RIP Kendra Bancroft

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Desmond Shang
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Re: RIP Kendra Bancroft

Post by Desmond Shang »

We lost a great deal going forward, too.

Kendra and I were planning an eventual return of the old Neualtenburg as a two region neighbouring micronation sea-linked to Caledon; the plan was to continue a sort of friendly rivalry. There was no fixed date on this; it depended a bit on how things were going for her and how much time she had. But it was a very real near-future plan, not just musings: a region with a palace and sections of the castle for rent; the other region with a small town and port. She had more than enough star power, and was trusted enough to easily attract two regions worth of interested people - perhaps twenty regions worth if she cared to. It will never be built, now. Neualtenburg/Port Neualtenburg intellectual property was important to her, and she did not want it used simply as a vehicle to make money.

Now that she is gone, I would share some things I knew anecdotally. First, that Port Neualtenburg was pretty much sustained by her inworld sales. She quietly helped a ton of starving artists, giving them a place to start and only asking for a cut of their sales, even if their income was zero. Trouble was, many of them simply moved on after Kendra had given them their start. She was a bit dismayed by this, but not quite to the point of accepting the Desmond-style "land for those who can afford it" model of land barony. Those ideals were expensive, but she kept them.

She left her guild mark on the southern end of Robert Burns street in Caledon Kittiwickshire, right where the tracks curve. If you look here and there on the street, you can see some of her infrastructure there as well - she designed some content for the region, one of the fun projects she had worked on with us.

Hard to believe there won't be any more :(

Rose Springvale
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Re: RIP Kendra Bancroft

Post by Rose Springvale »

Thanks to everyone who took part in the memorial service held for Kendra on Thursday in NFS. I know many people found comfort and inspiration in the words of others and it would have been very hard not to be impressed by the way one person touched so many.

The transcript will be available on the portal soon. More info as we have it.

Other memorials continue, including one in SL this coming Sunday. Gregg Barrymore is hosting a memorial concert in Antiquity, (Antiquity Township Victorian / 1, Antiquity Township (126, 35, 22)) on Sunday, December 28, 3pm slt.

I'll continue to pass along what i'm given, and encourage others to do so as well.

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Patroklus Murakami
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Re: RIP Kendra Bancroft

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Kendra is gone, but not forgotten. I still miss her and I'm sure others do too.

I've posted a blog post I wrote at the time of her passing (but did not post) here.

I've also been working on a video tribute to some of the work Kendra did to build Neufreistadt (named 'Neualtenburg' at the time). This video is a reply, and homage to, a promotional video Kendra made for the City back in 2005.

Honi soit qui mal y pense
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