Griefer attack

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Griefer attack

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I very dramatic militarist decided to make a noisy impact on the CDS tonight, so he set up a missle launcher in front of Rose's house in CN, and let it loose. It appears to have launched hundreds of 19 prim missles into the air over CN and AM. The missles flew to a random distance, and then just froze, with the noise continuing. I cleaned up the mess after being alerted by Mizou, but then came back later to discover I had missed another hundred or so. Filed an AR regarding the matter, and shortly a very helpful Teagen Linden cleaned the mess up.

They were hard to see and hear unless you were fairly close, but their prims certainly had an impact on the sims, and they were VERY loud. please check your parcels for prims that may have gotten returned to you on account of the buggy SL prim return sequence (it doesn't always knw to return other people's prims before yours).

The pictures are just little batches of them.

Griefer1.jpg (66.48 KiB) Viewed 197 times
Griefer2.jpg (44.94 KiB) Viewed 197 times
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