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Board Guild Meeting 22nd June 2008 - Transcript

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[9:16] You: ok everyone, let's start
[9:16] Jamie Palisades: hahaha
[9:16] You: please remember that the meeting is transcripted
[9:16] You: touch the blue box for the agenda of this session
[9:17] You: i'll give you a minute to read it while i go get a glass of water
[9:20] You: ok, bacjk and sorry´
[9:20] Sudane Erato: wb :)
[9:21] Jon Seattle: np :)
[9:21] You: first point
[9:21] You: 1. Information point: Locus Amoenus finantials still pending at RA
[9:21] You: due to the recent lack of quorates, the finantials for Locus amoenus haven't been approved yet
[9:22] Jon Seattle: Well that get approved before the next RA?
[9:22] Jon Seattle: *Will
[9:22] You: er i dunno, i hope so
[9:22] Jamie Palisades: given my luck at holding RA meetings :)
[9:22] Sudane Erato: :)
[9:23] You: this is not totally bad for us, as it gives us more time to prepare stuff for the sim
[9:23] You: namely textures, etc
[9:23] Jon Seattle: True :)
[9:23] Jamie Palisades nods
[9:23] You: but it definetely makes planning a bit more difficult
[9:23] You: we'll have to wait
[9:24] Symo Kurka: what worries me a bit
[9:24] Symo Kurka: if i may
[9:24] You: yes?
[9:24] You: sure
[9:24] Symo Kurka: are we sure we have "tons" of buyers now that the main promoters of CN2 have vanished?
[9:25] Sudane Erato: well... we should look to pre selling
[9:25] You: Symo, the finantials proposed are actually lower than market prices
[9:25] You: yes
[9:25] You: that can be made through the Locus amoenus site too, if you agree
[9:25] Symo Kurka: i think we all agree we need pre sales
[9:26] You: i can write a blog entry saying that 'if you are interested in any plot, please leave a comment'... but that is hard to do without the finantials!
[9:26] Symo Kurka: brb
[9:26] Sudane Erato: yes... we do need approved rates
[9:26] You: because how does one know?
[9:27] You: if the plot costys 10.000 L or 50.000 L?
[9:27] Sudane Erato: hehe... I can make it up... and sell it that way :)
[9:28] You: anyway, if you all agree, i can write that blog entry about people leaving comments expressing their interest in plots
[9:28] Jon Seattle: How long is LL taking to fill orders?
[9:28] You: and also explaining that prices will be published soon
[9:28] Sudane Erato: great
[9:28] You: atm, with the land store, immediately, right, Sudane?
[9:29] Sudane Erato: well, they say that, but I'm skeptical
[9:29] You: yes lol
[9:29] Sudane Erato: we buy with the land store..
[9:29] You: we know how they are
[9:29] Sudane Erato: but how long it takes is uncertain
[9:29] You: but generally no more than a week
[9:29] Sudane Erato: yes, hoping that
[9:29] You: ok guys
[9:29] You: point 2?
[9:29] You: 2. Textures and texture content theft.
[9:30] You: nothing to report on this
[9:30] Symo Kurka: back
[9:30] Jon Seattle: I am too.. though it is possible that they are going non-profits more slowly. We put the orders for the Spinoza sims in a week ago, and I have not heard anything yet.
[9:31] You: we are not a non-profit in any case
[9:31] Jon Seattle: true :)
[9:31] You: non.profits have to prove they are non-proits, send docs, etc
[9:32] You: we just have to buy and pay
[9:32] You: ok
[9:32] You: 3. Project management software
[9:32] Jon Seattle: We did :)
[9:32] You: just to announce that i made the heads of department administrators of the Dashboard too
[9:32] Bjerkel Eerie: we could b ecome a State NFP rather than a Federal one and still qualify with our aticles of incorporation
[9:33] You: i don't want to discuss that now, Bjerkel, sorry
[9:33] You: this is not the place for it
[9:33] Bjerkel Eerie: sorry
[9:33] You: i am sorry, it's just that i have an e4xtremely busy sunday today and would like this meeting to be as brief as possible
[9:33] You: about Dashboard
[9:34] You: when Faculty meets and appoints their Heads of Department too
[9:34] You: we'll make them Dashboard administrators too
[9:34] You: Point 4
[9:34] You: 4. Lapis Nigra cerimony
[9:34] You: Symo, you have the table
[9:34] Sudane Erato: what is this?
