim plans
[2008/05/03 10:15] Moon Adamant: (from earlier on this week)
[2008/05/03 10:15] Moon Adamant: we prefer to present those plans, iterate so that we can have a consensus plan
[2008/05/03 10:15] Moon Adamant: and then hand it to financials
[2008/05/03 10:16] You: ? is that sort of like the Arria and Rose competing plans, then? They all are working within the RA parameters? They all are Guild members? I'm confused, sorry
[2008/05/03 10:16] Moon Adamant: so that financials don't have useless work
[2008/05/03 10:16] Moon Adamant: all citizens are guild members
[2008/05/03 10:16] ThePrincess Parisi: no they will ask for changes to our request from the meetings i attended
[2008/05/03 10:16] ThePrincess Parisi: sir jamie
[2008/05/03 10:16] Moon Adamant: and at the forums
[2008/05/03 10:16] Moon Adamant: you will find the transcript of our last meeting
[2008/05/03 10:16] You: Let's let Moon finish her answer, then Prin has a Q
[2008/05/03 10:16] Moon Adamant: in which we discussed the RA parameters
[2008/05/03 10:17] Moon Adamant: as for your first question, it's not like the Nea Hora vs Alp Meadows
[2008/05/03 10:17] Moon Adamant: but more like the process that led Jon and Dnate'«s plans to be merged into final Alp Mead
[2008/05/03 10:18] Moon Adamant: i hope this has answered your questions?
[2008/05/03 10:18] You: Moon, I may not be stating it well, but my concern is that the actual sim order could be placed - there being a troubled queue at Linden Labs - and I think you are telling me that more *financial* work is needed, as well as more design work, before the Guild would recommend we proceed to place the order. Is that right?
[2008/05/03 10:19] Moon Adamant: i believe you want a serious design and financials, right?
[2008/05/03 10:19] ThePrincess Parisi looks down rolls her eyes
[2008/05/03 10:20] ThePrincess Parisi: they are changing what we gave them.. so they have to redo financials
[2008/05/03 10:20] ThePrincess Parisi: fewer lots
[2008/05/03 10:20] Moon Adamant: As to Princess' comments
[2008/05/03 10:20] ThePrincess Parisi: different prim amounts etc.
[2008/05/03 10:20] Moon Adamant: let me explain
[2008/05/03 10:20] ThePrincess Parisi: please do hun
[2008/05/03 10:20] Moon Adamant: we are considering that due to difference in densities
[2008/05/03 10:20] Beathan Vale: my understandibng is that there will be a recommendation to slightly reduce the number of lots -- from 50 to 42 or 45 or so -- not a huge change
[2008/05/03 10:21] Moon Adamant: a denser sim would perhaps be placed better in CN-West
[2008/05/03 10:21] Moon Adamant: NEXT to the city
[2008/05/03 10:21] ThePrincess Parisi: the assumptions made by guild members in teh transcripts are many of them wrong though moon
[2008/05/03 10:21] ThePrincess Parisi: and we made an order to you
[2008/05/03 10:21] Beathan Vale: yes -- and relocate the CN west -- I think that is something the RA should do
[2008/05/03 10:21] You: hang on all ) Moon, you done?
[2008/05/03 10:21] Beathan Vale: the 4th sim would be better placed CN West
[2008/05/03 10:21] ThePrincess Parisi: yes they are completely out of order
[2008/05/03 10:21] You: tsk
[2008/05/03 10:21] Moon Adamant: Princess, it is not my function to comment on the accuracy of Guild members' assumptions
[2008/05/03 10:21] You: Is Moon finished?
[2008/05/03 10:21] ThePrincess Parisi: its mine
[2008/05/03 10:21] Moon Adamant: kindly let me continue
[2008/05/03 10:22] Beathan Vale: I move to authorize the Guild to build the 4th sim in CN West
[2008/05/03 10:22] Moon Adamant: no
[2008/05/03 10:22] ThePrincess Parisi: second
[2008/05/03 10:22] Moon Adamant: at the same time
[2008/05/03 10:22] You: I ask that Moon be given 60 more seconds to conclude he remarks first.
[2008/05/03 10:22] ThePrincess Parisi: two sims yay@!
[2008/05/03 10:22] Moon Adamant: ok, i'll wait for the motion, then continue?
[2008/05/03 10:22] MT Lundquist: third
[2008/05/03 10:22] You: sigh
[2008/05/03 10:23] You: I am emotionally entirely on the side of that mnotion, I'm afraid
[2008/05/03 10:23] You: BUT Can we permit Moon to finish for SIXTY seconds, please.B
[2008/05/03 10:23] Moon Adamant: shal i continue, or shall i wait for your motion?
