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RA Meeting 17 August 2008 - Transcript

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Meeting on 2008-08-17
Those present:
Justice Soothsayer is in the chair.
Justice Soothsayer: Hi Claude
Bells Semyorka: Hi Claude
Claude Desmoulins: Good morning
Claude Desmoulins has indicated consent to be recorded.
Justice Soothsayer: OK, gang, it's 9:10, so I will delcare the meeting in session, noting the absence of a quorum so far.
Justice Soothsayer: Please note that the meeting is being recorded, so touch the recording device on the table to indicate consent.
Arria Perreault has indicated consent to be recorded.
Arria Perreault: done
MT Lundquist has indicated consent to be recorded.
Bells Semyorka has indicated consent to be recorded.
Justice Soothsayer: The jug on the table has a copy of the draft agenda, which is also at http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php? ... 906#p11906
Danton Sideways has indicated consent to be recorded.
Justice Soothsayer: We have one change, which is to add Claude's Flag Bill under new business (for discussion)
Justice Soothsayer: Any other changes?
Justice Soothsayer apologizes to Claude for the oversight
Arria Perreault: no
Justice Soothsayer: RA procedures these days require me to ask at this point if anyone other than RA members plans to speak on any of the agenda topics.
MT Lundquist: yes
MT Lundquist: ty
MT Lundquist: iten iiib
MT Lundquist: item*
Arria Perreault: I think I will too
Justice Soothsayer: OK, noted. Anyone else? I;m assuming Claude will address the Flag bill.
Arria Perreault: iiib
Arria Perreault: iiic
Justice Soothsayer: Arria, RA members don't have to sign up to speak.
Arria Perreault: ok
Justice Soothsayer: OK, moving on...
Claude Desmoulins: If RL doesn't intervene.:)
Justice Soothsayer: Pip isn't here yet, so we'll skip that item.
Justice Soothsayer: As to future meeting times, do you want to meet next week? If so, we may need an LRA pro tem to lead, as I may not be able to attend due to travelling.
Justice Soothsayer: No SL on Amtrak, I fear.
Justice Soothsayer: Arria, Bells, what's your pleasure? And MT, too, since your nomination may be on the agenda.
Bells Semyorka smiles, I am pretty open to any time Justice
Arria Perreault: me too, I am very open
MT Lundquist: ok
MT Lundquist: :)
Justice Soothsayer: I'm willing to skip meeting on the 24th and meet on the 31st, if that's OK with all.
Arria Perreault: it's ok for me
Justice Soothsayer: Let me mention that I've spoken with Jamie and he would like to regularize the Chancellor's monthly report to come at the final meeting of each month.
Justice Soothsayer: So we'll get that on the 31st.
Arria Perreault: ok
Bells Semyorka: sounds good Justice
Justice Soothsayer: So unless our absent colleagues raise a fuss, we'll meet next on 31 August.
Justice Soothsayer: There is nothing to report on the Commission on Corporate Structure this time, but I'm sure we'll hear more on the 31st.
Justice Soothsayer: Moon was planning to be here to report on behalf of the New Guild on LA, to say "we're working on it".
Arria Perreault: I can say some words
Justice Soothsayer: Ok, Arria. Go.
Arria Perreault: The sim is here and some plots are already sold.
Arria Perreault: Some people have start to build on their plot
Arria Perreault: some bridges are done and a wonderful temple
Arria Perreault: I think that we have only one small point to discuss on the general plan of the sim
Arria Perreault: done
Justice Soothsayer: I believe the New Guild is meeting @ 11 today.
Arria Perreault: yes
Arria Perreault: if anyone has questions about LA, he/she can come at 11
Justice Soothsayer: Does anyone have anything they would like to pass along to the 11 am meeting?
Justice Soothsayer: Hearing none, then let's move on.
Justice Soothsayer: Gwyn isn't here to report on the electoral commission, but I would note...
Justice Soothsayer: there has been at least one public meeting, with others planned. See http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2060
Justice Soothsayer: Hi Hokie!
