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Board Guild Meeting 1st June 2008 - Transcript

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[9:22] You: i propose that as we have a voting quorum
[9:23] You: and a large agenda today
[9:23] You: we start
[9:23] Symo Kurka: kk
[9:23] You: i will request an assistant, since we will vot ethe NG Charter 2008 today
[9:23] Rose Springvale: i am happy to
[9:23] You: thanks Rose :)
[9:23] You: ok, everyone
[9:23] Rose Springvale: yw
[9:24] You: don''t forget that this meeting is record
[9:24] You: and the purple box at y feet iopen sthe agenda URL
[9:24] You: hello Sorcs
[9:25] You: welcome to the Board Meeting
[9:25] Jon Seattle: Hi Rose :)
[9:25] You: which is an ad-hocracy
[9:25] Sorcs Nolan: howdy, and thanks :)
[9:25] You: meaning that you as citizen are entitled to vote
[9:25] Jon Seattle: lagging badly today
[9:25] Jon Seattle: Hi Princess
[9:26] You: ok, point one
[9:26] You: 1. Information Point: Colonia West Map and Table approved by RA
[9:26] ThePrincess Parisi: Hi JOn , nice to see you
[9:26] You: yesterday, the RA voted unanymously the plan map and plan table
[9:26] You: while failing to approve the financial rates
[9:27] You: i think ... maybe we can prepare more complete info, Sudane?
[9:27] Sudane Erato: were financial rates proposed?
[9:27] You: by you, yes
[9:27] Sudane Erato: sure
[9:27] Sudane Erato: do... i didn't ptopose rates
[9:27] ThePrincess Parisi: lol
[9:27] Sudane Erato: I only provided guidelines
[9:27] You: ok, the perhaps that was part of the problem
[9:27] Sudane Erato: in fact, a very wide range
[9:27] ThePrincess Parisi: yes it wasnt clear to us sudane so we asked to wait
[9:28] ThePrincess Parisi: hi bells
[9:28] You: hello Bells
[9:28] Bells Semyorka: Hello Everyone
[9:28] ThePrincess Parisi: the market dropped again today
[9:28] Jon Seattle: Hi Bells
[9:28] ThePrincess Parisi: its moving to the mid 3's now
[9:29] You: Bells, please recall this meeting is transcripted
[9:29] You: and you can see the agenda by clicking the box at my feet
[9:29] Bells Semyorka: Thank you Moon
[9:30] You: there was also some confusion about tier rates and plot prices
[9:30] You: so i think that if we can explain those issues better
[9:31] Sudane Erato: sorry... i didn't know i was supposed to propose those... I only provided an analysis
[9:31] You: well, technically the RA defines the rates, plots prices, etc
[9:31] You: but they couldn't
[9:31] Sudane Erato: right
[9:31] You: so what i am looking forward is a way to help them do that
[9:31] ThePrincess Parisi: it was at the end of a very long meeting and we didnt have the info we needed but thank u
[9:32] Sudane Erato: well, we the Guild should decide how we want to prepare a proposal...
[9:32] ThePrincess Parisi: wb bells
[9:32] Sudane Erato: i think the info needed is there... as to ranges
[9:33] You: let's see
[9:33] ThePrincess Parisi: part of the range isnt finacially viable though , is that correct sudane?
[9:33] Sudane Erato: but... the specifics have a lot more to do with matters thasn just financials
[9:33] Sudane Erato: yes... it seemed that all the double prim options were viable
[9:33] You: the RA is responsible for teh political decision on how fast to pay for the investment
[9:33] You: and on the margin over the sim, that allows for future expansions
[9:34] ThePrincess Parisi: i think we should ask that it be first on the agenda next time
[9:34] You: Princess, do feel free to ask that
[9:34] ThePrincess Parisi: yes ill be glad to ask jamie
[9:34] Sudane Erato: i think the sale price is almost a non issue... we will recoup the purchase price very quickly
[9:34] You: we are available to give the data we have
[9:34] ThePrincess Parisi: what do you mean sudane
[9:34] Sudane Erato: its the tier thats the significant issue
[9:34] Sudane Erato: of policy
[9:35] Cindy Ecksol: this is what I was trying to explain to FR yesterday
[9:35] Cindy Ecksol: cash flow is much more important than "cash in the bank"
[9:35] You: oh hi Cindy :)
[9:35] Sudane Erato: :)
[9:35] Symo Kurka: hello Cin
[9:35] Cindy Ecksol: hi all...didn't want to interrupt wiht "hi"
[9:35] You: agenda at my feet, don't forget the meeting is transcripted :)
[9:35] Cindy Ecksol: thx
[9:36] Jon Seattle: Hi Cindy
[9:36] Sudane Erato: well... if you wish, I'll propose 2 or 3 options... and present them next week
[9:36] You: Sudane, than that must be part of the doc too
[9:36] You: thanks :)
[9:36] Sudane Erato: but, like i said... the sale price is not an issue
[9:36] ThePrincess Parisi: i hate to interrupt but can you explain why sudane
[9:37] Sudane Erato: the price of the sim to us now is the same as when we bought Neualtenburg
[9:37] Sudane Erato: and the sale of parcels can be very cheap
[9:37] Sudane Erato: and we still will recoup the purchase price
[9:37] You: guys
[9:37] You: i propose the following
[9:38] ThePrincess Parisi: and you can tell us the BE when you do the proposal then
[9:38] You: Sudane,please write down a new report
[9:38] Sudane Erato: kk
[9:38] ThePrincess Parisi: with a BE
[9:38] ThePrincess Parisi: break even point
[9:38] Sudane Erato: BE ?