[2008/05/03 10:23] Beathan Vale: there is good reason to move the sim to CN west -- and it effects Guild design -- I meant to raise this earlier but I forgot
[2008/05/03 10:23] ThePrincess Parisi: lets add in the lot number change too .........
[2008/05/03 10:23] ThePrincess Parisi: ammend the movement to change all they want changed .. location and lot numbers
[2008/05/03 10:23] Beathan Vale: OK -- no fewer than 42 lots and moved to CN West
[2008/05/03 10:23] ThePrincess Parisi: second beathan
[2008/05/03 10:23] Beathan Vale: OK -- motion withindrwan
[2008/05/03 10:23] Moon Adamant: we are atm studying
[2008/05/03 10:23] Beathan Vale: for now
[2008/05/03 10:24] You: :) ladies and gentlemen.
[2008/05/03 10:24] You: I share your impatience but not your approach to politeness ...
[2008/05/03 10:24] ThePrincess Parisi winks at bv
[2008/05/03 10:24] Moon Adamant: if a slight reduction in the number of plots - around 10% less
[2008/05/03 10:24] Flyingroc Chung: I'm not sure I want the RA to micromanage how many lots are to be built.
[2008/05/03 10:24] Moon Adamant: can allow us to give a prim multiplicator to parcels
[2008/05/03 10:24] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'm sure I don't want that either, FR ;)

[2008/05/03 10:24] Moon Adamant: this would make parcels more appealing
[2008/05/03 10:24] Moon Adamant: it's not DOUBLE parcels
[2008/05/03 10:25] Moon Adamant: but we can give a non-integer multiplicator
[2008/05/03 10:25] You: Moon I thikn we should regar the RAmembes ans wishing to act wihout further report, if I can dvine thir intent fom their omments correctl. Myapologies.
[2008/05/03 10:25] You: Honestly, friends, I feel a little like King Cole, here, in the RA, calling for our pipe & bowl, and with a bunch of prospective citizens who want to move in -- and a sort of uncertain, receding timeline for actually moving, to be honest. Genuine gratitude for the Guild's work, and no question that there is good will all around, but also, well, if we move *independently* of the Guild, do we need the PDP bill to be passed?
[2008/05/03 10:25] Moon Adamant waits
[2008/05/03 10:25] You: PDP experts?
[2008/05/03 10:25] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Who's "we" in that context, Jamie? The CDS? The RA? :)
[2008/05/03 10:25] You: Sim plans do not fall from the sky, smile
[2008/05/03 10:25] Flyingroc Chung: Should we wait for the new charter?
[2008/05/03 10:26] You: all of the above, flower girl
[2008/05/03 10:26] Gwyneth Llewelyn: ok :)))
[2008/05/03 10:26] Flyingroc Chung: before we take up the sim devt bill
[2008/05/03 10:26] Moon Adamant: Jamie, you are totally right, sim plans do not fall out from the sky :)
[2008/05/03 10:26] You: to be clear on procedure: we have a motion and second :) we are debating it
[2008/05/03 10:26] ThePrincess Parisi: well ...lets do the pdp and let them do what they want
[2008/05/03 10:26] Beathan Vale: FR -- no -0- the charter depends on passage of the bill --
[2008/05/03 10:26] Beathan Vale: the Guild needs to respond to the bill or respond to its nonpassage
[2008/05/03 10:26] MT Lundquist: second pdp
[2008/05/03 10:26] Moon Adamant: well, Beathan
[2008/05/03 10:27] Moon Adamant: actually, we changed the charter to meet the new challenge of PDP
[2008/05/03 10:27] You: is the PDP bill ready to be enacted in the view of its PROPOSER?
[2008/05/03 10:27] You: :)
[2008/05/03 10:27] Moon Adamant: but it also contemplates internal Guild points
[2008/05/03 10:27] Beathan Vale: ok
[2008/05/03 10:27] Moon Adamant: so it was a lucky moment to solve two issues in one go :)
[2008/05/03 10:28] You: ...... your slightly perplxed LRA notes we are over time as scheduled. I will assume an extension until 10h45 is acceptable to all, and that we remain on th PDP question, if no objection is voiced.
[2008/05/03 10:28] You: sigh
[2008/05/03 10:28] Beathan Vale: Ok -- I renew my motion authorising guild to build 4th sim CN west with no fewer than 42 lots for private ownership
[2008/05/03 10:28] Gwyneth Llewelyn: No objections to extension.
