Financial Report for July 2008

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Financial Report for July 2008

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The monthly numbers are here: ... K0wPXBipCQ

The major unusual event for the month was the purchase of Locus Amoenus. We had pre-sold a number of parcels on this new sim, so we have a good start towards paying it back. You will notice that there is no "Land Sales Revenues" for this month, despite these sales. That's because, with the newly acquired land sitting there on the Balance Sheet as something we "own", all land sales are shown as "paying back" the purchase price of LA. Once its paid back, and we find we have further land sales, you'll start to see those on the Income/Expense Report again.

The other thing of some significance was the payment of expenses to individuals to whome we owed money from the first part of the year. As per the RA rule passed last year, I list those payments here:

1. Reimbursement Christmas Party ThePrincess Parisi 400
2. Reimbursement Melting Party ThePrincess Parisi 2400
3. Reimbursement Masquerade Ball Bells Semyorka 1000
4. Salary Public Information Officer Arria Perreault 12000
5. Salary Event Planner 1 Cindy Ecksol 6000
6. Salary Event Planner 2 Bells semyorka 6000
7. Salary Content Archivist Aliasi Stonebender 12000
8. Reimbursement citizens survey Alexicon Kurka 650
9. Salary caretaker for 3 sims Alexicon Kurka 12000
10. Gift Performer Naftali Torok 2000

As usual, please feel free to ask questions or make comments here, or else contact me directly.


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