Flyingroc Chung: hello
MT Lundquist: hi FR
Bells Semyorka: Hi FR
Justice Soothsayer is particularly glad to see FRC as we now have a quorum
Arria Perreault: Hi Flyingroc
Flyingroc Chung: there seems to be a runaway toga giver
Soro Dagostino: Hello flying roc.
Flyingroc Chung has indicated consent to be recorded.
Justice Soothsayer: MT was nice enough to give me mine.
Justice Soothsayer: Anyone have anything to add on the Electoral Commission?
MT Lundquist: :)
Arria Perreault: no
Justice Soothsayer: On to new business.
Justice Soothsayer: III. a. is "buget discussion".
Justice Soothsayer: Typically the Chancellor and/or Treasurer will propose a budget, but I thought it might be helpful to have an initial planning conversation today.
Justice Soothsayer: Budgets are all about our priorities, and I think it would be useful it we could give some guidance about those priorities.
Justice Soothsayer: So I'll open this up for general discussion, RA members first, please.
Arria Perreault: I can start
Arria Perreault: If we see our activities, I think that we have to give a good impulsion to cultural and educational projects
Arria Perreault: We have a budget for events. I would that we use it to encourage people to organize events
Arria Perreault: I don't think that we have to finance totally events in CDS, except official events (like the Ball)
Arria Perreault: but we have to encourage people todo such things
Arria Perreault: we can also provide infrastructure (which is free for us)
Arria Perreault: we can also spend money to promote CDS outside
Justice Soothsayer: I'd like to throw in my endorsement for continued cautious expansion.
Arria Perreault: I agree with you, Justice
Justice Soothsayer: FR, your thoughts on budget priorities?
Flyingroc Chung: Was there a request from the monastery for funding?
Arria Perreault: no
Arria Perreault: The Monastery has never received money from CDS
Flyingroc Chung: ok, was just looking at jaime's bdget notes.
Flyingroc Chung: and there's an item that says "An official proposal from the Monastery NGO."
Arria Perreault: I have made one request for a picture contest, but the contest got no success.Finally we did not ask for this money.
Flyingroc Chung: Ah, ok.
Arria Perreault: can you give me the link?
Arria Perreault: I would like to see this
Flyingroc Chung: http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2047
Justice Soothsayer: so it seems that we have several key items: events, public relations, expansion, paying some of our officials, and of course, paying LL our tier.
Flyingroc Chung: that sums it up, pretty much
Justice Soothsayer: I'll note that Jamie has asked for continued public input, and plans to bring a budget to the RA by the end of this month.
Justice Soothsayer: So get your L$.02 in soon.
Arria Perreault: I have asked for something else
Arria Perreault: I have asked that NGO get lower fees for land
MT Lundquist: wb
Justice Soothsayer: Ah, yes, that may be Jamie's reference in his forum posting.
Justice Soothsayer: Bells, we were just finishing up discussion on budget priorities. Anything you care to add?
Bells Semyorka: no hun, I thnk for rt now Im ok.
Arria Perreault: I can say some words about this proposal
Flyingroc Chung: lower fees for NGOs make sense, but we should have safeguards to make sure this isn't abused.
Arria Perreault: I think that it is a good way to encourage activities in CDS
Justice Soothsayer: 2 mins more on this topic.
Arria Perreault: and Linden Land has the same policy
Arria Perreault: several NGO have the project to get void sims
Arria Perreault: it would be great to have them half price
Arria Perreault: like for educational and cultural projects
Arria Perreault: in any case, NGO are a bit the center of the activities in CDS
Arria Perreault: and if the fees are lower, we can even expect to have more NGO
Justice Soothsayer: OK, one more point on budget.
Justice Soothsayer: Jamie has asked for approval of having two PIOs, and paying stipend to both, as a good return on investment.
Justice Soothsayer: Would the RA like to take care of this now, or in approving a budget later?