[9:38] Sudane Erato: oh... sure
[9:38] Rose Springvale: sudane?
[9:38] You: ok
[9:38] ThePrincess Parisi: how low can land prices bee to recoup the price
[9:38] Symo Kurka: breakeven??
[9:38] Sudane Erato: US$1000 is the break even point
[9:39] Rose Springvale: what is our percentage of slow pay/no pay on any given month for tier?
[9:39] Sudane Erato: thats what the sim costs
[9:39] ThePrincess Parisi: yes.. the point where we recoup the purchase price..
[9:39] You: guys, i am sorry
[9:39] ThePrincess Parisi: i know but what is the cost per sq m that equals the 1000 dollars
[9:39] Sudane Erato: let me give an example...
[9:39] You: we have TONS of things to discuss
[9:39] ThePrincess Parisi: ok ill shhush
[9:39] Sudane Erato: CN and AM cost us US$1675 each
[9:39] You: if you want to discuss that with Sudane
[9:40] Sudane Erato: and we recouped the cost almost immediately
[9:40] You: i propose that you join a Financail WG headed by Sudane
[9:40] Sudane Erato: this sim will cost 1000
[9:40] Cindy Ecksol grins at the thought of another workgroup
[9:40] Sudane Erato: so it will happen every quickly
[9:40] ThePrincess Parisi: prices of land have plumetted since Alpine Meadow thats the only concern
[9:40] Sudane Erato: we can drop it... i'll include those in the proposal
[9:40] You: Guys, please
[9:40] Cindy Ecksol: Price of land has gone down because the price of sim setup has decreased
[9:41] ThePrincess Parisi: but so has the sim prices
[9:41] You: I'll call a motion
[9:41] You: all agreeing on creating a CN-WEst Ficancial Study WG headed by Sudane, say Aye
[9:41] ThePrincess Parisi: aye
[9:42] Symo Kurka: aye
[9:42] Sudane Erato: :)... well... if anyone wants a study group with me... it will be by email
[9:42] Jon Seattle: aye
[9:42] Cindy Ecksol: nay
[9:42] Rose Springvale: aye, and sudane, i'll help you
[9:43] You: who is missing to vote?
[9:43] ThePrincess Parisi: who gets to vote
[9:43] Rose Springvale: all citizens
[9:43] You: every CDS citizen here present
[9:43] Symo Kurka: Jon, Bells; Rain..
[9:43] Bells Semyorka: aye
[9:44] Rose Springvale: jon voted
[9:44] Sorcs Nolan: aye
[9:44] Rose Springvale: rain?
[9:44] Rose Springvale: pepita, i'm sorry, are you a citizen? if so please vote :)
[9:45] ThePrincess Parisi: rain abstains
[9:45] Rain Ninetails: abstain
[9:45] ThePrincess Parisi: lol
[9:45] Rain Ninetails: :)
[9:45] ThePrincess Parisi: it ryhmes
[9:45] You: if all have voted, then i vote Aye
[9:45] Symo Kurka: and Pepita seems to be an observer
[9:45] You: Sudane, please organize the WG as you see better
[9:46] You: we have a timeline on this WG, which is next saturday
[9:46] ThePrincess Parisi: ouch
[9:46] You: i have a second part to this information point
[9:46] Sudane Erato: kk... I will circulate a proposal to it for comments
[9:46] You: at the RA yesterday, motions were suggested for the immediate acquisition of the sim
[9:47] You: these failed to be voted due to lack of quorum
[9:47] Rose Springvale: sigh
[9:47] You: but it's possible that they be raised agin next week
[9:47] ThePrincess Parisi: it was two and a half hours almost ... sorry
[9:47] You: it will be important for other points below in the agenda
[9:47] You: but for now, let's pass to point 2
[9:47] You: 2. Voting of New Guild Charter
[9:48] You: i'll introduce the point
[9:48] You: as you all know, the NG has considerably expanded activitis since its inception
[9:48] You: also, there is atm an Act that previews the private developemnt of sims
[9:49] You: which makes the Guild need to have two separate functions:
[9:49] You: quality assurance and consulting on one side (plus educative part)
[9:49] You: contractor on the other
[9:50] You: this charter tries to separate the two functions so that there are no conflicts of interest
[9:50] You: and also tries to organize our work better, so that we work better and quicker
[9:50] You: any comments?
[9:50] Sudane Erato: i think its great... and we should all vote yes!
[9:51] Rose Springvale: ready for a motion?
