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Locus Amoenus Covenants

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Per decision of the RA of June the 7th, the Colonia Nova-West Covenants Draft was approved, with the friendly amendments posted on its thread, and also the the friendly amendment of replacing all occurrences of "Colonia Nova-West" to "Locus Amoenus".

So here follows the revised text:

-------------------------- The Locus Amoenus Covenants ---------------------------------

1. General CDS Covenants

a) All structures and scripts are subject to review by the Executive branch to enforce these covenants.

b) No terraforming unless the sim covenant allows it (*)

c) No SL or RL commercial pornography is permitted

d) The use of excessive scripts which adversely effect sim performance is not permitted, determination of the same is at the sole discretion of the Chancellor, who is entitled to remove the scripts. An appeal of the Chancellor decision can be submitted to the SC.

e) Scripts which use llListen (voice command) are only permitted, if they listen only after a touch and then deactivate after a certain period of time.

f) Scripts which spy on residents are not permitted.

g) Bounce scripts are not permitted.

h) Particles can only be used in effects that have real-world analogies, such as lights, smoke, and fire.

i) Particles should be set no higher than 10 particles per second.

j) Scripts and particles attached to avatars are unregulated.

k) Subletting is not permitted

l) No skyboxes are permitted below 512 m in altitude

m) No default plywood textured prims are to be left in place longer than 24 hours

n) Exterior signs are allowed, unless they be floating, particle emitting, or rotating.

2. Locus Amoenus Sim-Wide Covenants

The following provisions apply to all parcels in the Locus Amoenus Sim:

a) Locus Amoenus is a sim in an Ancient Roman Theme.

b) Locus Amoenus construction will be villae: buildings that comprise at least one enclosed patio, the peristyle, which can be lined with columns or walls

c) Plots are identified by a string 00, corresponding to Number of Plot.

d) All the buildings exteriors must be built in pre-industrial materials, namely:
.Structural elements can be stone, brick or wood.
.Roofing elements can be slate or terracotta shingles or tiles.
.Exterior flooring elements can be brick, ceramics, stone, wood or mosaic.
.Wall elements can be stone, brick, wood, stucco or fresco.
.Door and window elements can be wood or metals, raw or painted.
.Large panes of glass in any colour must be partitioned by appropriate framing.

e) Terraform is allowed within a difference of +2/-2 meters, and further terraforming must be approved.

f) Per person a maximum of 4 parcels may be owned. A person cannot own more than 4096 m2

g) In order to reduce lag, when building a house or large object, textures no larger than 512*512 or equivalent must be used.

h) Upon completion of the exterior construction, notice shall be delivered to the Chancellor and BAC, or posted at a designated site, for approval. If no approval or request for revision has been given by the Chancellor within 15 days from the date the notice of completion is posted or delivered to the Chancellor, the building shall be deemed approved. Alternatively, builders may submit plans to the Chancellor and BAC for pre-approval.

i) The Executive branch may waive any provision according to the powers conferred to him/her by the RA

3. Locus Amoenus Typologies Covenant

a) Locus Amoenus construction will be villae: buildings that comprise at least one enclosed patio, the peristyle, which can be lined with columns or walls.

b) All buildings can include any classical elements such as columns, pediments, etc

c) Vegetation should be present in all buildings, either in gardens, peristyle or roof gardens

d) Commercial function is allowed if falling within the theme of the sim, or, failing that, be kept in interior spaces. Cultural, Social and Arts and Crafts organizations are exempt of this clause.

e) On parcels 1024 m2 or greater,there shall be reserved a border on all sides where the plots meet another. This border of no construction shall be 2 metres for plots of at least 1024 m 2 and such border shall apply as well to smaller parcels joined together to create a building area of 1024 m 2. The borders can have trees, gardens or other vegetation

f) Single 512m2 plots can only reach 16 m above the ground at any point. Co-joined 512m2 and 1024 plots can reach 20 m above the ground at any point.

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