Gov't Question Time / koffeeklatsch - first, 8 am SLT Sunday

For the Chancellor to make important announcements regarding executive actions.

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Gov't Question Time / koffeeklatsch - first, 8 am SLT Sunday

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At our meetings with the RA last week, several of us noted that we ought to re-establish our old (statutory) practice of periodic open citizens' meetings, where CDS government representatives make themselves available.

We talked about scheduling those koffeeklatsches in the same time slot as RA meetings, but on opposite weeks (as the RA now only is meeting every second week). Unfortunately, that won't work, for two reasons: (a) the Guild already took the RA's 9:00 am SLT slot for this week, and (b) we have a globally diverse population, so keeping all the meetings at any one time of day probably would exclude some people.

I hope to arrange some times with our RA and SC colleagues that will give us a range of options and times, announced well in advance, for the next two months. For now, though, to at least get the practice started, I will be available tomorrow morning (Sunday) at the Neufreistadt Biergarten from 08h00 to 09h00, in case anyone has issues on their mind this weekend. That's the hour prior to the scheduled Guild meeting.

We'll try to create a more predictable schedule for these for the rest of November and December.

Regards JP

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