[9:51] Symo Kurka: ye itìs been matter of discussion for long
[9:51] You: charter can be read in:
[9:51] You:
[9:51] Rose Springvale: i move we accept the revised charter as presented
[9:51] Sudane Erato: second
[9:52] You: i'll give you 2-3 minutes to consider your vote
[9:52] You: oh, ok
[9:52] You: then
[9:52] Rose Springvale: votes aye, we've had lots of time to consider :)
[9:52] You: All agreeing on accepting the NG Charter 2008 as written on link above mentioned, say Aye
[9:52] Sudane Erato: aye
[9:52] ThePrincess Parisi: aye
[9:52] Sorcs Nolan: Aye
[9:52] Symo Kurka: aye
[9:52] Bells Semyorka: aye
[9:53] Cindy Ecksol: AYE
[9:53] Rain Ninetails: abstain
[9:53] Rose Springvale: jon, then moon
[9:53] Jon Seattle: aye
[9:53] You: and Aye as well
[9:53] Rose Springvale: hurray!
[9:53] You: yay!
[9:54] Rose Springvale: good work btw!
[9:54] Jon Seattle: indeed Moon, everyone!
[9:54] You: mind niow that this charter will be now voted again at the RA, since the NG is a public-chartered NGO
[9:54] You: so i will call the LRA and ask him to include it in next RA agenda
[9:54] You: thank you everyone
[9:54] Rose Springvale: our unanimous approval should be noted too!
[9:55] You: ok, point 3
[9:55] You: 3. General regulations draft for new sim buildings.
[9:55] You: this is one of the points that will need some speed if the buing o the new sim is done very soon
[9:56] Symo Kurka: hmm
[9:56] You: so i propose we stablish a timeline for this Symo, what do you say?
[9:56] Symo Kurka: we already got a very rough draft
[9:56] Symo Kurka: and i believe
[9:56] You: yes, but i think it needs a visual aid
[9:56] Symo Kurka: that instead of writing
[9:56] You: hello MT
[9:56] Symo Kurka: yes that's it
[9:56] Symo Kurka: i'm starting to work on video capture
[9:56] You: agenda at my feet, don't forget meeting is being transcripted
[9:57] MT Lundquist: hi all
[9:57] Symo Kurka: i think the main priinciples can be easily illustrated on youtube
[9:57] Symo Kurka: with our own videos
[9:57] Symo Kurka: that would be the best
[9:57] Symo Kurka: though it takes a little tima
[9:57] Symo Kurka: *time
[9:58] Symo Kurka: maybe a frortnight
[9:58] Symo Kurka: *fortnight
[9:58] You: Symo, i am afraid it'll be a load on you then
[9:58] Symo Kurka: it's not a load
[9:58] You: ok, that's a reasoanable deadline
[9:58] Rose Springvale: symo, do you need help with the video?
[9:58] You: it's just that i am a disgrace at video
[9:58] Symo Kurka: if i do not get other loads lol
[9:59] Rose Springvale: i have an excellent videographer friend who's joining CDS next week
[9:59] Symo Kurka: Rose yes if you wish
[9:59] Rose Springvale: oh, not me lol
[9:59] Rose Springvale: i'm clueless
[9:59] Symo Kurka: ok
[9:59] Rose Springvale: i'll talk to you after
[9:59] Symo Kurka: if hes's available for volunteer job
[9:59] You: aaah... future victims now :)
[9:59] Symo Kurka: it's ok for me ofcourse
[9:59] Rose Springvale: smile
[9:59] You: but it would be great Rose
[10:00] Rose Springvale: sometimes easier just to do it, so if that's the case, just say so. :)
[10:00] Symo Kurka: nope
[10:00] Symo Kurka: i prefer to involve new ppl
[10:00] Rose Springvale: okay, i'll ask him
[10:00] Symo Kurka: i'll prepare the stage
[10:00] Symo Kurka: and he'll do the movie job
[10:01] Symo Kurka: ok?
[10:01] Symo Kurka: and afterwards we need to discuss how to give a large publicity
[10:01] Symo Kurka: i have a complaint on this
[10:01] Symo Kurka: matter
[10:02] Rose Springvale: ok
[10:02] Symo Kurka: we need MORE publicity on public interest matters
[10:02] Symo Kurka: m not accusing anybody
[10:02] You: well, the infocentre will help on that for sure
[10:02] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:02] Rose Springvale: our group notices are rarely used
[10:02] Symo Kurka: but if we want quality principles to be accepted and understood
[10:03] Symo Kurka: we NEED to publicize them in a huge way
[10:03] Symo Kurka: otherwise it's a lot of time wasting
[10:03] You: Symo
[10:03] Symo Kurka: ok
[10:03] You: what we will do ius
[10:03] You: an exhibit in the middle of the void sim
[10:03] You: with the principles
[10:03] Sudane Erato: the void sim?
[10:03] Rose Springvale: we have a void sim?
[10:04] Symo Kurka: no she means CN2
[10:04] You: and we can have a standing 'Build with Quality' at the Infocentre
[10:04] Symo Kurka: before they start building
[10:04] Rose Springvale: ahh, the NEW sim
[10:04] You: sorry, i meant empty
[10:04] Cindy Ecksol likes that motto :-)
[10:04] You: yes, empty new sim
[10:04] Rose Springvale: i have some ideas on publicity too
[10:04] Symo Kurka: AND
[10:04] Symo Kurka: i suggest a temporary sandbox
[10:05] Symo Kurka: to let them try
[10:05] Symo Kurka: yes Rose?