[2008/05/03 10:28] ThePrincess Parisi: second
[2008/05/03 10:29] You: Do I undestand corectly that BV ha moved, an someone has seconed, that we adopt the PDP bill now?
[2008/05/03 10:29] ThePrincess Parisi: i want to vote on beathans pdp bill now
[2008/05/03 10:29] ThePrincess Parisi: yep
[2008/05/03 10:29] MT Lundquist: yes
[2008/05/03 10:29] Beathan Vale: No
[2008/05/03 10:29] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Wait...
[2008/05/03 10:29] Beathan Vale: I withdraw motion and move PDP bill
[2008/05/03 10:29] Flyingroc Chung: hm, I dont think beathans motion is for adoption of the pdp bill...
[2008/05/03 10:29] You: Beathan - please clarify
[2008/05/03 10:29] MT Lundquist: second
[2008/05/03 10:29] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ack
[2008/05/03 10:29] ThePrincess Parisi: he wanted to add the guild requests
[2008/05/03 10:29] Flyingroc Chung sctaches head
[2008/05/03 10:29] ThePrincess Parisi: hehe
[2008/05/03 10:29] Beathan Vale: I'll get tot he guild afterward
[2008/05/03 10:29] ThePrincess Parisi: read back jamie
[2008/05/03 10:29] Beathan Vale: OK --stop
[2008/05/03 10:30] Beathan Vale: I withdraw all motions
[2008/05/03 10:30] Beathan Vale: let me clarify
[2008/05/03 10:30] You: :) thx
[2008/05/03 10:30] Beathan Vale: the Guild is making design decisions as to the previously authorized 4th sim
[2008/05/03 10:30] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok...
[2008/05/03 10:30] Beathan Vale: I understand that it has discovered that a dense sim would be better build CN West -- and that double prims require a slight reduction in private lots from 50 to around 42
[2008/05/03 10:31] Jamie Palisades listens to BV until he indicates he's done - because he was not raised by wolves ...
[2008/05/03 10:31] Beathan Vale: So -- I move that we authorize the Guild to design the 4th sim with these changes
[2008/05/03 10:31] ThePrincess Parisi: second
[2008/05/03 10:31] You: That's a motion. Is there a scond?
[2008/05/03 10:31] You: OK
[2008/05/03 10:31] Gwyneth Llewelyn: That is motion #1 from you, Beathan. Right?
[2008/05/03 10:31] Moon Adamant: well, actually atm a non-integer multiplier with a 10% reduction in prim lots
[2008/05/03 10:31] Beathan Vale: yes
[2008/05/03 10:31] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok. That motion is on the floor?
[2008/05/03 10:31] Moon Adamant: but we can study the double prim question
[2008/05/03 10:32] Beathan Vale: OK -- Moon -- not double prim lots -- but "more marketable and buildable lots"
[2008/05/03 10:32] ThePrincess Parisi: study? .lol
[2008/05/03 10:32] You: Moon can you - is ONE word - confirm whether Bethan's motion correctly captured that part of the Guild's feedback?
[2008/05/03 10:32] ThePrincess Parisi: i move no other changes to the ra bill after this eitehr
[2008/05/03 10:32] You: I am asking a yes or no question
[2008/05/03 10:32] Moon Adamant: yes in general principles
[2008/05/03 10:32] Moon Adamant: details to be verified :)
[2008/05/03 10:32] ThePrincess Parisi: ;aldkjf;lskdfl;a
[2008/05/03 10:33] You: thanks - good enough for me :) any more comments, or are you ready to vote?
[2008/05/03 10:33] ThePrincess Parisi: aye
[2008/05/03 10:33] You: I wil make a suggestion about how to proceed AFTER we vote on this :)
[2008/05/03 10:33] Gwyneth Llewelyn is fine to vote, and votes "aye"
[2008/05/03 10:33] Beathan Vale: aye
[2008/05/03 10:33] MT Lundquist: aye
[2008/05/03 10:33] You: members please state your vote to BV's amendment on the sim details. I vote aye.
[2008/05/03 10:33] ThePrincess Parisi: yes
[2008/05/03 10:33] Flyingroc Chung: aye
[2008/05/03 10:33] Sonja Strom: aye
[2008/05/03 10:33] You: ha ha you're all ahead of me
[2008/05/03 10:33] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :D
[2008/05/03 10:34] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Eagerness, Mr LRA, just eagerness :)
[2008/05/03 10:34] You: Passes 7-0-0
[2008/05/03 10:34] Gwyneth Llewelyn: yay :)
[2008/05/03 10:34] You: Indeed
[2008/05/03 10:34] You: now
[2008/05/03 10:34] Moon Adamant: thank you
[2008/05/03 10:34] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Guild, GO WORK! :)
[2008/05/03 10:34] You: ahem :)
[2008/05/03 10:34] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe
[2008/05/03 10:34] Gwyneth Llewelyn: sorry!