Rose Springvale raises hand
Flyingroc Chung: could we roll it all into the budget?
Justice Soothsayer: Rose?
Rose Springvale: i'd rather you all wait for Jamies complete proposal, and as *I* am the *other* pio. there is no rush
Rose Springvale: we need to look at the full pio budget.. including event coordinators..
Arria Perreault: I can only give my personal position on this point: I think that the Chancellor need a real team.
Justice Soothsayer: Well, Bells has crashed again temporarily depriving us of a quorum, so we can't vote anything at the final moment.
Rose Springvale: those were paid last term as well, and we dont' want to be irresponsible
Justice Soothsayer: I'm certainly OK with having two PIOs and the very modest stipends.
Rose Springvale: poor bells. SL has been so bad this week
Claude Desmoulins ponders that any changes to corporate structure, if they happen, would have an impact on rates charged to NGOS and perhaps others.
Justice Soothsayer: Allright, I think we've exhausted budget, so let's move on.
Arria Perreault: maybe we could vote a global budget for executives positions and the Chancellpr will have to manage his budget
Justice Soothsayer: I neglected to add Claude's Flag Bill to the agenda under new business, and he has to leave soon, so let's hear from him on that topic now.
Soro Dagostino: Sorry, RL
Claude Desmoulins: I note that if we add a star per sim, we will sooner or later have many stars. Some like that approach. My concern in offering the bill was that if it is done haphazardly, the flag could end up a visual mess.
Claude Desmoulins: I suggested that we go with a one star per branch design.
Claude Desmoulins: This saves us from having to mod the flag every time we add a sim.
Claude Desmoulins: If we decide we want to add a star per sim...
Claude Desmoulins: ...lets consider before hand how to make that work visually.
Claude Desmoulins: Most of my specific comments are in the forums.
Claude Desmoulins: And I'm sorry but I must go.
Claude Desmoulins: Many apologies.
Justice Soothsayer: Thanks for coming, Claude.
Danton Sideways: Bye Claude
Justice Soothsayer: Anybody have any flag thoughts to share? (BTW, loved the anthem)
Rose Springvale: everyone needs to listen to Claudes anthem too!
Rose Springvale: lol
Flyingroc Chung: bye claude
Flyingroc Chung: claude has an anthem?
Flyingroc Chung: is it a march? everyody loves a good rousing march.
Rose Springvale: http://claude.desmoulins.googlepages.com/CDSATransp.MID
Justice Soothsayer: http://claude.desmoulins.googlepages.com/CDSATransp.MID
Jon Seattle: Yes, Great anthem :)
Justice Soothsayer: lol
Rose Springvale sits on her hands and behaves now
Justice Soothsayer: We could play it at the start and end of each RA meeting ;)
Justice Soothsayer: Claude, I'll just say on the stars per sim idea, it gives us a bigger visual impact as we add sims (hopefully faster than we add branches of government).
Flyingroc Chung: it's possible that we could add the starts in a circle
Flyingroc Chung: then start figuring out what to do once we reach a point where they won't fit
Justice Soothsayer: Just got an email from Bells that she's "locked out of SL"
Justice Soothsayer: She's trying hard to get back in. Perhaps there is something blocking the other folks too.
Arria Perreault: is she using Onrez?
Jon Seattle checks the status page..
Arria Perreault: sometimes we just have to wait 1 o 2 minutes to log in again
Justice Soothsayer: Meanwhile, anything else on flags?
Arria Perreault: no
Rose Springvale raises hand again
Justice Soothsayer: Rose?
Flyingroc Chung: we totally need a hand on chest pose for this anthem.
Rose Springvale: There is some tradition in CDS, particularly around seating new RA members.. and it might be nice to build on that
Rose Springvale: perhaps adopt a ceremony for sim opening and dedication that included a flag change
Rose Springvale: playing an anthem :)
Rose Springvale: maybe we should have a bill on patriotic issues?
Justice Soothsayer: Please, no PATRIOT Act.