[10:05] Rose Springvale: well, general ideas... and one of them is giving notice powers to groups like this
[10:05] You: well, Symo, don't forget something
[10:05] Rose Springvale: actually, to all citizens
[10:05] You: one is thhat we have classrooms here
[10:06] You: and another, that the owners will have to build above sim level and then bring the houses down
[10:06] You: *lower them
[10:06] You: sorry
[10:07] Symo Kurka: but can we avoid them building directly on ground??
[10:07] You: surely
[10:07] Symo Kurka: and how?
[10:07] Rose Springvale: of course! that's what the sky is for!
[10:07] You: what you do is
[10:07] Rose Springvale: we can actually provide building platforms!
[10:07] Rose Springvale: with a ng logo!
[10:07] You: you make a megaprim the size of the sim
[10:07] You: which features the sim plan
[10:07] You: so people know where their plots are
[10:07] Rose Springvale: ohh, even better :)
[10:08] You: they build on it, lower them down
[10:08] Symo Kurka: don't megaprims produce lag??
[10:08] You: only one, no
[10:08] Cindy Ecksol: no, symo that is a myth
[10:08] Symo Kurka: hmm
[10:08] Symo Kurka: not sure .. anywy
[10:08] Bells Semyorka: I thought mega prims were not allowed according to LL
[10:08] You: what they have is some weird physics sometimes
[10:09] Cindy Ecksol: did some reading up on it a while back....they are allowed on private sims
[10:09] You: no, they are allowed in private islands
[10:09] Bells Semyorka: :) thanks Cindy
[10:09] Cindy Ecksol: ah....sorry, misspoke
[10:09] Cindy Ecksol: moon i scorrect
[10:09] Symo Kurka: ok
[10:09] You: ok
[10:09] Symo Kurka: it will be funny seeing newbies in the sky lol
[10:09] Rose Springvale: smile
[10:10] You: lol, yes
[10:10] Rose Springvale: who says they will all be newbies?
[10:10] Cindy Ecksol: that's a good idea about building on a megaprim....
[10:10] You: but you should see ou BT iisland
[10:10] Jon Seattle: There can be isues computing bounding boxes I suppose but it should not be important here
[10:10] Symo Kurka: newbies and oldies would even be better
[10:10] You: which already has 2 sandboxes of megaprims
[10:10] Rose Springvale: i see a field trip in the future!
[10:11] Cindy Ecksol: yay, field trip!
[10:11] Symo Kurka: with a dance floor in the middle of the megaprim
[10:11] You: ok
[10:11] You: ar we through with this then?
[10:11] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:11] Symo Kurka: :)
[10:11] Symo Kurka: aye
[10:11] You: ok
[10:11] Symo Kurka: but beware of publicity too
[10:11] You: 4. Textures and texture content theft.
[10:12] You: i think there's not much to report on this yet
[10:12] You: right?
[10:12] You: can i table it?
[10:12] Rose Springvale: i think we can pull it from the agenda for now lol
[10:12] Symo Kurka: Rose?
[10:12] Rose Springvale: yes?
[10:12] Symo Kurka: kk
[10:12] You: no, let it be... it helps me filling the dashboard
[10:13] Rose Springvale: okay :)
[10:13] You: tabled?
[10:13] Rose Springvale: yes
[10:13] You: i'll take silence as general assent :)
[10:13] Jon Seattle: yes :)
[10:13] You: ok
[10:13] Symo Kurka: aye
[10:13] You: the next two points are connected
[10:14] You: 5. Altenstadt redeployment - information point
[10:14] Symo Kurka: sorry i leave... RL daughter claiming her dad
[10:14] You: atm, we are not sure if we won't exhaust the NFS prim pool by re-deploying altenstadt
[10:14] You: ah :) have fun Symo, and thanks :)
[10:14] Sudane Erato: i think we will not
[10:14] You: while we solve the issue
[10:15] You: i have hmmm antecipated the bierhaus replacement
[10:15] You: which i have been building on my spare time
[10:15] Sudane Erato: spare time??
[10:15] You: and which will free, i think 300 more prims
[10:16] You: well, soetimes teh clients are not sending you mails or phoning you
[10:16] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:16] Cindy Ecksol: speaking of spare prims....has anyone else noticed that there is a soccer field under the marktplatz?
[10:16] You: i tried to make it look as possible as the older one
[10:16] Rose Springvale: tha'ts when normal people eat and sleep...
[10:16] Rose Springvale: cindy!
[10:16] Rose Springvale: you odn't know about our soccer!
[10:16] Rose Springvale: after the meeting :)
[10:16] Cindy Ecksol: yes...I do :-)
[10:16] Cindy Ecksol: ok...
[10:16] You: i thought that soccer field is sacred :)
[10:17] Rose Springvale: yes :)
[10:17] Jon Seattle: :D
[10:17] Sudane Erato: nothing is sacred
[10:17] Cindy Ecksol: ah....never mind! just thought it might be a source of prims :-)
[10:17] Rose Springvale: it's pretty low prim i think, brian built it
[10:17] Jon Seattle: we could have an auto-rezzer for the soccer field :)
[10:17] Cindy Ecksol: lol!
[10:17] Rose Springvale: :;shudders:::
[10:17] You: well, the bierhaus had several issues besides prim excess
[10:17] Rose Springvale: rezzer is my nemesis word this week1
[10:18] Cindy Ecksol pats rose on the shoulder
[10:18] You: it was created by people who are not available anymore, groups and perms all wrong
[10:18] You: the new version will be set to Land Vervalthingy group, all nice
[10:18] Rose Springvale: yay!