[2008/05/03 10:34] Moon Adamant: i will inform the Guild of new changes in specs
[2008/05/03 10:34] Moon Adamant: eheheh, we do little else :P
[2008/05/03 10:34] You: When we pass the PDP bill, anyone who thinks we wan to rush forward further will have their vehicle for doing so ...
[2008/05/03 10:34] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :D

[continued in next post]

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Re: RA Meeting 03 May 2008 - transcript (part 2)

Post by Jamie Palisades »

[continues from prior post]

[2008/05/03 10:34] You: When we pass the PDP bill, anyone who thinks we want to rush forward faster will have their vehicle for doing so ...
[2008/05/03 10:34] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :D
[2008/05/03 10:35] ThePrincess Parisi: nice
[2008/05/03 10:35] ThePrincess Parisi: choices are a good thing
[2008/05/03 10:35] Beathan Vale: does the PDP bill need further debate -- or it is ready for vote?
[2008/05/03 10:35] You: .. so may I suggest that be our first agenda item for next week?
[2008/05/03 10:35] ThePrincess Parisi: no i think we should vote now
[2008/05/03 10:35] MT Lundquist: second voting
[2008/05/03 10:35] ThePrincess Parisi: why are we waiting its been around for ages
[2008/05/03 10:36] Gwyneth Llewelyn would like to vote *now* too!
[2008/05/03 10:36] ThePrincess Parisi: since the exodus and seat loss
[2008/05/03 10:36] Beathan Vale: OK -- I move passage of the PDP bill
[2008/05/03 10:36] You: BV I have a feeling it has not been sanded down, since we last looked at it - but you tell me
[2008/05/03 10:36] Gwyneth Llewelyn seconds Beathan
[2008/05/03 10:36] Beathan Vale: no -- it has been modified substantially based on Guild's comments
[2008/05/03 10:36] Gwyneth Llewelyn: No, the bill is fine. It has been changed quite a bit, yes
[2008/05/03 10:36] Beathan Vale: it no longer creates any new branches of government
[2008/05/03 10:36] You: Okey doke - will of the people - er, factions :)
[2008/05/03 10:36] Gwyneth Llewelyn: exactly
[2008/05/03 10:36] Gwyneth Llewelyn: and the referendum issue is dealt with separately
[2008/05/03 10:36] ThePrincess Parisi: so well, you have been working on it a lot darn time with lots of input from all facitons?
[2008/05/03 10:36] You: BV, can we have a specific URI for the version you are moving we adopt, please?
[2008/05/03 10:36] Gwyneth Llewelyn: so the CSDF is ready to support it :)
[2008/05/03 10:37] Moon Adamant: draft Analysis WG - not only Guild, but members of all factions and all gov branches, as well as individual experts
[2008/05/03 10:37] Gwyneth Llewelyn would like to second Jamie's request too
[2008/05/03 10:37] ThePrincess Parisi: all of your votes, gwyen?
[2008/05/03 10:37] ThePrincess Parisi: or just one
[2008/05/03 10:37] You: psst
[2008/05/03 10:37] You: bill text?
[2008/05/03 10:37] ThePrincess Parisi: is it an amendment
[2008/05/03 10:37] You: forum?
[2008/05/03 10:37] Jamie Palisades grins
[2008/05/03 10:38] Beathan Vale: http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php? ... a&start=15
[2008/05/03 10:38] Beathan Vale: bottom of page 2
[2008/05/03 10:38] You: :) thx - checking
[2008/05/03 10:39] Gwyneth Llewelyn: yes, that's the correct one -- thank you
[2008/05/03 10:39] Beathan Vale: I note that this does call for one new agency -- an advertising and publicity service -- but no new land regulatory agencies
[2008/05/03 10:40] You: got it - and I note that the direct link to Baethan's 17 April final text is http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php? ... =15#p10980
[2008/05/03 10:40] ThePrincess Parisi: ty
[2008/05/03 10:40] You: ready to vote? ...
[2008/05/03 10:40] ThePrincess Parisi: fantastic work
[2008/05/03 10:40] Gwyneth Llewelyn: The agency is to be done/discussed on further bills, so no objections on having that mentioned here.
[2008/05/03 10:41] Sonja Strom: I have a question.