Rose Springvale: lol
Arria Perreault: well do we have to add stars?
Rose Springvale: but you want to read my email, i know you do! !
Justice Soothsayer: I have enough to read with the forums ;)
Arria Perreault: we can also consider the stars as the three first historical sims
Arria Perreault: I can live with symbols
Justice Soothsayer: OK, gang, let's wrap up the flag for now, as we'll come back to it next time.
Justice Soothsayer: I'm going to move on briefly to item III b. Commerce
Justice Soothsayer: Jon has posted a bill, Jamie posted an alternate proposal
Justice Soothsayer: http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php? ... cea#p11901
Justice Soothsayer: MT signed up to speak on this; do any RA members have anything to say first?
Arria Perreault: yes
Justice Soothsayer: Go ahead, Arria.
Arria Perreault: I would like to say that I support Jon's proposal as base for the discussion
Arria Perreault: I think that we have to discuss the map of commercial zone
Arria Perreault: in my point of view, it must be a prerogative of the RA
Arria Perreault: subject to redefinition
Arria Perreault: and also for discussion for current owners
Arria Perreault: I think also that a NGO which will work with CDS must have a charter conform to democratic institutions
Arria Perreault: the New Guild is the best model for me
Justice Soothsayer: FRC?
Arria Perreault: I consider also that this Chamber of Commerce must be open to anyone who has commercial activity
Arria Perreault: all members should have same rights
Justice Soothsayer: Sorry, Arria, thought you were done.
Arria Perreault: I am done for now
Flyingroc Chung: I must say I havent looked into this closely, but jon, are you proposing a different model than the guild?
Jon Seattle: No, I am proposing that the NG model be followed in this case. I was upset that it was not.
Flyingroc Chung: it looks like we are asking for competing organizations to replace the current one?
Jon Seattle: What my bill does is describe what is already true of the NG.
Jon Seattle: FRC, no, the thing is that the Commerce Bill requires a CoC, if the RA has no choice, it will have a hard time imposing requirements on the CoC.
Jon Seattle: But the real point is hat the NGO should have its charter approved. There was no move to do that, even as the Commerce bill was being implemented, before I posted the bill.
Flyingroc Chung: wouldnt the NGO propose a charte, set up a charter and we approve the charter
Jon Seattle: FRC, yes, as the New Guild did. And would be responsible for continuing to follow that chater.
Justice Soothsayer: I think the last RA bill contemplated the Chamber of Commerce being an NGO.
MT Lundquist: i can speak if you wish
Arria Perreault: yes, but the charter must be accepted first, so CoC and Bill come in force
Justice Soothsayer: And I believe MT is also working on a charter provision. Let's give MT the floor for 2 minutes.
Justice Soothsayer: *proposal, not provision.
Jon Seattle: The post announcing the CoC does not mention approval, but is does present itself as the CoC charter.
MT Lundquist: ok ty Justice
MT Lundquist: i wish to address the bill in parts
MT Lundquist: 1. The Chancellor should submit a map listing all commercial plots in all sims. A map of commercial plots must be approved by the RA so as to make unambiguous the plots that are subject to regulation under the bill. All future changes must likewise be approved by the RA. the land is already zoned, one of the actions of the commission was to walk the sites of CDS with Sudane the EO and note the differences in zoning ALREADY established by the Guild. Seems to me that we already have the zone list.
MT Lundquist: thats tpart one and my point
MT Lundquist: 2. The RA will accept applications for the organization known as the Chamber of Commerce under the bill. Application will be open to all organizations that wish to fill this role. No organization shall be considered the Chamber of Commerce under this bill unless its charter, and all future changes, is approved by the RA.
MT Lundquist: The 8th RA established the Chamber of Commerce and asked me to set up its inaugural meeting. This I have done using the details from the bill passed by the RA. However the CoC is strictly a NGO and as such has no powers whatsoever in the role of government. Therefore it seems inappropriate for the RA (i.e. government) to run and rule over a commercial organisation, otherwise this might seem something like communism where the state rules all activities.
