Board Guild Meeting 15th June 2008 - Agenda

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I need a hobby
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Board Guild Meeting 15th June 2008 - Agenda

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Hello all,

Once again, sorry for delay in agenda publication.

This is what we will discuss today. As you can see, we have a large agenda with many important points, so do please try to be in time.

1. Information Point: Guild Charter approved by RA

2. Nomination of Heads of Financial Department and Admin/Agent Department for the Board

3. New project: The New Guild Blog

4. Information Point: Locus Amoenus name appoved by RA

5. Information Point: Locus Amoenus covenants approved by RA

6. New project: Locus Amoenus Blog

7. Information point: Locus Amoenus finantials still pending at RA

8. Information Point: Altenstadt Plan approved at RA. Building has started.

9. Information Point: Bierhaus approved by Chancellor. Replacement done.

10. Information Point: Fundraising results

11. Textures and texture content theft.

12. Project management software - information point

Reports from WGs:

13. Masterplan WG and GMP blog

14. Building Approval Committee WG.

15. CDS Information Centre WG.

16. Roman Textures WG

17.Governmental Spaces Re-organization WG.

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