Request to RA re stipend change

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Jamie Palisades
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I need a hobby
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Request to RA re stipend change

Post by Jamie Palisades »

While I expect us to be talking in substantial additional detail about a broader set of expenses shortly, I do want to make sure that we pay timely attention to stipend, a function that sometimes was not handled well in the past.

CDS law (NL 5-7) provides that stipends are paid to civil servants when they have been authorized (as to a position, not an individual) by the RA; and that the Chancellor essentially hires, supervises and fires persons in the positions,

I note that we already have the following stipended provisions created and approved:

Public Information Officer
Content Archivist
Grounds Caretaker

As you know from announcements, I am in the process of filling these positions.
I have appointed two persons to act jointly as PIO, as announced here:
There is a statutory stipend for one at $L1000/month, provided by NL 4-16.

I request that you approve a second similar amount, so that both PIO positions can be stipended. I am more than confident that CDS will enjoy effort from both Brian and Rose far in excess of the value of those token amounts.

Thanks for your consideration.
Regards Jamie P

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Sudane Erato
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Re: Request to RA re stipend change

Post by Sudane Erato »

Hehe... while its not been paid recently, I do recall a stipend being assigned to the role of Treasurer :).


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