MT Lundquist: sorry for the strong example but it makes the point i feel
MT Lundquist: 3. The Chamber of Commerce under the legislation is required to follow an approved charter at all times and in all procedures. Any violation of the approved procedures will result in immediate removal of the Chamber of Commerce as an approved organization able to carry out the role described in the bill.
MT Lundquist: is the State to rule every part of CDS.....doesn't sound like democracy again!
MT Lundquist: 4. No organization may be considered a Chamber of Commerce under the Commerce Bill unless it provides voting rights on an equal basis to all CDS citizens who maintain business offices (including offices on non-commercial property) or are involved in administering non-profit organizations in the CDS, no matter where actual financial transactions or work takes place. The Chamber may not discriminate against service, consulting, or non-profit organizations.
Justice Soothsayer: MT. thanks for your comments on Jon's proposal, but could you also address Jamie's alternative: "1. The CDS Chamber of Commerce will be operational once an NGO charter is approved by the RA.
2. The RA requests that MT Lundquist, who has been asked to serve as convener, use one or more initial organizational meetings for the Chamber to formulate a draft charter, take citizen input, and bring a final version to the RA for approval by [date (ask MT)], 2008.
3. The RA instructs the Chancellor to provide a map or list of all CDS parcels that are proposed to be zoned "commercial" by 1 September 2008; and not to mark parcels as commercial or impose penalty rents against them until that map has been reviewed by the RA."
MT Lundquist: If you read the definition of commercial in the bill passed by the 8th RA you will see that commercial has a very broad definition in that bill. There would be no discrimination as suggested here.
MT Lundquist: The second part of the commerce bill i.e. the part dealing with non commercial use is for the Chancellors office to administer as the executive branch of government and was never intended to be the responsibility of the CoC.
Jon Seattle: How does this differ from my Bill? Is there an objection to requirements that the organization be open to all business and democratically run?
Flyingroc Chung: I have concerns with jons #2 and #3.
MT Lundquist: In summing up I see no purpose in this new bill not already covered in the original bill. I am worried that control of the state might be excessive if we are not careful. That would not be appropriate in a democracy in my view.
Justice Soothsayer: And as to Jamie's proposal, MT?
Flyingroc Chung: #2 seems to be setting up the possibility that the CoC will be a different org than what was already established.
MT Lundquist: its what was passed in the bill before the 8th RA session
Jon Seattle: FR was it established? I thought the argument from the opposition was that it had not been.
Flyingroc Chung: and #3seems overly strict. It makes it possible to disband the organization for any small violation of the charter.
MT Lundquist: i agree with you FR
Jon Seattle: FR, without some version of 3, there is no requirement that the NGO follow the charter as approved. Do you have a better alternative?
MT Lundquist: jon i posted your bill in parts and my response
Justice Soothsayer: Well, Jon, NGOs that don't follow their charter could have their charter revoked by the RA.
Flyingroc Chung: Hm, well anything seems better thant "Any violation of the approved procedures will result in immediate removal of the Chamber of Commerce as an approved organization"
Flyingroc Chung: We could set up penaties
Jon Seattle: How about this "any violation of the approved procedures will result in immediate review by the RA"
MT Lundquist: should the CoC even be under the authority of government ...its a commercial organisation with no governmental powers
Flyingroc Chung: immediate removal for any violatio just is too harsh.
Justice Soothsayer: Ah, MT, I think there are some quasi-governmental powers; the legislation sets up the CofC to advise the Chancellor as to plots of land that are zoned commercial but are not performing a commercial function, and therefore subject to increased tier.
MT Lundquist: advise not rule
Soro Dagostino: May I comment?
Justice Soothsayer: Indeed, that's why I say quasi-governmental.
MT Lundquist: i can advise the chancellor as a private citizen
Flyingroc Chung: since we are inquorate anyway, could we move this discussion to next RA meeting, I really havnet th chance to look into this deeply.
