Oktoberfest 2008!

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Rose Springvale
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Oktoberfest 2008!

Post by Rose Springvale »

While we are still waiting for a couple more confirmations which I'll add when they come in, here is the Schedule for Oktoberfest events as of today. I'll post this here, then give details in separate posts, so please look them all over!

Oktoberfest 2008
September 20 – October 5
(Times for all events except live music tentative)

September 20
CDS Anniversary.
10 am CDS triathalon
10:30 Flag ceremony, anniversary speeches
Opening of street market, Polka, Streamed music by Naftali Torok
Carnival (continuous through Oct 5)

7 pm Maximillion Kleene

Sept 21
10 am Parade through all sims to Marktplatz
12 pm Soccer Game 1

Sept 25
Open mic, Biergarten

September 27

7 pm Blue4U Nowicka
8 pm Komusu Takagawa

September 28

12 pm Soccer Game 2

Thursday Oct 2,
open mic, biergarten

Friday October 3, 2008

2 pm Virtual Live Band
3 pm Noma Falta

Saturday Oct 4
12 pm Soccer, final

Sunday October 5
1 pm Anniversary Ball, dj 2 hours

Cindy Ecksol
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Re: Oktoberfest 2008!

Post by Cindy Ecksol »

I'll be hosting the open mic sessions at the Biergarten on Thursdays during Oktoberfest:

Thurs, 25 Oct at 5pm SLT
Thurs, 2 Oct at 11:30am SLT

We're looking to get an interesting mix of acoustic musicians playing music of many varieties: classical, Greek, Portuguese, Irish, American folk, bluegrass, klezmer....you name it. If you know any musicians who might like a slot, please send them in my direction.


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Jamie Palisades
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I need a hobby
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Oktoberfest 2008! Great start

Post by Jamie Palisades »

It was wonderful to see everyone at the spectacular parade, impressive opening festivities, sim-full live music concerts and --- um --- unexpectedly-not-PG-rated triathlon --- in our first kickoff weekend for CDS Oktoberfest! We also enjoyed an impressive open mic session midweek with 3 excellent live acts .. and I got to hear hometown favorite Alexicon Kurka live with guitar for the first time!

Great thanks to Rose, Cindy, Brian, Lilith, Richie, the many artists, participants and guests who joined us! See Rose's announcements posted here, for this weekend's line up ...and the CDS Google calendar here: "http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?sr ... 0gmail.com"

Cheers! Jamie P

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