[2008/05/03 10:41] You: ? Sonja
[2008/05/03 10:41] Flyingroc Chung: beathan, what's the difference between the first and the second part.. one is within the cds continent, and the other is outside of it?
[2008/05/03 10:42] You: can we get Sonja's question, and an answer from BV to her and Roc?
[2008/05/03 10:42] Sonja Strom: Who would actually approve any given private development?
[2008/05/03 10:42] Beathan Vale: no -- one is close to the current CDS and the other is somewhat removed -- we don't want a build to happen close by without our having more control -- so we don't get stuck with a bad neighbor if things go south
[2008/05/03 10:42] Beathan Vale: Sonja -- the chancellor
[2008/05/03 10:42] You: :) any more Qs? Ready to vote?
[2008/05/03 10:42] You: Members please state their vote. I vote aye
[2008/05/03 10:42] ThePrincess Parisi: we cant support it
[2008/05/03 10:42] ThePrincess Parisi: nay
[2008/05/03 10:42] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Aye.
[2008/05/03 10:43] Beathan Vale: aye
[2008/05/03 10:43] Sonja Strom: nay
[2008/05/03 10:43] MT Lundquist: i need clarification before voting
[2008/05/03 10:43] You: if we're voting, MT, that's a "nay" for now. Roc?
[2008/05/03 10:43] MT Lundquist: is it the ra that approves a build or the chancellor
[2008/05/03 10:43] ThePrincess Parisi: if its just the chancellor .. nucare will NOT support
[2008/05/03 10:43] MT Lundquist: no i want clarification before i vote
[2008/05/03 10:44] Flyingroc Chung: I'm not ready to vote aye on this, though I support it in principle
[2008/05/03 10:44] ThePrincess Parisi: we feel the same
[2008/05/03 10:44] Sonja Strom: me too
[2008/05/03 10:44] ThePrincess Parisi: its more than one person can decide
[2008/05/03 10:44] ThePrincess Parisi: it needs the RA and maybe chancellor
[2008/05/03 10:44] You: OK, let's deem it failed 3-4-0 please, with MT and Roc voting no for now. More discussion?
[2008/05/03 10:44] ThePrincess Parisi: nope
[2008/05/03 10:44] MT Lundquist: can anyone answer my question
[2008/05/03 10:44] Moon Adamant: er
[2008/05/03 10:44] You: "voting no"
[2008/05/03 10:44] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Well, read the bill... it states who decides :P
[2008/05/03 10:45] You: Yes - Can BV answer MT?
[2008/05/03 10:45] Gwyneth Llewelyn: (I know, it's a long and extensive bill)
[2008/05/03 10:45] Moon Adamant: yes, it has been on the bill since ever
[2008/05/03 10:45] MT Lundquist: i dont believe i voted yet
[2008/05/03 10:45] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Beathan is sadly away
[2008/05/03 10:45] You: we can always re-vote but we do not debate during votes :)
[2008/05/03 10:45] MT Lundquist: well the vote was called prematurly
[2008/05/03 10:45] MT Lundquist: i had questions
[2008/05/03 10:45] You: MT I must rcord yor vote, nd BV s not her to answer.
[2008/05/03 10:45] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes, I agree, MT
[2008/05/03 10:46] You: :) OK then, how would you like to proceed?
[2008/05/03 10:46] Beathan Vale: OK -- let me clarify
[2008/05/03 10:46] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Jamie, actually, MT is right -- he called for a question before the vote
[2008/05/03 10:46] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Beathan's back to answer :)
[2008/05/03 10:46] MT Lundquist: i would like to have the point i asked clarified
[2008/05/03 10:46] MT Lundquist: then i will vote
[2008/05/03 10:46] You: The vote's deemed withdrawn as premature
[2008/05/03 10:46] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Thank you Mr LRA
[2008/05/03 10:46] Moon Adamant: wb Beathan
[2008/05/03 10:46] MT Lundquist: ty
[2008/05/03 10:47] You: BV, MT had a Q for you
[2008/05/03 10:47] Gwyneth Llewelyn: [10:43] MT Lundquist: is it the ra that approves a build or the chancellor
[2008/05/03 10:48] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Basically a variation of Sonja's question: [10:42] Sonja Strom: Who would actually approve any given private development?
[2008/05/03 10:48] Gwyneth Llewelyn: [10:42] Beathan Vale: Sonja -- the chancellor
[2008/05/03 10:48] Beathan Vale: the RA approves a master plan setting development standards; the Chancellor has the job of inspecting developments to ensure that they comply with those standards and can approve or disapprove only based on those standards and on architectural quality concerns (which are outside the scope of the standards) -- I envision that if the Chancellor approves a build that violates the standards, the SC would be asked to decide the case; a builder can appeal to the SC if the build should have been approved but wasn't -- so it is not all down to the Chancellor -- there is multi-branch invovlement and checks and balances
[2008/05/03 10:49] ThePrincess Parisi: but are we setting standards for EACH.
