Official notice/correspondence - SL5B event

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I need a hobby
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Official notice/correspondence - SL5B event

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Arria Perrault, our CIO, and i discussed plans regarding the invitation made to us (via Gwyneth Llewelyn among others) to submit a booth to the SL5B celebration -- a very big official event in SL. See ... deadlines/
The earlier ones I've attended were widely attended, and watched by the press as well. See ... ?l=&t=Past

Arria confirmed for me that she submitted an application on the official web site a few days ago. She also asked that the RA, and CDS citizens, provide input to her regarding content for the display if we are selected. Arria and those of us who are interested would also appreciate offers of assistance :)

I have opened a thread regarding our plans here:
Regards Jamie P

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