[10:19] You: a few days more and we can replace it
[10:19] Rose Springvale: maybe someday we can get down to ONE cds buidl group!
[10:19] Cindy Ecksol: wow, what a concept!
[10:19] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:19] You: (i have to photo my glasses inside a closet)
[10:19] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:19] Rose Springvale: that is a bit out of context lol
[10:19] You: you can't believe how hard it is to get a public domain pphoto of glasses on shelves of bottles on shelves
[10:20] You: anyway
[10:20] You: next point
[10:20] You: 7. Project management software - information point
[10:20] You: yesterday
[10:20] You: i set all these projects on the dashboard
[10:20] You: with time, i'll add tasks, timelines, etc
[10:20] You: i will need your help in:
[10:21] You: deleting tests you made
[10:21] You: and warning me about active citizens who should have access because they're in a wg and haven't access
[10:21] You: ok?
[10:21] Sudane Erato: sure
[10:21] Rose Springvale: thanks moon, it looks like it will be very helpful when we get used to it
[10:22] You: yes
[10:22] You: not as good as basecamp
[10:22] Sudane Erato: how do we get to it?
[10:22] You: but good enough :)
[10:22] Lincoln Beck: hello everyone
[10:22] You: one sec
[10:22] You: hello Lincoln
[10:22] Lincoln Beck: sorry im late..
[10:22] Rose Springvale: hey lincoln!
[10:22] Sudane Erato: hi :)
[10:22] Rose Springvale: welcome!
[10:22] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:22] You: agenda on the box at my feet, please recall this meeting is transcripted
[10:23] Jon Seattle: Hi Lincon
[10:23] You: ... _project=3
[10:24] You: you have acess to your profile, in which you see you projects, can change your pic, etc
[10:24] You: i published in the forums teh rules i am using to manage it... with time we'll perfect them
[10:25] Sudane Erato: how do you get in the first time?
[10:25] You: you must have got a mail
[10:25] Rose Springvale: check your email for a note from moon
[10:25] You: with your login and your password
[10:25] Sudane Erato: oh
[10:26] You: ok
[10:26] You: next point?
[10:27] Rose Springvale: lol me!
[10:27] You: we're now into reports
[10:27] You: yup
[10:27] You: 8. Guild Fundraising Auction WG
[10:27] You: Rose, please
[10:27] Rose Springvale: sorry was switching back and forth
[10:27] Rose Springvale: let me pull my notecard.. a few questions
[10:27] Rose Springvale: okay, as i hope everyone knows by now
[10:28] Rose Springvale: the auction is NEXT sunday, june 8, 2-5 pm
[10:28] Rose Springvale: it will be held in AM... the GMP is on display in the monastery
[10:28] Rose Springvale: there will be music and dancing i believe in the new greek theater
[10:28] You: in the crypt, mind
[10:28] Cindy Ecksol: yay!
[10:28] Rose Springvale: and i'm thinking we'll set up the auction items along the road between
[10:29] Rose Springvale: if that works
[10:29] Sudane Erato: neat :)
[10:29] Cindy Ecksol: as long as the weather is good....
[10:29] You: lol
[10:29] Rose Springvale: yes, moon i went yesterday and got a landmark.. i think we'll put teleporters around to get people to see
[10:29] Cindy Ecksol: hey, it's been raining for weeks in the platz....
[10:29] Rose Springvale: yes!
[10:29] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:29] Rose Springvale: or maybe sell umbrellas... with the guild logo...
[10:29] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:29] Rose Springvale: anyway
[10:30] Rose Springvale: i'm not thinking this will be a formal ball... but more a garden party theme..
[10:30] Sudane Erato: :)... nice
[10:30] Rose Springvale: Gabrielle riel has agreed to dj and auction for me
[10:30] Rose Springvale: so i'll need to get her our music preferences and announcements if we want any early next week
[10:30] Rose Springvale: so .. using you all..
[10:31] Rose Springvale: preferences on music? i'm thinking classic rock... "rolling on the river"' "garden party" etc?
[10:31] Rose Springvale: any thoughts or preferneces?
[10:31] Sudane Erato: i like big band for parties like this :)
[10:31] Rose Springvale: ahh, that would be fun too!
[10:31] You: ok Sudane,m check your mail now
[10:31] Sudane Erato: thx :)
[10:32] Rose Springvale: no one else has any preferences?
[10:32] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:32] You: oh, i am eclectic
[10:32] Rose Springvale: well, let me know, i'll not do that until tuesday or wednesday i think
[10:32] Cindy Ecksol: no, sounds good to me...any good music is good music :-)
[10:32] Rose Springvale: okay.. second question
[10:32] Rose Springvale: while fluttering my eyelashes for donations....
[10:33] You: lol
[10:33] Rose Springvale: a question came up.. as to whether someone could sponsor the auction
[10:33] Rose Springvale: specifically
[10:33] Rose Springvale: i asked Ashcroft .. who gave us hatstands last year
[10:33] Rose Springvale: and he asked if he could have Metaverse republic announcements and signs if he gave a bunch of furniture
[10:33] You: highly disputed, that hatstand
[10:34] Rose Springvale: smile
[10:34] Rose Springvale: donation is a donation...