[2008/05/03 10:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: (and as usual, the RA always validates the Chancellor's decisions ;) )
[2008/05/03 10:49] MT Lundquist: so is each sim first approved in ra
[2008/05/03 10:49] Flyingroc Chung: Shouldnt the guild approve, since it has the expertise?
[2008/05/03 10:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: The guild does *technical* approval through the BAC, FR
[2008/05/03 10:49] Moon Adamant: may i answer that?
[2008/05/03 10:49] You: please do
[2008/05/03 10:49] ThePrincess Parisi: can the guild advise the chancellor
[2008/05/03 10:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: The executive decision is by the Chancellor
[2008/05/03 10:49] Moon Adamant: FR
[2008/05/03 10:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Prin: yes, through the BAC
[2008/05/03 10:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: sorry Moon
[2008/05/03 10:49] Beathan Vale: TP -- no -- the private builder makes those specific design decisions -- but the design must be approved as consistent witht he regional plan
[2008/05/03 10:49] You: Gwyn. may Moon answer, please?
[2008/05/03 10:49] Moon Adamant: The Guild will be split in two bodies
[2008/05/03 10:50] Moon Adamant: Faculty and Board
[2008/05/03 10:50] Sonja Strom: BV, approved by whom?
[2008/05/03 10:50] Moon Adamant: they already exist, but are not very clearly separated at m
[2008/05/03 10:50] Moon Adamant: ok, Board is a contractor
[2008/05/03 10:50] Beathan Vale: aproved by the Chancellor -- the Chancellorreviews and approves both design and build based ont he regional plan
[2008/05/03 10:50] ThePrincess Parisi: ok if we approve then the chancellor, but each build needs to pass RA, chancellor
[2008/05/03 10:50] Beathan Vale: Also -- if the RA wants more detail -- we can have a very detailed regional plan
[2008/05/03 10:51] Moon Adamant: Faculty, through its Departemt Building Approval Commitee, will be a consultive organ to help the Chancellor
[2008/05/03 10:51] Moon Adamant: but JUST consultive
[2008/05/03 10:51] Jamie Palisades notes we will lose quorum soon and are way over alloted time. I believe Prin and Sonja's questions have been answered. We are getting circular. Does anyone have any NEW questions?
[2008/05/03 10:51] You: ....
[2008/05/03 10:51] You: ....
[2008/05/03 10:52] Sonja Strom: If the Chancellor is acting based on a detailed plan approved beforehand by the RA, is there flexibility for the citizens to object to specific decisions?
[2008/05/03 10:52] Sonja Strom: Or to bring in new ideas, talents, participation?
[2008/05/03 10:52] You: BV ONLY PLEASE, let's have the bill sponsor answer Sonja
[2008/05/03 10:52] Sonja Strom: OK
[2008/05/03 10:53] ThePrincess Parisi raises her hand
[2008/05/03 10:53] Moon Adamant raises her hand
[2008/05/03 10:53] You: BV, an answer to Sonja? A short one? Or not?
[2008/05/03 10:54] Beathan Vale: Sonja -- not formally, but that is something that is worth adding -- but I think that it could be brought tot he SC even without more language in the proposal
[2008/05/03 10:54] You: OK.
[2008/05/03 10:54] ThePrincess Parisi: i have an idea
[2008/05/03 10:54] Beathan Vale: I will set this over a week and try to put something in the proposal
[2008/05/03 10:54] Moon Adamant still has her hand in the air
[2008/05/03 10:54] You: I have Prin, then Moon, and I suggest we either vote or postpone after that
[2008/05/03 10:54] Flyingroc Chung: SC is a black hole
[2008/05/03 10:54] Gwyneth Llewelyn: ;)
[2008/05/03 10:54] Sonja Strom: Is there flexibility for the RA to bring in objections or ideas for changes?
