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I need a hobby
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Board Guild Meeting 1st June 2008 - Agenda

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Hello all,

Once again, sorry for delay in agenda publication.

This is what we will discuss today. As you can see, we have a large agenda with many important points, so do please try to be in time.

1. Information Point: Colonia West Map and Table approved by RA

2. Voting of New Guild Charter

3. General regulations draft for new sim buildings.

4. Textures and texture content theft.

5. Altenstadt redeployment - information point

6. Bierhaus Replacement - information point

7. Project management software - information point

Reports from WGs:

8. Guild Fundraising Auction WG

9. Roman Textures WG.

10. 4th sim WG - COVENANTS

11. Building Approval Committee WG.

12. CDS Information Centre WG.

13. Masterplan WG.

14.Governmental Spaces Re-organization WG.

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