Commercial zoning in CDS (new penalty rule suspended)

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Commercial zoning in CDS (new penalty rule suspended)

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At Sunday's meeting, the RA discussed, but did not complete action, on the CSDF's proposed bill offered by Jon Seattle here:
That bill would among other things modify last terms' Commerce Act adopted 28 June 2008, found here: ... 019#p12019

Both the original legislation, and Jon's proposed amendment, address two major topics:
-- The Chamber of Commerce, and an intent to imposing special constraints on it.
-- The designation of some CDS land as "commercial zoned land", and the way that we enforce that zoning.

This post is about the second topic (special zoning and rent). I have posting separately about the Chamber of Commerce here: ... 020#p12020

There seems to be strong sentiment among the current RA, which has substantially changed faction composition from last term, to modify the consequences if land zoned "commercial" is not used for commercial purposes. See, for example, the discussion at: ... =15#p11943
Those penalty effects were originally scheduled to take effect on 1 August, But they require as a pre-condition some marking of parcels that hadn't been completed by that time.

I informed the RA on Sunday that, due to the likelihood that the law will change, I have not yet marked those parcels, and plan not to do so this month. Effectively, this means we are suspending the law's penalty effects, until the RA has a chance to sort out the approach it wishes us to take. It wouldn't make sense to start charging penalties one month, and then change the incentives altogether the next. The RA indicated their agreement with this approach.

Regards JP

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