[9:35] Symo Kurka: have some difficulties typing
[9:35] Symo Kurka: veeery slow
[9:35] You: a bit of lag, maybe?
[9:35] Symo Kurka: anywy the lapis niger was part of a foundation rythual
[9:36] Jon Seattle: whos?
[9:36] You: lapis niger=black stone
[9:36] Symo Kurka: i can provide you some info in next days
[9:36] Symo Kurka: romas buried a "sacred stone"
[9:37] Symo Kurka: in the very center of the city
[9:37] Symo Kurka: according to priests' location decision
[9:37] Symo Kurka: so i thought it would be nice to reconstruct this ceremony
[9:38] You: for Locus Amoenus
[9:38] Sudane Erato: neat :)
[9:38] Symo Kurka: both for CN2 and CN1
[9:38] You: ah, for CN too
[9:38] Jon Seattle: cool. What did the stone say?
[9:38] Symo Kurka: why not..
[9:38] Sudane Erato: what about NFS?
[9:39] You: i must say i have already ordered a black peplos from Arria for teh occasion :)
[9:39] Sudane Erato: hehe
[9:39] Symo Kurka: curses for the violators of the space
[9:39] You: saxon hamlets etc would more the kind of burying a dead horse, or something like that
[9:40] Sudane Erato: sure we can come up with dead horses z:)
[9:40] Symo Kurka: curses fro invaders, thiefs etc
[9:40] You: i suggest we create a positive message
[9:41] You: a blessing for the space, instead of curses
[9:41] Symo Kurka: yeah sure
[9:41] You: 'May this place ever propser'... etc
[9:41] You: prosper*
[9:41] You: but i am all for the cerimony
[9:42] Jon Seattle: .. well cursing content theves as well? :D
[9:42] Jon Seattle: (joking)
[9:42] Sudane Erato: :)
[9:42] You: shall we vote this motion, of holding a the cerimonies of burying the lapis nigra both in CN and in LA?
[9:42] Symo Kurka: ok
[9:42] You: all agreeing, vote Aye
[9:42] Sudane Erato: aye
[9:42] Jon Seattle: aye
[9:42] Bjerkel Eerie: aye
[9:42] Symo Kurka: i'll make a draft scenography proposal
[9:43] You: and ays as well
[9:43] Symo Kurka: aye
[9:43] You: thanks Symo :)
[9:43] You: passed unanimously, Symo is in charge :)
[9:43] Symo Kurka: lol
[9:43] Symo Kurka: another workgroup
[9:43] You: i can help too
[9:43] You: :)
[9:44] Symo Kurka: great
[9:44] Bjerkel Eerie: I volunteer not to e on it
[9:44] You: ok, point 5
[9:44] You: 4. Lapis Nigra cerimony
[9:44] You: sorry
[9:44] You: 5. Budget for new sim
[9:45] You: this time
[9:45] Symo Kurka: brb
[9:45] You: we will do things - m4eaning - the building of the LA - in a slight different way
[9:45] You: the Guild is going to make a description of tasks asn ask the RA for a budget for construction
[9:46] You: each task willl have a definite price
[9:46] You: or pay
[9:46] You: and we will require that builders propose themselves for the tasks, by presenting a proposal, small model, drawing, etc
[9:47] You: BAC and Chancellor will decide which model to be built in case of multiple proposals
[9:47] Symo Kurka: u r speeaking about infrastructures?