[2008/05/03 10:54] ThePrincess Parisi: the citizens all have a voice through the guild, i really think the chancellor should be adivised by the guild on these matters
[2008/05/03 10:54] ThePrincess Parisi: not held to guild
[2008/05/03 10:54] Flyingroc Chung: (no offense to SC member present)
[2008/05/03 10:54] Beathan Vale: FR -- that's why I prefered a special hearing examiner
[2008/05/03 10:54] You: Prin, more? 60 seconds
[2008/05/03 10:54] ThePrincess Parisi: but must at least hear them
[2008/05/03 10:55] ThePrincess Parisi: i mean i think the chancellor should have to listen to guild input before making the decision
[2008/05/03 10:55] ThePrincess Parisi: there the citizens have a voice
[2008/05/03 10:55] ThePrincess Parisi: all of them
[2008/05/03 10:55] ThePrincess Parisi: done
[2008/05/03 10:55] Gwyneth Llewelyn: (it's part of the bill indeed)
[2008/05/03 10:55] Beathan Vale: TP -- that is already in the bill --
[2008/05/03 10:55] ThePrincess Parisi: then that answers sonja's question
[2008/05/03 10:55] Moon Adamant: may i?
[2008/05/03 10:55] Sonja Strom: So the Guild would make a report and give that to the Chancellor to give its opinion?
[2008/05/03 10:56] You: yes please Moon
[2008/05/03 10:56] Gwyneth Llewelyn *nods* and agrees. It does answer Sonja's question. Yes, Sonja, exactly.
[2008/05/03 10:56] Beathan Vale: yes -- a the BAC in the guild
[2008/05/03 10:56] Moon Adamant: Sonja, first of all, Princess is right - all citizens can bring ideas through the Guild
[2008/05/03 10:56] Moon Adamant: and then consider too
[2008/05/03 10:56] You: (and I suggest we postpone, as BV said, after Moon speaks)
[2008/05/03 10:56] Moon Adamant: that atm we have TWO ways to do that
[2008/05/03 10:57] Moon Adamant: BAC, which aids the Chancellor
[2008/05/03 10:57] Beathan Vale: I have reviewed the bill -- and it already provides for citizen appeal rights
[2008/05/03 10:57] Moon Adamant: and Masterplan WG, which is KEEN to have citizen's input - thus the curveys, etc
[2008/05/03 10:57] Moon Adamant: surveys*
[2008/05/03 10:57] MT Lundquist: i'm afraid i have to go now
[2008/05/03 10:57] MT Lundquist: to a wedding
[2008/05/03 10:57] Moon Adamant: so, any citizen can join the masterplan WG
[2008/05/03 10:57] Beathan Vale: I am skeptical that we want the SC to hear appeals -- rather than create a special hearing examiner position - but I am wiling to try this with our current institutions
[2008/05/03 10:57] MT Lundquist: bye all
[2008/05/03 10:57] Moon Adamant: done
[2008/05/03 10:57] Beathan Vale: bye
[2008/05/03 10:57] Gwyneth Llewelyn: bye
[2008/05/03 10:57] Moon Adamant: bye MT!
[2008/05/03 10:58] You: thx :)
[2008/05/03 10:58] Gwyneth Llewelyn: May I suggest that if all questions were clarified we move to vote it?
[2008/05/03 10:58] You: A few procedural notes. To FR on the possible presence of SC members here today - I will seek clarification on whether the overlap will continue. That's a metter of interest to me, and relevant to our 'conflict of interest' bills pending. To Gwyn on the "premature vote" - actually MT asked his question after we began voting, in my record - but I agree with you that stopping the vote worked out fine, as a practical matter.
[2008/05/03 10:58] ThePrincess Parisi: second GL
[2008/05/03 10:58] ThePrincess Parisi: we have to go in two mins
[2008/05/03 10:58] Gwyneth Llewelyn looks around for SC members and doesn't find any.
[2008/05/03 10:58] Beathan Vale: I do want to make one change -- changing "the citizen" to "a citizen"
[2008/05/03 10:59] ThePrincess Parisi: k BV
[2008/05/03 10:59] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Taken as friendly, Beathan (I thought taht was a typo)
[2008/05/03 10:59] You: Gwyn, is that consistent with it being our first action item next week? Or are you saying, vote now?
[2008/05/03 10:59] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Vote now, yes.
[2008/05/03 10:59] ThePrincess Parisi: now
[2008/05/03 10:59] You: ah
[2008/05/03 10:59] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Why postpone, if there are no further questions?
[2008/05/03 10:59] Gwyneth Llewelyn *shrugs*
[2008/05/03 10:59] Beathan Vale: ok
[2008/05/03 10:59] You: members - he says s l o w l y - are you ready to vote?
[2008/05/03 10:59] ThePrincess Parisi: i hate to vote and run, but yes
[2008/05/03 10:59] Sonja Strom: sure
[2008/05/03 10:59] Gwyneth Llewelyn: yes, I'm more ready to vote than ever in my live ;)
[2008/05/03 10:59] Beathan Vale: yes -- with change from "the citizen" to "a citizen"
[2008/05/03 10:59] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Nay, *eager*!