[10:34] You: what do you guys think?
[10:34] Sudane Erato: i don't really understand the question
[10:34] You: i was serious rose!
[10:34] Rose Springvale: okay
[10:35] Rose Springvale: he wants to know if he can have ads for MR i think
[10:35] Rose Springvale: and what do you mean Moon?
[10:35] You: but will give us items for auction
[10:35] Sudane Erato: that we would place ads in his newspaper?
[10:35] Rose Springvale: yes
[10:35] You: i mean that a lot of people wanted that hatstand
[10:35] Rose Springvale: no no
[10:35] Rose Springvale: oh yes!
[10:35] Rose Springvale: Sudane
[10:35] Sudane Erato: ?? :)
[10:35] Rose Springvale: the dj will be live
[10:35] Rose Springvale: so she'll be able to announce ads
[10:36] You: no, we place Metaverse ads in the auction paths
[10:36] You: or whatever
[10:36] Rose Springvale: and we can have signs near the items wiht probably a MR notecard
[10:36] Cindy Ecksol: no way!!!
[10:36] Sudane Erato: so whats the net benefit for us?
[10:36] Rose Springvale: donations.
[10:36] You: he gives us items for auction
[10:36] Sudane Erato: yes, but he gets the ads, so its a wash for us
[10:36] Cindy Ecksol: and we get the "litter" of the ads.
[10:36] Rose Springvale: well, the ads don't cost us more...
[10:36] Sudane Erato: gives some, takes some
[10:37] Rose Springvale: yes
[10:37] Rose Springvale: now
[10:37] Rose Springvale: "mind"
[10:37] Rose Springvale: if we allow this
[10:37] You: i don't have a clear opinion on this
[10:37] Rose Springvale: in my opinion
[10:37] Rose Springvale: we need to make the option available to anyone
[10:37] Cindy Ecksol: exactly!!!
[10:37] Rose Springvale: in the past
[10:37] Sudane Erato: hmm...
[10:37] Rose Springvale: for events i've done here
[10:37] You: yes, that's correct
[10:37] Rose Springvale: and allowed this
[10:37] Cindy Ecksol: could be a MONSTER!!!
[10:37] Rose Springvale: no one has wanted to
[10:38] Rose Springvale: i've never had anyone give me an ad
[10:38] Rose Springvale: rarely even a music request
[10:38] Cindy Ecksol envisions sims sprinkled with toga ads....
[10:38] Sudane Erato: so... we organize an event for the purpose of supporting the Guild
[10:38] Rose Springvale: sometimes a political announcement
[10:38] You: lol
[10:38] Sudane Erato: and others come in a us it... to support their agendas
[10:38] Rose Springvale: okay, so i'm hearing a no? :)
[10:38] Rose Springvale: i'll get the hatstands anyway :)
[10:38] You: should we pass a motion?
[10:38] Sudane Erato: doesn't seem a clear net positive for us
[10:38] Rose Springvale: nah
[10:39] Rose Springvale: just a committee advisement
[10:39] Cindy Ecksol: mmmm...treat it as an informal recommendation
[10:39] Rose Springvale: i'll say no :)
[10:39] Sudane Erato: thats seems safe
[10:39] You: it's just that with a motion, it's CLEAR
[10:39] Sudane Erato: but... on the other hand, if someone wants to sponsor with the intent of supporting the Guild..
[10:39] Sudane Erato: then Great!
[10:40] Cindy Ecksol: lol!
[10:40] Rose Springvale: hmm
[10:40] You: so... motion?
[10:40] Cindy Ecksol envisions the sim full of "Congratualtions to the Guild on completion of the GMP from your friends at Metaverse Republic" posters
[10:40] Sudane Erato: yes.. that donations should go only for the support of the Guild
[10:40] Rose Springvale: Move that we deny sponsorships that do not directly support the new guild
[10:41] You: All agreeing in alowing external sponsoring of Guild auction events in exchnage of donations with adds, say Aye
[10:41] Cindy Ecksol: that the motion?
[10:41] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:41] Sudane Erato: Moon, is that a negative?
[10:41] Cindy Ecksol: ah....that is different
[10:41] Rose Springvale: we did inverse motions
[10:41] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:42] Cindy Ecksol: which motion do we want?
[10:42] Rose Springvale: use mine Moon
[10:42] You: ok, i'll withdraw mine
[10:42] Sudane Erato: hehe... they all intent the same result
[10:42] Cindy Ecksol: lol!
[10:42] You: so
[10:42] Cindy Ecksol: moon's is clearere, more targetd...
[10:42] You: i second Rose's motion
[10:42] You: but maybe...
[10:42] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:43] Sudane Erato: [10:40] Rose Springvale: Move that we deny sponsorships that do not directly support the new guild
[10:43] Jon Seattle: :)
[10:43] Cindy Ecksol: not sure what that means, rose....
[10:43] You: All agreeing in allowing sponsorships that directly support the NG auctions, say Aye
[10:43] You: do you accept his friendly?
