Notice of Correspondence: Regarding the Lundquist Petition

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Claude Desmoulins
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I need a hobby
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Notice of Correspondence: Regarding the Lundquist Petition

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I received the following from Jon Seattle: (note: The petition itself makes no mention of NuCARE, though MT is a member of that faction)

To the SC.

I urge the SC to reject NuCARE's petition:

1. The SC was supplied with actual votes cast. These votes reflect the relative ranking of factions by preference and do not depend on the zero vs one based scores used in the seat allocation process (nor on the relative magnitudes of Borda points which are the same in both formulae), so that there is no reason to rerun the vote collection process.

2. NuCARE's petition confuses vote counting (determining the number of votes in each rank category by faction) with seat allocation. None of their claims has anything to do with actual vote counting, so there is no possibility that re-counting will yeild a different result.

3. The president for zero-based Borda scores in seat allocation is clear and backed by years of practice. Unless NuCARE is arguing in favor of one-based Borda counts, a re-allocation of seats using zero-based Borda scores will not yield a different outcome.



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