Bureau Workgroup Meeting - Saturday, 15th July, 7PM SLT

For planning and discussing issues related to Colonia Nova, Neufreistadt's second sim under the Confederation of the Democratic Simulators.

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Moon Adamant
I need a hobby
I need a hobby
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Bureau Workgroup Meeting - Saturday, 15th July, 7PM SLT

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Gwyn asks me to post this call for the Bureaucratic WG to meet this Saturday, 15th July, 7PM SLT, at the rathaus-

Agenda will be the task list posted at:


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Update: grid down!

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Hello all,

I've just return from a terribly busy RL day to find the grid down, and an announcement that it might not be up unil 3:30 PM SLT (best estimate).

Under these circumstances, I sadly regret that we must at least postpone the subcomitee meeting for an hour. However, this is most likely "unsure" — LL's main database server cluster died, and the secondary one is not "up to speed" yet, and who knows if it'll "survive" the extra load.

Now I'm personally half-dead due to the lack of sleep in the past week, and hopefully you'll forgive me if I don't join you on any meeting you'll hold today.
Feel free to meet without me, of course.

The best I can offer at this point is to try to be online before 9 AM SLT tomorrow (perhaps at 8 AM, if I manage to return home earlier...) and participate on an "emergency" discussion :(

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