MT Lundquist: does the RA need to set rules for mmy comments?
Justice Soothsayer: MT, one other question - you started a group on CofC Charter; what's that about?
MT Lundquist: that was reserving the name for the CoC as an SL group
MT Lundquist: you are now an owner of that group Justice with me
MT Lundquist: i intend to retire from that role once the group takes its proper satus
Justice Soothsayer: OK, than ks for the clarification. Soro, you wanted to add something here?
MT Lundquist: and the previous RA commissioned me to set up the first CoC meeting
Arria Perreault: I suggest that at the first meeting, people elect their chair
Arria Perreault: it is more usual
MT Lundquist: thats the intention
MT Lundquist: there is no chair yet Arria
Justice Soothsayer: Thanks, MT.
Soro Dagostino: Point of information -- who has this authority now?
Arria Perreault: you organize the first meeting and the election of the first chair
MT Lundquist: its a new role set up by legislation last term
Arria Perreault: and this chair can work on charter
MT Lundquist: the group can work on its own charter yes
Jon Seattle: Soro, at present the only plots in the CDS designated as "commercial only" are the stalls in Colonia Nova. This bill would envision an expansion of that designation, and we do not know how far it would be expanded.
Justice Soothsayer: Yes, MT has the role of convener of the Chamber of Commerce.
MT Lundquist: its for them to progress things
MT Lundquist: it was simply based on the agreed items in the bill
Justice Soothsayer: And MT has proposed a draft charter for that groups consideration.
Justice Soothsayer: And Jon has proposed that any CofC charter come before the RA for approval, as has been done with other NGOs.
Arria Perreault: I have a question for MT
Soro Dagostino: Is this a delegation of the RA Authority?
Flyingroc Chung: I always thought the plots around the platz are also commercial-only
Arria Perreault: some are commercial/residential
Jon Seattle: FR, if you look at the Covenents, they have not been designated as such as far as I can tell.
MT Lundquist: yes aria
Arria Perreault: for C zone of CN, nothing in the convenant sais that we must have commercial actvities
Jon Seattle: It mentons only the city zone as being both.
Jon Seattle: Arria, indeed!
Arria Perreault: so owners of plots in C zone have the choice
Arria Perreault: MT, tell me what will happen to owners of plots in the zone C of Colonia Nova ?
Arria Perreault: in your point of view
MT Lundquist: it depends on what the zone c is and says now today
Arria Perreault: residential and commercial
MT Lundquist: unless anyone has any ideas to redesignate zones to other uses
MT Lundquist: do you know of anyone who wants to do that Jon?
Justice Soothsayer: 2 mins more on this discussion, please.
Arria Perreault: I think that only RA can decide
Arria Perreault: and I will add something that is nowhere
Arria Perreault: we have totally forgottent the owners
Arria Perreault: what are their rights
Jon Seattle: very right.
MT Lundquist: i would suggest their rights are as per the zone information as previously set ouit by the Guild
MT Lundquist: out*
Arria Perreault: if I have a plot and I will stop to sell stuff but there is nothing else available (just an hypothesis), what can I do
Arria Perreault: during yearsm there was no control on activities
Arria Perreault: I have bought my first plot to make a museum
Arria Perreault: I did and nobody had remarks
MT Lundquist: and that would be a valid commercial use in my view
MT Lundquist: giving information
Arria Perreault: and now I should be depossessed
Jon Seattle: A group that you may not even be a member of may decide to double or quadruple your rent. And if it causes you to loose your space in the CDS you would loose your citizenship as well.
MT Lundquist: no the Chancellor makes those decisions Jon not the CoC
Arria Perreault: I think that is not wise so
MT Lundquist: that was the second part of the bill
Arria Perreault: the owner should have the opportunity to oppose, to justify
MT Lundquist: not ruled over by the CoC
Arria Perreault: we are talking about citizenship
Arria Perreault: and projects of poeple change with the time
Justice Soothsayer: OK, time.
