RA meeting 26 October 2008 TRANSCRIPT final part

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RA meeting 26 October 2008 TRANSCRIPT final part

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Rose Springvale: Yes, thanks. I want to remind everyone that the Decorating contest notes are due tomorrow at midnight
Gwyneth Llewelyn: yay !
Rose Springvale: that there is prize money at stake
Rose Springvale: that we have a party next friday.. for sure 7-9 in CN
Rose Springvale: and most likely a bonfire in AM in the early slt afternoon
Rose Springvale: Also
Rose Springvale: as of 5 am
Rose Springvale: the guided tour Owl, dubbed minerva, was working
Moon Adamant: j have to leave now to arrange the NG Board meeting, cheers everyone :)
Delia Lake: yay!
Gwyneth Llewelyn: hooray :)
Rose Springvale: she is stationed at the NFS school
Rose Springvale: and if i say so, its a fun way to see how beautiful the sims look right now
Rose Springvale: please take the ride, it takes about 20 min
Rose Springvale: let me know if you find problems
Rose Springvale: and we'll finalize it with signage
Rose Springvale: that's all.
Rose Springvale: oh, be patient at the thermae, she struggles, but makes it
Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe
Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'd love to test it and see if I can make another video!
Rose Springvale: good. Oh, one more
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok... I propose that we adjourn... any seconds? ;)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Oh!
Gwyneth Llewelyn: sorry!
Gwyneth Llewelyn: one more then :D
Rose Springvale: Gwyneth's Kirche meeting at 3 today!!
Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol yes
Gwyneth Llewelyn *chuckles*
Rose Springvale: topic?
Jamie Palisades smiles : civility, I'm sure.
Gwyneth Llewelyn: ah, probably "the oldest job in the world" as a topic ? and NO, it's NOT what you're thinking!!!!!!
Rose Springvale: lol
Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe
Rose Springvale: too bad....
Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol
Rose Springvale: off to guild :)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: right... anyone seriously objecting against adjourning?
Gwyneth Llewelyn: all right
Patroklus Murakami notes that delia and gwyn have been 'caspar'd throughout this meeting...
Gwyneth Llewelyn: mmmh? ;)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: anyway, I'll take the lack of answer
Patroklus Murakami: caspar=friendly ghost. you both look like plumes of smoke to me
Gwyneth Llewelyn: as an approval of adjourning ;)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: ooh
Jamie Palisades: oo that's a GREAT new slang world
Gwyneth Llewelyn: We're adjourned now, thank you all for coming!
Sonja Strom: :-)
Jamie Palisades: but I see them both clearly FWIW
Sonja Strom: Hi Rain
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Next meeting at the Guild, NFS, School :)
Gwyneth Llewelyn: bye all, or... see you in NFS :)))))
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Arria, you should come :-)
Delia Lake: i guess caspered means i already have a costume for halloween :))
Gwyneth Llewelyn: you actually have a lovely outfit today, Delia!
Gwyneth Llewelyn also envies Arria's boots... lol
Delia Lake: ty, Gwyn :)
The meeting closed at 16:40 Linden time

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