Entertaining Events in CDS, September 29-October 5

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Entertaining Events in CDS, September 29-October 5

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NB: I've no information about meetings... RA/New Guild/Commissiosn and Factions...I'll be happy to announce, calendar and otherwise publicize your events if you let me know when they are. We can't participate if we can't plan!

This week in the CDS:

Monday 12 noon slt Metanomcis, Discussion of "Philip Rosedales Vision" (Amphitheater, CN)

Tuesday 3pm: Naftali Torok brings us the original CDS Polka and other music! (Marktplatz NFS)

Thursday, 5pm: Cindy Ecksol Hosts Live Mic, her version of Open Mic, at Oktoberfest (Marktplatz NFS)

Friday (all at Marktplatz NFS)

2pm Virtual Live Band.. Virtual Live Band is a real life band of 4 members from 3 different countries and 4 different locations playing at the venues of Secondlife. They use Ninjam Software to synchronize and stream their music into the Virtual World of Second Life. Virtual Live Band is the first band of this kind and the only band in Secondlife to work in this way.
3pm Noma Falta.. Seasoned blues singer and great performer.

12pm Final Soccer game to determine CDS champions! (Sports Center, underneath the Marktplatz NFS)

1pm Oktoberfest Closing Ball. Come find out the winner of the triathalon, the parade contest and Soccer champions! (Schloss NFS)

And don't forget to stop over at OktoBURNfest at Burning Life! (Chaos)

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