[2008/05/03 11:00] You: (grin) Members please state your note. I vote aye.
[2008/05/03 11:00] Beathan Vale: aye
[2008/05/03 11:00] Sonja Strom: nay
[2008/05/03 11:00] ThePrincess Parisi: aye
[2008/05/03 11:00] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I vote aye
[2008/05/03 11:00] Flyingroc Chung: nay
[2008/05/03 11:00] You: 4-2-0
[2008/05/03 11:00] ThePrincess Parisi: mt is afk, he will vote aye
[2008/05/03 11:00] Moon Adamant: passed?
[2008/05/03 11:00] Beathan Vale: yes passed
[2008/05/03 11:00] You: I declare it passed.
[2008/05/03 11:01] ThePrincess Parisi: whoooooooooooooottttttttt
[2008/05/03 11:01] Gwyneth Llewelyn *nods*
[2008/05/03 11:01] You: Shall we adjourn for today?
[2008/05/03 11:01] Beathan Vale: yes -- election meeting to follow after I eat
[2008/05/03 11:01] You: :) where, BV? Here in Rathaus?
[2008/05/03 11:01] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'm fine with either adjourning or continuing for another half hour
[2008/05/03 11:01] Beathan Vale: yes -- here
[2008/05/03 11:01] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Sadly I'm afraid I have to go at half past
[2008/05/03 11:02] You: Very well then - if no objections, we are adjourned, and thank you all
[2008/05/03 11:02] Gwyneth Llewelyn: yay!
[2008/05/03 11:02] Moon Adamant: thank you all
[2008/05/03 11:02] Beathan Vale: election committee to meet in twenty minutes
[2008/05/03 11:02] You: and I hope we haven't soured you on democracy permanently, Arthulius :D
[2008/05/03 11:02] Sonja Strom: Thank you. Bye bye.
[2008/05/03 11:02] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe
[2008/05/03 11:03] Beathan Vale: Democracy is the worst form of government in the world -- except for all the others
[2008/05/03 11:03] Gwyneth Llewelyn: both Arthulius & DivineLolita stood around until the end, stoicly so :) Thanks for coming!
[2008/05/03 11:03] Moon Adamant: yes, thank you :)
[2008/05/03 11:03] You: BV, can you make sure to hook up with MT, Prin and Gwyn, whose ability to attend today is an issue?
[2008/05/03 11:03] Gwyneth Llewelyn: oh btw FR — just for the record — I resigned from the SC *permanently* when running as a candidate
[2008/05/03 11:04] Flyingroc Chung: permanently?
[2008/05/03 11:04] Gwyneth Llewelyn: yes of course
[2008/05/03 11:04] Sonja Strom: really, *permanently*?
[2008/05/03 11:04] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes, lol
[2008/05/03 11:04] Sonja Strom: ok :-)
[2008/05/03 11:04] Flyingroc Chung: just like I said I would never run for RA again :-)
[2008/05/03 11:05] Sonja Strom: That will make Robert happy, I believe.
[2008/05/03 11:05] Gwyneth Llewelyn: This basically means that the SC, if tehy ever wish me back again (I suspect not!) they would have to invite me as a new candidate
[2008/05/03 11:05] You: But what is permanence? :D entropy's overrated. Nothing *ever* ends. Cheers all
[2008/05/03 11:05] Gwyneth Llewelyn: but I'm not accepting any offers until this term is over
[2008/05/03 11:05] Sonja Strom: Oh, I was thinking you meant *permanently*
[2008/05/03 11:05] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Resignation is permanent, Sonja :)
[2008/05/03 11:06] Sonja Strom: For me resignation is from a particular appointment.
[2008/05/03 11:06] Sonja Strom: Usually one can be appointed again later if circustances permit it.
[2008/05/03 11:06] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ah sure
[2008/05/03 11:06] Gwyneth Llewelyn: The future is not in my hands, lol
[2008/05/03 11:06] Sonja Strom: right, understand.
[2008/05/03 11:06] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I can only resign — not predict what happens — who knows, there might not be an SC in a year :D
[2008/05/03 11:07] Flyingroc Chung: alright I need to shower
[2008/05/03 11:07] Sonja Strom: or an SL lol
[2008/05/03 11:07] Gwyneth Llewelyn: exactly, Sonja hehe
[2008/05/03 11:07] Flyingroc Chung: be back for beathans thing in a few

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== as chancellor of the oldest self-governing sims in SL.
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