[10:43] Rose Springvale: hmm, yes,
[10:43] Rose Springvale: but
[10:43] Rose Springvale: okay, lets vote
[10:43] Sudane Erato: aye
[10:43] Jon Seattle: aye
[10:44] Cindy Ecksol: abstain -- I do not really understand what we are recommending
[10:44] Rose Springvale: me either.. i'm not sure if the current request fits or not
[10:44] Cindy Ecksol: exactly
[10:44] You: lol
[10:44] Rose Springvale: okay, lets vote aye in princi;e
[10:44] Sudane Erato: accept only donations which support only the Guild
[10:44] Rose Springvale: and then get mor info
[10:44] Cindy Ecksol: moon's I understand: All agreeing in alowing external sponsoring of Guild auction events in exchnage of donations with adds, say Aye
[10:45] Rose Springvale: well, we are technically voting the other
[10:45] You: decide yourselves :)
[10:45] Rose Springvale: and the committee can determine
[10:45] Cindy Ecksol: lol!
[10:45] Sudane Erato: well... i think everyone's sentiment is clear
[10:46] Cindy Ecksol: I still abstain because I am not sure that the motion accomplishes what we need.
[10:46] Rose Springvale: lincon? rain?
[10:46] Sudane Erato: with or without a vote
[10:46] Jon Seattle: I understood it to be what Sundane said: accept only donations which support only the Guild
[10:46] Rose Springvale: (that is how the workgroup chair will interpret the motion on the table)
[10:46] Cindy Ecksol: :-)
[10:46] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:47] Rose Springvale: hmm
[10:47] Lincoln Beck don't see any objections
[10:47] You: But Sudane's misses the sponsorship point
[10:47] Rose Springvale: so is that aye ? :)
[10:47] Lincoln Beck: yes :)
[10:47] Sudane Erato: the intent olf sponsorship is to make a donation
[10:48] Rose Springvale: yes, i think so moon, i think they are sayng we don't want sponsors
[10:48] Sudane Erato: or it should be
[10:48] You: yes
[10:48] You: but what's in discussion is
[10:48] You: DO we give something in exchange, ie: pub.licity?
[10:48] You: Yes or no?
[10:48] Sudane Erato: no
[10:48] Sudane Erato: only the Guild is supposed to be publicized
[10:49] Rose Springvale: i would think a 30 second spot, and a sign on their donation would be okay
[10:49] Jon Seattle agrees with Sudane on this :)
[10:49] Rose Springvale: so am fine with no commmercials
[10:49] Rose Springvale: but i see the point too
[10:49] You: ok
[10:49] Rose Springvale: i think we have a motion that has carried moon
[10:49] You: which was?
[10:49] You: sorry, a bit confused now
[10:50] Rose Springvale: All agreeing in allowing sponsorships that directly support the NG auctions, say Aye
[10:50] Lincoln Beck says aye
[10:51] Cindy Ecksol: aye
[10:51] You: yes, but my motion also doesn't refer to the publicity bit
[10:51] Rose Springvale: its okay
[10:51] Sudane Erato: aye
[10:51] Rose Springvale: its a guiding motion for the committe, and we only hav ea week anyway
[10:51] You: you'll understand it as you prefer :)
[10:51] Sudane Erato: and i propose that clear or not, we proceed to the next agenda point
[10:51] You: and i vote Aye as well, so passed
[10:51] Rose Springvale: i have a couple more on mine
[10:51] You: ok
[10:52] Rose Springvale: they are a request again for items.. i have only a few
[10:52] You decline SL TRAVEL GALLERY - INVITATION TO EXHIBITION - DESCOBRIMENTOS from Tpglourenco Forcella.
[10:52] You decline SL TRAVEL GALLERY - CARTAZ DESCOBRIMENTOS from Tpglourenco Forcella.
[10:52] Rose Springvale: and help if anyone has time to work on advertisement or invitations, set up
[10:52] Rose Springvale: i'l call a meeting monday
[10:52] Rose Springvale: but don't let not being able to attend keep you from donating!
[10:52] Sudane Erato: is there anything in my shops that you would like to have?
[10:53] Rose Springvale: yes :)
[10:53] Sudane Erato: you're welcome to!
[10:53] Rose Springvale: i'll come shopping....
[10:53] Sudane Erato: kk :)
[10:53] Cindy Ecksol needs an image of a sexy bartender
[10:53] Rose Springvale: yes you do!
[10:53] You: ok
[10:53] Rose Springvale: done, thank you
[10:53] You: to sum up this point
[10:53] Sudane Erato: and... I'd love to do an invitation... but i have no new ideas
[10:53] You: please help Rose
[10:53] Cindy Ecksol: and must run right now.....
[10:53] Rose Springvale: okay, i have ideas and no skills!
[10:53] Cindy Ecksol: rose, I will help you monday
[10:54] Sudane Erato: kk... i volunterr :)
[10:54] Rose Springvale: i;'ll send you a notecard. Thanks cindy!
[10:54] Cindy Ecksol: after metanomics I think
[10:54] You: and see what you can give for auction
[10:54] You: ok, next point
[10:54] Rose Springvale: thank you all
[10:54] You: 9. Roman Textures WG.
[10:54] Lincoln Beck: WG ?
[10:54] You: this is another WG which needs some serious effort
[10:55] You: Workgroup
[10:55] Lincoln Beck: thanks Moon
[10:55] You: seeing the RA wants to buy the sim asap
[10:55] You: Arria, who chairs the wg isn't here
[10:56] You: Jon is, he has laready made available stone textures
[10:56] Jon Seattle: yes, though I have not had specific requests so far
[10:56] You: i'll try to render as much common place textures as possible in the nesxt days
[10:56] Sudane Erato: Moon, I presume we have available already the texture store from CN ?
