Costing expansion and a nasty surprise

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Costing expansion and a nasty surprise

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I've been doing some research to cost the options for expansion. First some costs, then a nasty surprise! and finally some options.

Some costs:
Land Store Purchase = Private Island = US$ 1250
Maintenance Fee = US$195 per month
Reservation of a space on the map in the area availabel = US$30 (lasts three months, LL plans to charge the overall average auction price as the renewal fee).
Transfer Fee = US$100. LL charge the seller US$100 to transfer an island to another resident
Second hand Island = US$ 900 (approximately)
Name Change = US$50
Movement Charge = US$150 (per move, per island)

From the Land Store:
"When you outright purchase a space for USD $1250 you get immediate ownership of the region. The location does not go up for auction, and your future island goes there (with no further cost other than the monthly maintenance fee)."

Nasty Surprise:
I was checking the land store FAQ and found this:

"Private islands in the red grid area (i.e. where NFS is) are protected for a year. What happens when that year is over?
All existing private islands are in a protected area. This area will be protected until March 14 2007. During this period, PI owners may ask us to move their regions out of the protected area and into the reservation area free of charge. Once out of the protected area, they can add regions or reserve grid spaces at their own pace using the Land Store. [b:2zyepzqu]Current PI owners may continue to *attach* new regions within the protected area using the old way - contacting [email protected]. Current PI owners cannot add new noncontiguous islands within the protected area.[/b:2zyepzqu]" (My emphasis in bold)

In other words, we don't have the option of putting Colonia Nova in a non-contiguous position if Neufreistadt is to remain in its current location in the Land Store's 'red zone' (the protected area). We could put it in the desired position after March 14 2007 but I think that's too long to wait for opening CN!

Here are some options and a first go at costing them (all prices in US$):

1) Move Neufreistadt to a free location on the map i.e. out of the 'red zone' on the Land Store map. Add Colonia Nova in a non-contiguous position. Hope that noone else reserves space near us.

$150 moving NFS
$1250 Colonia Nova
Total $1400
Monthly cost $195

Risk analysis: No one would be able to usurp the space between NFS and CN or put a sim adjacent to those two. We could be prevented from joining the two sims if someone took a space one sim North or South of the gap though. Possible that LL might interpret such a hostile action as griefing but... no guarantees. We could 'fight' for a sim reserved in such a way at auction but the other side can trigger the auction when they want to and the auction price would probably be more than $1250.

2) Move NFS to a free location, add CN in a non-contiguous position, reserve spaces to allow for future expansion.

$150 Moving NFS
$1250 CN
$10-60 (and upwards) per month depending on number of sims protected and progress of any to auction
Total $1410-1460
Monthly costs of $205-255 (and possibly more)

Risk analyis: We only need one reserved space North or South of the gap to ensure we could later join NFS and CN. Others could still block us in and we might have to fight out later expansion at auction. Reserving six more sims in a 5X3 checkerboard pattern (with NFS and CN in the middle) would keep 9 sims safe and provide some security for the other 6 but our expansion could still be blocked in some directions.

3) Keep NFS where it is, buy CN and a set of void sims now. Place them contiguously to allow for future expansion

$1250 CN
$1250 four void sims
Total $2500
Monthly cost $390

Risk analysis: Can we afford it?

4) Keep NFS where it is, buy CN and a regular sim now. Place extra regular sim between CN and NFS and build another city sim there later (or decide on what goes in between now?)

Cost & Risks
Same as 3)

As you can see, there are no easy options here! Happy to discuss further at today's Sim Planning Committee but I may be up to an hour late for it :(


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