[9:47] You: yes
[9:47] Sudane Erato: will this process still allow the sim to be made ready quickly?
[9:48] You: roads, quays, gardens
[9:48] You: yes
[9:48] You: because teh definition of tasks can be made now
[9:48] You: and the process of pre-selection can start immediately
[9:48] Sudane Erato: great!
[9:48] You: or better, as soon as Faculty meets and appoints heads of Dep
[9:48] Sudane Erato: :)
[9:49] You: it is even positive i think
[9:49] Jon Seattle: Is there a l ist of tasks to be accomplished?
[9:49] You: because builders can think their constructions calmly instead of rushing to meet a deadline
[9:49] You: not yet, but there will be
[9:49] You: it will be published in the forums and in teh dashboard
[9:50] You: also another thing, the tasks will be paid and IP licensing will be done immediately
[9:50] You: so that we have Locus amoenus in order
[9:50] You: and then we can start going back to the other sims and solve the IP licensing of other sims with more calm
[9:51] You: another thing is that from this budget
[9:51] You: the Guild will claim a comission for itself
[9:52] You: so that we can expand our assets in time
[9:52] You: this, in short, will become the process by which the Guild will work with the CDS, i8n a general way
[9:53] You: it's not fair that people do work for free, so we will make sure that people are paid, Ip licenses done carefully, and slowly, get everything in order
[9:53] You: any questions?
[9:53] Sudane Erato: i think its great
[9:53] Cynwulf Darwin: Guy's may I get a TP to the meeting?
[9:54] Cynwulf Darwin: Thanks
[9:54] You: hi Cyn, sorry
[9:54] Cynwulf Darwin: np
[9:54] You: remember that the discussion is transcripted
[9:54] You: agenda is in blue box
[9:55] You: and if anyione can update Cyn to what we have already discussed in Im, i would appreciate it
[9:55] You: ok, point 7
[9:55] You: 6 sorry
[9:55] You: 6. General regulations draft for new sim buildings.
[9:55] You: Symo, you have the table again
[9:56] You: just let me tell this first
[9:56] You: everyoone go to our New Guild blog and see the amazing videos Symo has been making
[9:56] Jon Seattle: :)
[9:56] Symo Kurka: lol
[9:57] You:
[9:57] Cynwulf Darwin: What is the url?
[9:57] Jon Seattle finds out all his doors are too short :D
[9:57] Cynwulf Darwin: sorry
[9:57] Cynwulf Darwin: got it
[9:57] Symo Kurka: not much to say
[9:57] Symo Kurka: with moon we are slowly defining a list of "good quality" issues
[9:58] You: and with Satir :)
[9:58] Symo Kurka: and i am turning it in youtube videos with the help of a couple of friends
[9:58] Symo Kurka: yes
[9:58] You: the videos are very important because it's not the how to stack two prims kind of video
[9:58] Symo Kurka: and i also propose that we shooy short videos on "good quality " SL architects
[9:59] Symo Kurka: *swhoot
[9:59] You: but they focus on things like avatar traps, lighting, etc
[9:59] Symo Kurka: *shoot
[9:59] Cynwulf Darwin: Avatar traps?
[9:59] You: so, definetely advanced building content
[9:59] Bjerkel Eerie: I see by the information on the site that it has allready been decided that there will be an NFS East
[9:59] Symo Kurka: the videos are a bit more than the BASIC SL video tuitorials
[9:59] You: avatar traps are narrow spaces in which you can't get out, or dfor instance, loose camera
[9:59] Jon Seattle: Cyn, not intentional traps :)
[10:00] Cynwulf Darwin: I know
[10:00] Cynwulf Darwin: You mean accidential traps
[10:00] You: Bjerkel, NFS East will one day exist
[10:00] Symo Kurka: visual traps
[10:00] You: and when it exists, it needs routes from NFS to it
[10:01] You: we created the third and last route you camn possibly have
[10:01] Symo Kurka: ehm are we over with videos?