[10:56] Jon Seattle: but I have some nice ones :)
[10:56] You: well, the idea is that we have a set of packs
[10:56] Rose Springvale: lincoln is going to be building a house in CN... is this something he could use
[10:56] Rose Springvale: ?
[10:56] You: yes, but that texture store can be bettered
[10:57] Lincoln Beck: good question, thanks Rose :)
[10:57] You: and yet, no, we don't, because of no IPs
[10:57] Lincoln Beck: ach. ok
[10:57] Rose Springvale: I'm concerned..what is the delay with the IPS?
[10:57] Rose Springvale: signing?
[10:57] Lincoln Beck: lol
[10:57] You: so this time i suggest we do things from scratch, in an organized way
[10:58] You: notary
[10:58] You: and general admin help
[10:58] You: (meaning, i can't do everything lol)
[10:58] Sudane Erato: :)... no?
[10:59] You: one of the things that the Charter you have just voted will do
[10:59] Rose Springvale:
[10:59] You: is that i can happily dump the IP thingy on a victim
[10:59] Moon Adamant scans the assitence :)
[10:59] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:59] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:59] Rose Springvale: i offered to do this a year ago lol
[11:00] You: yes, my eyes stopped on you for a fraction of a second more :)
[11:00] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:00] Rose Springvale: that link is on digital signatures
[11:00] Rose Springvale: i will be glad to follow up.. after this week
[11:00] You: ok guys
[11:00] You: let's let the RA approve charter
[11:00] You: then i can designate heads of deps
[11:01] Sudane Erato: uh oh :(
[11:01] You: you should have read the small type :)
[11:01] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:01] You: ok next point
[11:01] You: 10. 4th sim WG - COVENANTS
[11:01] You: this one is VERY important
[11:02] You: i already shared a draft document with everyone on CN-West WG
[11:02] You: for comments
[11:02] You: and deadline is saturday
[11:02] You: because we can't have a sim with people building without covenants
[11:02] Rain Ninetails: oh dear. I must excuse myself. . See you all another time. :)
[11:02] Sudane Erato: again,... i didn't get it :(
[11:02] You: basically, i mixed AM covenants with a bit of CN covenants
[11:02] Rose Springvale: bye rain, thanks for coming
[11:02] Sudane Erato: bye Rain :)
[11:03] You: and tried to kmake a smaller Covenant, as is always requested
[11:03] You: bye Rain :)
[11:03] Rain Ninetails: :)
[11:03] You: so, please, you comments and suggestions are WELCOME
[11:03] You: ignore the CDS-wide covenants, you know we can't change those
[11:03] Rose Springvale: are we going to meet?
[11:03] Rose Springvale: or just do this way?
[11:03] You: only if necessary
[11:04] You: and if so, to the end of the week
[11:04] Jon Seattle: Have to run. See you soon.
[11:04] Rose Springvale: bye jon
[11:04] You: i prefer to meet only over the points of dissenssion than to go on clause by clause
[11:04] You: (me hugs Jon
[11:04] Rose Springvale: we are getting rather sparse Moon :(
[11:05] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:05] Rose Springvale: can we table the rest to next week?
[11:05] You: yes, we can
[11:05] You: just let me make a notice
[11:05] You: at every sim
[11:05] You: there is the General Masterplan Exhibition
[11:06] You: Schloss Terrace in NFS
[11:06] You: Praetorium gardens in CN
[11:06] You: Monastery crypt in AM
[11:06] You: not only you'll see the future expansion of our terriroty
[11:07] You: as you will be able also to share with us your vision about the CDS at the survey machines
[11:07] You: so don't miss the exhibits
[11:07] Rose Springvale: oh, i missed the survey machines!
[11:07] You: it's a tall wity thing
[11:07] Rose Springvale: is there an issue with the use of group notices in CDS?
[11:07] You: i dunno
[11:07] You: i asked the PIO to publicize this
[11:08] Rose Springvale: because i think we could send a note with a different lm eveyr day
[11:08] You: inclusively through a general mailing
[11:08] Rose Springvale: some things DESERVE a lot of attention
[11:08] You: i'll ask her how that is going on
[11:08] Rose Springvale: the only cds things i get gns for is metanomics, from cindy
[11:08] Rose Springvale: new guild meetns
[11:08] Rose Springvale: and occasional monastery exhibits
[11:09] You: also, there's a big sign at platz, forum, and in AM
[11:09] Rose Springvale: yes, but its not very sexy
[11:09] Rose Springvale: gn... group notices.
[11:09] You: i'll talk to PIO regarding this
[11:09] Rose Springvale: i like gns' because they most often go to email if people are not online
[11:09] You: ok, are we adjourned?
[11:09] Rose Springvale: so move
[11:09] Sudane Erato: yay :)
[11:10] You: thanks everyone
[11:10] Sudane Erato: ty! :)
[11:10] You: this was very very productive a session
[11:10] Rose Springvale: thank you moon!
[11:10] Rose Springvale: and hmm
[11:10] You: excuse me for one minute while i transcript the chat

Eudaimonia now!
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