How sim expansion decisions work in CDS

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How sim expansion decisions work in CDS

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One we have a sim up and running in CDS, the rules we use to make modifications to it are described here: ... 55&p=11872

This post is about how we start new sims, which may be helpful to review as we face several opportunities to so do. Here's an outline.


CDS has undertaken a number of planning exercises for possible future growth. Some of the older references can be found here, helpfully collected by Sonja Strom: ... 553#p10298

CDS currently has an approved General Master Plan (GMP) which serves as a guideline and constraint on future development. While the RA could decide to vary from it, it represents a lot of work by experts and is specifically mentioned by some of our existing land planning legislation, so this seems unlikely.

The GMP generally is set forth here:
One element that's particularly relevant to sim expansion is the cluster map here: ... xpansions/

Also see the thread of planning comments that lead up to the current GMP:


There are a number of *different* ways we can open a sim, so each is described separately below. (As a democracy, our methods are a bit different than despot-owned estates, where I believe the process is (a) wake up, (b) yawn, (c) pour tea and (d) gaze out window and mutter: 'nothing on TV, I think I'll open another sim today.' Or so I've been informed.)


CDS has opened 3 sims so far: Colonia Nova, Alpine Meadows and Locus Amoenus. (Neufreistadt pre-dated the CDS, and was established by a predecessor organization.) The legal structure that we used to authorize those sims is not very clearly set out in our laws, but has been fairly consistent:

-- The RA approves the sim theme (and major elements), in the form of a map. See, for example, for AM. The map addresses major elements of publi infrastructure (roads, major land features, lot density).
-- We have chosen to hold open competitions for those designs sometimes, and delegate the decision to a screening committee (CN) or referendum (AM). See NL 4-9, for example, for CN.
-- The RA approves the covenants, which determine the style of buildings permitted.
-- The purchase timing and land prices can be set by the Chancellor & Treasurer, but RA has oversight & could constrain this.


This is NL 8-2. This law specifies that it's an alternate method and does not change other ways to expand CDS sims. Basically it's an RA-driven way to conduct expansion, mostly with a focus on existing citizen needs.

-- This bill assumes the existence of an approved regional master plan. (Comment: we have the GMP now, enacted after this legislation was. See GMP, above.)
-- The RA may request a plan from the Guild that is consistent with the themes and locations already established by the master plan. (Sec. 2) The sim plan includes the 'map' matters listed above -- land features, density, etc., -- and price guidelines. (Comment: This bill is slightly flawed because the Guild is not chartered to make price recommendations and prefers not do so so; these would instead come from the executive branch from the treasurer.)
-- Chancellor "gauges interest in" the plan, makes report to RA.
-- RA makes a go-ahead decision if there is "sufficient interest', sets timelines.
-- Sim expansions under this law require advance sales to CDS citizens


This alternate expansion method for bringing a sim into CDS, after it is developed by a private developer, was enacted by the RA this May, using this text: ... 980#p10980
Some useful formative discussion about the concept can be found here:

-- This method is more executive-branch driven. A developer who wants to use it submits a sim design to the chancellor for approval. The Chancellor, after consulting with the Guild's building advisory committee (BAC), assesses the design based on conformance to the GMP, suitability to CDS and economic viability.
-- If it's approved, the developer either builds it "outside of CDS", or funds four months' tier to CDS and is permitted to build it adjacent to current CDS sims.
-- As it is built, it's reviewed for conformance to the approved design, and the executive (presumably working closely with the BAC) can require changes.
(Note there are several 2-week deadlines during which the chancellor must approve or reject various aspects of the development.)
-- Once it is complete, it operates like a CDS sim and CDS pays tier ... *except* that the initial lot sales are priced by and paid to the developer. (Comment: so the basic idea here is that the developer would set prices for the initial sales that recoup her costs.)
-- If the completed private sim is rejected, CDS simply would not take over tier (or in the case of a pre-funded four months, would have to sell back the sim).


Our laws don't prohibit other methods, as long as they conform to our laws. So, for example, the RA can ignore those three methods above, if it wants, and take some other route so long as it obeys our constitution.

Comments welcome. A shared understanding of these procedures will help us in our collaborative efforts to develop and improve CDS.
regards Jamie P

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Desmond Shang
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Re: How sim expansion decisions work in CDS

Post by Desmond Shang »

Oh come come, there's always colonialism!

Buy out some of the 'gor' regions near you - who knows, they might throw in some citizens cheap!

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