Board Meeting Summary, August 24,2008

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Board Meeting Summary, August 24,2008

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1. Locus Amoenus building - status report
Building progressing. Sim to open Friday August 29, 2008. Water theater will be added to tasks.

2. General regulations draft for new sim buildings. Tabled pending Symo's return.
Reports from WGs:

3. Lapis Niger ceremony
Ceremony to take place Friday at 2 (possibly 3pm) Rose and Symo to coordinate. Residents will be asked to volunteer and also to bring items to close in the mundus.

4. Building Approval Committee WG - info point Alexicon Kurka has been voted head of BAC. Residents encouraged to use BAC as architectural advisors.

5. CDS Information Centre WG. Draft of center rezzed by Brian and WG meeting planned Thursday Aug 28, NFS School.

6. Roman Textures WG - discussion point: texture shop in LA Discussion of status of prepared textures and license agreements.

7. Governmental Spaces Re-organization WG. Brian is reviewing transcripts and will meet with Chancellor to discuss outcomes.

8. Other:
Rose reported on Oktoberfest needs, including base wagon for parade and other options re activities.
Group discussed participating in Burning Life. We will investigate.
Jamie queried Guild re master plan and growth options including potential use of void sims.
Meeting adjourned 12:51

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