[10:01] You: just answering Bjerkel
[10:01] Symo Kurka: ok np
[10:01] You: what more do you have to say, please, Symo?
[10:02] Symo Kurka: oh just if you know any good architects to promote send me a list
[10:03] Symo Kurka: and that's all for now, you'll see updates on our blog
[10:03] You: ok, thank you :)
[10:04] You: ok, my point 7 was in the hope of having someone here from PIO/Executive
[10:04] You: 7. Hour of meetings wrong in the CDS calendar
[10:04] You: the Guild meetings are at *9 AM SLT*
[10:04] Sudane Erato: do we have no access to that calendar?
[10:04] You: and the calendar keeps showing them at 10 AM
[10:04] You: i believe only the PIO and chancellor have
[10:05] You: i think i'll have to write all of them a letter
[10:05] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:05] You: ok
[10:05] You: reports
[10:05] You: 8. Masterplan WG and GMP blog
[10:05] You: as you know
[10:06] You: we have organized the info of the masterplan into a blog
[10:06] You: just a sec while i getr the URL
[10:06] You:
[10:07] You: we are proceeding with our survey through it
[10:07] You: and also through special booths that are/will be placed at the central points of our sims
[10:07] You: we ask all residents to please fill in the survey
[10:08] You: as it is important to us to know what are your expectations and vision of the CDS
[10:08] You: atm, we have got 18 replies to the survey, which is about 1/4 of our population
[10:08] You: and we would like to have a larger sample
[10:08] You: anything else Symo?
[10:09] You: ok
[10:09] You: point 9
[10:09] You: 9. Building Approval Committee WG.
[10:09] Symo Kurka: ok
[10:10] You: this point is dependent on faculty meeting
[10:10] You: so let's table it
[10:10] You: point 10
[10:10] You: 10. CDS Information Centre WG.
[10:10] You: nothing to report
[10:10] You: 11. Roman Textures WG
[10:11] You: we don't have Arria here to report on the group
[10:11] You: i can say from my part i already have some dozen textures ready
[10:12] You: but i am doing the commonplace textures :)
[10:12] You: if any of you has photos of frescoes or mosaic please talk to Arria
[10:12] Symo Kurka: ok
[10:12] You: as she is taking care of those more detailed texturing
[10:13] You: if you can't texturize
[10:13] You: even so you can hlp us
[10:13] You: by browsing wikicommons and pointing us to interesting Public Domain or GNU License images orf roman material
[10:13] You: ok
[10:14] You: last point
[10:14] You: 12.Governmental Spaces Re-organization WG.
[10:14] You: this wg has completed the listing of the gov spaces (and others)
[10:15] You: and has sent a survey to three branches on the needs of the branches as regards space
[10:15] You: depending on the replies
[10:15] You: we will then make a recommendation about spaces - moving them, expanding them, replacing them...
[10:15] You: and that's all
[10:15] You: any other business?
[10:16] Sudane Erato: nothing from me... we've trasnferred funds to the new Guilda
[10:16] Symo Kurka: ty moon...great work
[10:17] Sudane Erato: so I'll do a first report at the end of June
[10:17] Sudane Erato: $$ report
[10:17] You: ok, thank you :)
[10:17] You: i'd like to thank Jon for holding the responsability of the old Guilda till now
[10:17] Sudane Erato: yes!
[10:18] You: and i am happy to have a finantial head of Dep to think on the money for me :)
[10:18] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:18] Sudane Erato: i'll do my best
[10:19] You: ok, can we move to adjourn then?
[10:19] Jon Seattle: yes
[10:19] Sudane Erato: second
[10:19] You: ok
[10:19] You: i'll take silence as assent :)
[10:19] Jon Seattle: :)
[10:19] You: ok, thank you all :))
[10:20] Symo Kurka: :)
[10:20] You: for being present and participative in the Guild processes

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