Final report as LRA for the term (in progress)

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Final report as LRA for the term (in progress)

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I will add a detailed report here at leisure.
Thanks again to all for their civic service and volunteerism. regards Jamie P

* Weathered two massive bouts of incivility with having a coup or beer hall putsch. Re-set the tone for future RA meetings and their administration somewhat.
* Made the RA operating rules of procedure somewhat more obvious and balanced; including, right of RA to amend LRA's agenda, and right of citizens to propose legislation. Diluting the absolute control by the LRA over the agenda seems to have worked OK, and encouraged more collaboration across factions.
* Laid the groundwork permitting Sim 4 (Locus Amoenus) to be purchased, named & priced. The Guild's General Master Plan sets important general constraints on future development. The RA approved the sim map, theme and name for Sim4, leaving the exact land prices to the Executive Branch, which accepted the recommendations from the Guild and Treasurer.
* Enacted a Private Development bill, permitting various new methods of land acquisition for CDS. This and the GMP will serve as the framework for any CDS expansion.
* Enacted a Commerce bill, changing some of our rules about commercial property, and re-establishing a chamber of commerce.
* Enacted the set of bills that rechartered and updated the [new] Guild.
* Enacted the Code Reorganization bill
* Reviewed executive initiatives on the CDS portal and SL5B event.
* Tested .. at length .. some of the constitutional rules that control the relationship between branches of government. Re-set the tone of intergovernmental collaboration, to a small degree.
* Got most of the persons who were owed reimbursements their payments, eventually.
* Launched a Corporate Structure commission to resolve some long-standing CDS organizational and risk issues.

Not done:
* Election reform (even though a commission was launched)
* Conflict of interest rule reform (even though a commission was launched)
* Effective replacement of the CDS laws wiki.

== My Second Life home is CDS. Retired after three terms
== as chancellor of the oldest self-governing sims in SL.
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