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New Guild Auction Report 2008

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Hello all,

Rose has prepared the following report about the fundraising auction. Thanks to her for organizing this events, and thanks too to all the people that helped - with work, giving works for auction, showing by and bidding, and making donations.

To you all, the New Guild (and mine personally) thank you very much! :)

------- NG FundRaising Event June 2008 Report ------------

-78 Items donated (approximately) grouped to make 46 bid boxes
-17 different donors, all but 2 CDS citizens.
-21 different people won bids
-20 cash donors (approximately)

Sales: $ 20635 (subject to collection)
Donations: $ 9660

Total: $ 30295

Highest bid item: The CDS Owl at 1300 L

for comparison:
Auction 2007 had 12 items donated, 6 different winning bidders, and the top bid was for the model of NFS at 2000. Total proceeds last year: 9201

Interesting facts: Ashcroft's hat stand appreciated in the last year from 300L to 500L and remained one of the most actively bid items. As did Sudane's old marble bathtub...1000 to 1050.

Notecards have been dropped on all top bidders as of this morning. Guilda will run a transaction sheet daily .. as people pay, we will transfer the items to them.

Eudaimonia now!
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