Arria Perreault: we have to take this in account
Justice Soothsayer: I'm going to take the prerogative of making the last comment here.
First, I think the Chamber of Commerce is a good idea, and its charter should come before the RA for approval.
Second, I believe the idea of doubling tier payments on commerical lots not being used for commercial purposes is not a very good idea.
As has been pointed out, some owners have bought in mixed use (commercial/residential) areas, and should not be subject to such penalties.
It makes sense to encourage commerce, but to do so we should use carrots, not sticks.
Justice Soothsayer: As FRC noted, we have no qurorum to vote on anything today, so we'll carry this over to the next meeting.
Justice Soothsayer: I'll move on to item III. c., MT's nomination to the SC.
MT Lundquist: one final point Justice
Justice Soothsayer: OK, 1 quick comment, MT.
MT Lundquist: you will need to revoke the decision of the previous RA to change the decision on rental payments and how the may change
MT Lundquist: they*
MT Lundquist: which is this RAs perogative
Justice Soothsayer: Well, MT, I believe the fact that only a few lots are zoned strictly commercial may change the focus of our discussion.
Justice Soothsayer: So, on to MT's nomination. It has been traditional for nominees to the SC to appear before the RA to answer any questions, though there is no way the RA can require any nominee to do so.
Justice Soothsayer: I would like to ask MT if he would be willing to come back to the next, and hopefully full qurorum, meeting, to discuss this with the RA before we vote on his nomination.
MT Lundquist: I cant i'm not available next
Justice Soothsayer: That would be on 31 August per our earlier conversation.
Justice Soothsayer: Well, we have until 12 September to decide.
MT Lundquist: thats fine
Justice Soothsayer: so how about 7 September?
MT Lundquist: 12th is ok i think
MT Lundquist: i will let you know
Justice Soothsayer: Sorry for the confusion, MT, 12 September is our deadline, not our meeting date.
MT Lundquist: ok apologies
Justice Soothsayer: We've been meeting on Sundays, so that leave either 31 August or 7 September for us to meet with you again, with a quorum for a vote.
MT Lundquist: 7th should be ok
Justice Soothsayer: Very well. Let's plan on 7 September.
Justice Soothsayer: Any other comments on this item, or other business before we move to the open comment period?
MT Lundquist: ok bye all
Justice Soothsayer: thanks, MT
Danton Sideways: Bye MT
Justice Soothsayer: Hearing no other business, we'll open the floor for open comments by anyone.
Justice Soothsayer: Per RA rules.
Rose Springvale raises hand
Justice Soothsayer: Go for it, Rose.
Rose Springvale: As you all know, the CDS 4th anniversary is Sept 20
Rose Springvale: and that is the beginning of the traditional oktoberfest as well
Rose Springvale: I'm hosting a planning meeting this coming thursday
Rose Springvale: twice actually, in EU and US time friendly hours
Rose Springvale: and would very much like your attendance and input
Rose Springvale: please come to the meeting/s
Justice Soothsayer: Do you have times yet?
Rose Springvale: post on the forums, or im me
Rose Springvale: Justice, tentateively 2 and 7
Justice Soothsayer: ty
Rose Springvale: but i wanted to confirm with Jamie before setting in stone
Arria Perreault: PM?
Rose Springvale: so he can attend. yes Arria
Rose Springvale: /done
Justice Soothsayer: Anyone else?
Danton Sideways: Good work, Rose
Justice Soothsayer: Thanks, Rose.
Rose Springvale: its a lot of fun and i hope you all can be involved
Arria Perreault: Thank you in advance Rose, for all organization
Rose Springvale: my pleasure :)
Justice Soothsayer is looking forward to Oktoberfest. Time to get the lederhosen out of storage.
Justice Soothsayer: Seeing no other typing gestures, I'll declare today's meeting adjourned.
Justice Soothsayer: Reminder that the Guilde meeting is at 11.
Rose Springvale: thanks Justice, well done :)
The meeting closed at 10:47 Linden time.

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