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Sudane Erato
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Old old pictures

Post by Sudane Erato »

I was installing Picasa this morning in order to display the snaps I took at the Inaugural Ball, and in the process of scanning all my drives, discovered pictures I haven't been able to find in years!

http://picasaweb.google.com/sudane.erat ... ualtenburg

These are the oldest pictures I have of what was then Neualtenburg. The first picture is a shot of the old square in Altenburg where introductory meetings were held for those people who might be interested in joining the community. I went to one there, in December 2004 (less than a month after I joined SL), which was led by Pendari Lorentz. I guess I never left.

The second picture is a shot in the old Senate chamber, where the first RA was held. There were quite a few people elected to that (Gwyn may remember how many), but attendence fizzled down rapidly to just Gywn and I.

The last picture is a shot at the brand new Neualtenburg sim, with a huge Ulrika Zugzwang doll looming over the teleport hub (which was the only way to get from sim to sim then). Built by Eggy Lippman, Ulrika loved it... kept it there for the longest time!

Sorry for all the atmosperic shots... I guess thats what intrigued me :). And please don't laugh too hard at my first avie!


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Rose Springvale
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Re: Old old pictures

Post by Rose Springvale »

Wow! i wasn't around then, but its fun to see how things looked. Sudane, you've come a long way :)

thanks for posting these!

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