Official notice: 7 day votes for RA's meeting 07 June 2008

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Official notice: 7 day votes for RA's meeting 07 June 2008

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At our meeting on 7 June, two RA members, MT Lundquist and ThePrincess Parisim, indicated an inability to attend all or part of the meeting, and asked for a 7 day delayed right to vote on items of business that occurred at that meeting.

The meeting transcript is here:
The actions where these two RA members may record a vote are summarized in the summary here:
It appears to me that there were four relevant votes, three of which were adopted (by 4-0-0), and the fourth of which was not (by 2-2-0). The outcome on that latter vote, which relates to Sim4 land prices, might change based on the members' delayed votes.

Although there has been considerable contradiction regarding the procedures for a 7 day delayed vote, I note the rule stated here: ... Procedures

It is my working assumption that the absent members who requested it may exercise their vote by psting to this Forum. If they do so, we will amend the official meeting record to reflect thoise votes. Because there is doubt about the length of the permitted voting period, the safestconservative approach would be for those members to exercise that vote by posting to this Forum by the end of the seventh day (14 June).

Regards Jamie P

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