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For the Chancellor to make important announcements regarding executive actions.

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Public Information Officers

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I am pleased to confirm that Brian Livingston and Rose Springvale have kindly agreed to serve jointly as CDS' public information officers for this term.

It's hard to imagine, but if any of our neighbors *haven't* met Rose and Brian already, they're both active long-time contributors of strong volunteer expertise to CDS in multiple capacities. Among other roles, Rose was CDS' PIO in 2007, and Brian most recently served as a legislator on our RA and chair of the successful (desperately needed and underappreciated) CDS code reorganization project. I'm very grateful for their willingness to continue to generously support our community with their time, creativity and enthusiasm.

CDS has the opportunity to grow significantly, in stature, size, diversity and reputation, this year; sharpening our internal and external communications and event-handling both are key skills for that evolution. Comments or questions on this appointment can be posted here:

TEAM; PORTAL; LAST TERM'S GOOD START. The three of us expect that this will be a team effort. CDS has been lucky to have a strong backup team in place, led by last term's PIO Arria Perrault and including Mizou Vavoom, Cindy Ecksol, Alexicon Kurka and others. Our thanks to all of them! We hope to continue to have the benefit of their help. Particularly, their fine work on the new CDS webportal -- a statutory project which they brough into being this last term -- will come into its own as an essential CDS resource now. See [subsequent post].

RESPONSIBILITIES. NL 4-26 lists a number of relevant duties. I have asked Rose to focus primarily on external matters and events, and Brian on citizen-facing matters, tech and in-sim installations. The former includes marketing and tourism in CDS. (See [subsequent post] about some specific marketing issues.) The latter includes the portal, as noted above. Promotion and facilitation of commerce is another listed duty; I eexpect both of them to work and have interest on that goal, but to lead it myself. (We've let that one slide too long. See [subsequent post] in the Business, Commerce forum board.)

If I had to put names to it, approximately, I expect Brian will be our CIO and Rose our marketing director. The division of labor probably isn't perfect; but all have good will, a collaborative spirit, the best interests of CDS at heart, and my complete trust. The Chancellor supervises the PIOs. I've only laid down a few limits (most of which you will see clearly from our postings), and expect them to take the ball and run. Please deal with them like you would me, they're going to have my complete support.

STIPENDS, FYI. CDS statutes create some specific provisions for stipend payments to certain civil servants. (Under current law, the RA approves the existence of paid civil servant positions but the executive branch fills them.) Current law authorizes a stipend to one PIO. I am authorizing this for Brian at first to comply with the laws, and will ask the RA to authorize the second position. (Is it that important? Economically, maybe not. Symbolically? Yes.)

Regards, and please join me in supporting Rose & Brian in their work for CDS.
Jamie P

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