License Agreement Process.

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Rose Springvale
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License Agreement Process.

Post by Rose Springvale »

1. On December 9, 2007, The RA passed the IP Licensing and Content Archivist Bill as amended by the meeting and approved a budget of L$15k to cover the costs of compensation for Alpine Meadow content. Applicable text is as follows:

A. License Agreements and License Budget

1.The RA ratifies the version of the IP license agreement as published by the New Guild in the CDS forum. [Copy reproduced below}

2. This and other RA-ratified template agreements will be kept on an official CDS website (such as a Wiki).

3. The Chancellor may sign RA-ratified versions of IP license agreements on behalf of the CDS under the conditions outlined in 4, 5 and 6.

4. The Chancellor may negotiate the terms of contracts but needs RA approval for any single structure more expensive than L$ 15,000, as well as for different contractual terms.

5. The total amount that the Chancellor can spend on content license acquisition shall be determined at the start of each term by the RA. The RA can also set extraordinary budgets for specific content.
{no paragraph 6}

2. The budget for Locus Amoenus was approved as announced July 16, 2008, here: ... 967#p11643and updated here: ... d6oAfCNgYQ

3. As head of the New Guild Admin/Agent Department, it is my responsibility to make sure license agreements and archive content are delivered, and that builders and the guild are paid.


1. Each builder who has completed a task should deliver an archival copy where possible, (i. e. bridges, but not terraforming) of the work, to the Content Archivist. READ Paragraph 6 to know what to provide, place it in a folder noting the sim it is placed in and the name of the build. "Object" should not be a name.
Drop the folder into the inventory of ____________, the Content Archivist Avatar. (Aliasi Stonebender is the Content Archivist, the act calls for a shared password avatar. Is there one?)

2. Once delivered, copy "a" through "f" in this paragraph 2, complete the information and paste it as a reply TO THE IP License Agreement thread, at: ( Do not reply to THIS message.

{Copy bold text and complete}

a. Builder: (YourAvatar Name here)P
b. Project: (What you built, as listed on the approved spreadsheet)
c. Sim: (where is the project located?)
d. Date: (Date you post)
e. Payment: (Amount you will accept for full payment, up to the amount allocated in the spreadsheet posted here: ... d6oAfCNgYQ) if for Locus Amoenus. Payments for work in prior sims should be acknowledged in writing and approved by the Secretary of the New Guild prior to posting here.)
f. I acknowledge my acceptance of the License agreement dated October 27, 2008, as completed by information in this post. Archive copies of my work have been delivered to the Content Archivist Avatar. I accept the payment on line "e"as full and complete consideration for the Project specified.

3. Upon posting, the Chancellor will indicate acceptance by posting the following:
Accepted _(Date)___________.

As soon as practical thereafter, the Treasurer shall disburse the funds to the Builder and the New Guild, as approved.

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Jamie Palisades
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I need a hobby
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Getting paid for Locus Amoenus builds

Post by Jamie Palisades »

This looks consistent with the RA's act, as well as the Guild's original licensing discussion in which I participated as a member over a year ago.
Basically, we are using a public statement in the forum as a reasonable equivalent for a "paper agreement".
Anyone who created CDS content for Locus Amoenus, listed in the original approved budget, delivers a copy to Aliasi, and who makes the posting Rose described above (in the thread here: ) will be authorized for immediate payment.
FYI, Rose, I see your point about the CA law and will look at it again. In the meantime, Aliasi has promised to retain a copy of everything for us, and that's certainly the right direction. Regards Jamie

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Rose Springvale
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Forum Wizard
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Re: License Agreement Process.

Post by Rose Springvale »

In today's New Guild meeting, we agreed to bump this poss and the license agreement up in the forums so new people would have an opportunity to read the process for working for the CDS through the New Guild. We also confirmed the need to follow our internal processes to make sure CDS has archival copies and necessary perms on all public builds.

If anyone has NOT been paid for work in LA, or AM, per the spreadsheet, you may follow the procedure and get paid as scheduled. We also think there may be outstanding issues for CN. Please contact Moon to certify amounts that may be owed for the development of that sim.


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