Please comment on voting system

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Please comment on voting system

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Well the elections went well, generally, I think. But I want to hear people's thoughts about the election process and the voting system; what needs to be improved, and so on. My own major concern is the software itself, where it can be improved and make life easier for the voters, the candidates, and the person running the election.

We did hit a few snags. One of the major problems in my system had to do with spelling and capitalization. A couple of our citizens had a different capitalization on their SL names and the ones on the land list, which made the system reject one voter from the list (we had to manually process ehr vote). So case-insensitive names should be a priority for the next elections.

Another problem was that I misspelled Pelanor's name, which made the system think he wasnt a member of the DPU. That was fixed, and thankfully people were still able to vote for him prior to that.

The last thing is that Gwyn missed a DPU member's acknowledgement that she was willing to serve (this was rectified prior to the elections). Given Gwyn's heavy workload, it's quite understandable that an IM would hva been missed; but it would be nice to have an automated way of tracking who wants to serve.

So it seems to me, v 2.0 of the voting system should have at least these features:
* case insensitive citizen lookup
* foolproof method for listing faction members
* automated method for signalling willingness to serve

Additional feature requests that I've gotten are:
* ability to make a no-vote (that is signalling that they participated in the election process but decided not to vote for anyone)
* sending an acknowledgement email to the citizen's email address on file

Lastly, I think we need some sort of migration strategy where I can put the code into the city's servers, and open up the source for further scrutiny.

Any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, and pie would be welcome.

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