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Jamie Palisades
I need a hobby
I need a hobby
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Post by Jamie Palisades »

I think the Neufreistadt Schloss is going to need attention. Whether Brian's current Guild commission or a future one wants to address this, is up to that commission, at first.

As is, the Schloss largely is unused space. I suggest that we consider:
-- (1) A partial rebuild rather like the Biergarten, to cadge prims on this single-prim land, and thus
-- (1a) make it subject to current controls (as opposed to irreplacable expired Neualtenburg groups and lost unreplaceable non-perm objects & textures).
-- (1b) re-use recovered prim count to permit better landscaping and better public use furniture for events in the Schloss, or,
-- (1c) if nothing else, more prim lots for those itty bitty little fachwerken.
-- (2) What uses we can make of the Schloss so it's not wasted.
-- (3) And whether the bigger public spaces there need a tweak or two, in order to be useable.
-- (4) If there are offices to be places there, how to do it tastefully, and with what sort of connection to the ground level of the Platz.
-- (5) How we ought to proceed in the event that a sim opens up to the east of NFS (right next to the Schloss, in other words-- completing that hillside). Let's not design anything that will make expansion in that direction infeasible.

Thanks to several of you who have shared views in detail. Some don't want to come out of hiding yet :) You know who you are. It's time for us to start talking, in any case.

If this commission wants to take those issues on, great. If not, that's OK too, in which case I will pose these Schloss-specific questions to the Guild, next month, after this commission is done.

Regards Jamie P

== My Second Life home is CDS. Retired after three terms
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Claude Desmoulins
I need a hobby
I need a hobby
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Re: Schloss

Post by Claude Desmoulins »

It is of course , hard to know what those in hiding :) have suggested. I also note Jamie's concern about the "monarchical" associations of using the Schloss for government office space, this despite the fact that I chose to hold the SC meeting there today. That said, I believe it's important that the "top of the hill" be set aside for a civic purpose, whether that's offices, an archive/library (I visited the Polska Republika and Caledon libraries in world recently and think we need something like them, particularly given our output of documents and records), or even a giant flag, or something else. To sell those lots to private entities and have it become private space would, IMHO, be unfortunate.

I would also remark, on a personal note, that I prefer the new sections of the Schloss (mostly done by Samantha Fuller), especially the "greenhouse" and portico, to the older construction. This raises the question, how much should we keep just because it's historic? I believe that the Schloss is probably the oldest continuously existent structure in CDS. (Of course, now that I think for a moment, the Kirche is older) That in and of itself may be a compelling reason to tread lightly.

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Sonja Strom
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I need a hobby
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Re: Schloss

Post by Sonja Strom »

There is also a thread about the Schloss here:

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